Kristel Foster transformed into Rodney Glassman tonight

Former Grijalva aide Rodney Glassman, a rich Fresno farmer that even Dolores Huerta and the UFW endorsed, is now a Republican, just as he was before.

Full disclosure: Kristel Foster and Three Sonorans used to be really good friends. In fact, she was the one that convinced me to start blogging! It was the summer of 2010, right when SB1070 and HB2281 were going down. Only one person was running for the US Senate against John McCain from the Democrats at the time, and it was a slimy weasel by the name of Rodney Glassman, who is now a Republican today. Rodney used to love to sing, and you may have heard him at a UA game singing the national anthem. The sad thing is he […]

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Jon Justice joins Joe Higgins in leaving conservative morning talk in Tucson


Jon Justice is leaving Tucson and vacating his morning show that he has had for the past 9 years on 104.1. Justice was one of the top vocal critics of local Latinx activists who used to bash on the now-banned yet super-successful Mexican American Studies program almost daily while it still existed. Jon Justice is leaving Tucson today. Joe Higgins from the morning show on KVOI is leaving at the end of this month. However, he is staying here in Tucson to focus more on his business. The morning show, Wake Up Tucson, will be expanding to 3 hours, from […]

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Did you hear what happened on Monday’s Buckmaster Show?


Three Sonorans is a big fan of the Bill Buckmaster Show. While we cannot always listen live, the show has an excellent podcast that is usually available as soon as one hour after the show. We just heard today’s show and… wow! The Monday Show has a face-off with a liberal and a conservative, in this case Paul Eckerstrom and Bruce Ash, respectively, and things got a bit heated needless to say. An excerpt (under 2 minutes) has been made for you below. Three Sonorans also has a monthly skit on the Buckmaster Show when we debate the TEA Party. […]

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Whistleblowers: Kristel Foster is Delusional, Cam Juarez campaign is idle


To: The Tucson Community- 34th Open Letter From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers and administrators), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter Subject: Kristel Foster is Clueless & Delusional and Cam Juarez’s Campaign is Idle Kristel Foster, who is obviously desperate and delusional, has emailed another of her top ten goals from her one and only Superintendent’s Strategic Plan. Many who receive her emails forward them with comments such as, “She does not have a clue!”; “Is she nuts?”; “Get a hold of this pack of lies!”; “The HT Sanchez Kool-Aid must cause […]

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Principal Auggie Romero attacks math teachers at Pueblo HS: Emails about grade inflation to HT released

Auggie Romero and a team of highly-paid TUSD admins failed to do in over a year what Curtis Acosta did for free in a few weeks in his spare time.

“Dr. Romero has become so desperate to help his reputation that he encourages grade inflation. Teachers who chose not to go along with grade inflation are being looked down upon with this passive aggressive behavior, which means teachers get the “bad” classes and people that grade inflate get to chose their classes. Instead of encouraging students to rise and work up to their potential he wants the bars lowered. Arizona is already so behind in education that lowering the bar is a disservice to the students. It’s quite disgusting to see this happen. Dr. Romero claims that he is here […]

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Michael Hicks provides evidence of grade tampering at Pueblo HS to ADE


Subject: Allegations of grade tampering  Ms. Winder and Ms. O’Brien, I was directed by the Arizona Attorneys Office to contact you regarding this complaint. I’m a member on the Tucson Unified School District 1 Governing Board and in my capacity as one school board member, I’m requesting that the Arizona Department of Education authorities investigate the allegations of grade tampering at one of our high schools.  The highly qualified teacher, who prior to becoming a contract teacher was a full time teacher for the District and was employed by the District at Pueblo High School for over 30 years before retiring, she […]

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Understanding Trump’s Use of Language

George Lakoff

This piece is a follow-up of a Lakoff’s article, Understanding Trump, published by Common Dreams last month.

Responsible reporters in the media normally transcribe political speeches so that they can accurately report them.  But Donald Trump’s discourse style has stumped a number of reporters. Dan Libit, CNBC’s excellent analyst is one of them. Libit writes:

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