Cam Juarez admits continued missing of deadlines with culturally relevant classes in TUSD

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TUSD board member Cam Juarez was a guest on the Bill Buckmaster Show today at noon. With regards to the future of MAS, we have learned the following.

The process for picking the CRC Director was corrupted, and it is unfortunate, but the new pick is a good person. No mention of how long this new pick will stay in the position (my prediction is not long, especially with a salary of $3000).

No word of when the Multicultural Curriculum Director will be filled, also required by the Unitary Status Plan. This means we are back to square one with only one director in TUSD working on the implementation of the classes, which directly ties in to the next point he made.

Will these classes be offered at all high schools this Fall? The deadline was actually LAST YEAR and they only implemented the courses at 33% of the schools. Cam’s answer was that TUSD has already met 27 of the deadlines stated in the deseg plan… some deadlines will not be met.

In other words, NO.

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