Debate with TEA Party over MAS and Aztlan (AUDIO)

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Disturnell Map (1847) from the National Archives refers to "Ancient Home of the Aztecs."

Above you can listen to the debate between the TEA Party’s Shaun McClusky and Three Sonorans over Mexican American Studies which is now banned in Tucson but has just spread to all of Texas. The discussion began with an introduction to what just happened in Texas by Georgina Perez who was part of the Librotraficante movement that smuggled “wetbooks” into Tucson after they were banned in 2012.

The forum that Bill Buckmaster provides is an important one since many times we only choose media sources that are reflections of our own beliefs that are never challenged. On his monthly showdown that I am part of, we get to have a civilized discussion on heated topics, for example MAS this month.

What I learned from today’s episode is that there is still a lot that is not known about what MAS was in TUSD, and hearsay about it remains despite official independent investigations into program as the one John Huppenthal commissioned now known as the “Cambium Audit.

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