April in Tucson: Time for a new beginning!

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April has always been a symbolic month when it comes to recent events in Tucson.

It was 8 years ago that the Sensenbrenner anti-immigrant bill was released which led to some of the largest marches nationwide. In Tucson that march ended with police brutality as the police forced white supremacists into the middle of a rally and allowed them to start taunting the students gathered while burning the Mexican flag. Just as the Phoenix police did with the neo-Nazis in November 2010, police used white supremacists as bait to provoke an altercation which led to the beatdown of brown youth.

It was 8 years ago that a woman who was over 70 years old, an icon of the Chicano civil rights movement, co-founder of the UFW along with Cesar Chavez, would speak about this recent legislation at Tucson’s largest high school. During this speech she said three little but truthful words; Republicans hate Latinos. Immediately this led to coverage on Bill O’Rielly’s Fox News show where conservatives prove the point she was making but hate being called out on their xenophobic and racist agenda.

Tom Horne, the state superintendent, would devote the next 6 years to banning the most successful educational program in the nation that bridges the achievement gap for high school Chicanos, all in retaliation for what Dolores Huerta said at Tucson High School.

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