Guess how much TUSD is paying the new Director of Culturally Relevant Classes?

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When the Desegregation Plan for TUSD was being written there was no Culturally Relevant Classes nor was there a director. All that existed in the beginning was the Special Master’s “Multicultural Curriculum” hamburger helper experiment to be unleashed on the Latino students of TUSD that once had the filet mignon of Mexican American Studies classes that saw high school graduation rates as high as 97% for its students.

Auggie_Romero_300_392.PNGDr. Augustine Romero split with the MAS teachers to accept the job at John Pedicone’s side in return for a paycheck worth near $100K to soothe his ears after being called a vendido by the MAS community; he became the picket-line crosser that Cesar Chavez hated.

After late-night community forums that included all the parties involved in the Deseg case, not only was a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRC or CRPI) included but also a person to run the program at the Director level; presumably an expert would fill this position and earn a salary similar to the Multicultural Director.

John Pedicone never appointed the CRC Director by the federal court ordered deadline of April 1st, 2013 even with the new “pro-MAS” board that had been elected. Instead Augustine Romero was put in charge of creating the new “MAS-lite” courses that were supposed to be offered at every high school by Fall 2013.

Romero was only able to implement the courses at 33% of the high schools. He is also the person that has been placed in charge of organizing the NAME national conference in Tucson this year; apparently not doing his job leaves him plenty of time to do other activities?
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