Is ESI behind the new IE to “Stop Stegeman Now?”


You may see new signs around Tucson as an outside PAC from DC that is supposed to support Democrats is now funding an attack on one of their own; Mark Stegeman. This comes after Democratic “educational leaders” such as Ann Eve-Petersen were complaining about the “dark money” that they claimed was funding TUSD Kids First, and Independent Expenditure Committee that has endorsed Stegeman, Rustand, and Betts Putnam-Hidalgo to #ChangeTheBoard. Nothing could be further from the truth, since TKF has to file all their financial reports just as the candidates do. Another complaint was that money from TKF was coming from […]

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Video of Indiana school board member chastising HT Sanchez and the TUSD board goes viral

Gwendalyn Hunter says "shame on you" to the TUSD board and HT Sanchez directly.

At the last TUSD board meeting we got to meet a very nice woman named Gwendalyn Hunter from Indiana where she is also on the school board.  She is the star of the video above that may be over 3,000 views or more by the time you watch it. The superintendent never looked up at these people, even when kids were presenting! At one point he literally walked out during a side door! I’ve never been to a goat rodeo but this is what I imagine it looking like. Gwendalyn was in town to due to a funeral. As she […]

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TUSD Dad’s Discriminated Daughter at Dietz


Three Sonorans Note: I met this father at the Utterback parents meeting on Thursday and he was looking and looking for someone to help him. Some parents pointed him in my direction, and here is what he has to say. I have enthusiastic eager intelligent children who have been discouraged, discriminated against, stifled, assaulted, defamed, blamed and wrongfully punished by teachers and staff. Here’s a quote, ”Your dumb principal won’t fire me, she needs me, and she couldn’t find another teacher that would want to work here anyways.” My little girls can’t even use the bathroom without some Male administrator, […]

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TUSD Whistleblowers: Open letter to the Pima Dems and GOP


URGENT! We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute widely. Open 42nd Letter- Tucson Unified School District Board Majority Kristel Foster, Cam Juarez Low-down DES-PER-ATION Attack to Pivot Away from the REAL Issue To: Pima County Democratic Party & Pima County Republican Party From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and Volunteers- Growing with Each and Every Letter Earlier this week we released our 41st letter in which we addressed the recent “pivot” that Kristel Foster has taken in distracting voters from the many TUSD financial fiascos and programmatic […]

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VIDEO: Utterback parents continue to cry out for help from TUSD


Here’s a simple example of how TUSD plays games, proclaiming progress while you do NOTHING. Utterback was ordered by the federal court to fill all its teacher vacancies by November 1, 2015. One year later TUSD has failed to do so. After the parents complained about this two weeks ago, TUSD simply made all of the subs “long-term substitute teachers” which immediately canceled all the vacancies. But nothing changed. The teachers are still not certified and are having major issues controlling their classes. since Utterback is a magnet school, they should only be getting the best teachers, instead of the young first-year […]

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The only TUSD candidate that is a member of SALC, Kristel Foster, said she would have also voted to kill MAS


There is only one candidate running for the TUSD school board that is a member of the club for elites, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC), and that is Kristel Foster. Another member of SALC, Bruce Dusenberry, is the campaign co-chair for the only Republican running for TUSD this year, Brett Rustand, and he also gave a sizable donation to Kristel Foster which she gladly accepted. Of course, it pales in comparison to the whopping $5,000 kickback that Foster received from the Vice-President of a company that just got a no-discussion $21 million contract from Kristel Foster that privatizes the […]

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Tucson Voter Guide & Election Analysis: My Endorsements with Explanations


Early ballots were just sent out and by this weekend you can cast your vote and help decide the election long before election day a month from now! For those living Southern Arizona, we have some very important races this election season. The choices we make locally at the bottom of the ticket will impact us more immediately than anything that happens at the top of the ticket (ie. the President). It is not the President that will fill your potholes but the local politicians that are tasked with these more immediate jobs. There is no shortage of media coverage on […]

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HT puts a Holt to the Help at Utterback; Another TUSD Crony?


Last night at the TUSD board meeting, Superintendent Sanchez appeared to be off his game big-time. It must be because he knows he is now being held responsible for his (in)actions, and his board majority of Kristel and Cam may just lose their re-election in a month. Teachers were there with signs in protest of the misuse of Prop 301 funds, but this article will focus on the response to the Utterback parents who showed up at the last meeting to give their tearful testimony about the Utter Hell that this forgotten middle school has become under HT Sanchez. In […]

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Bakery owner raising dough to defeat TUSD Kids First; goal is to save the buns of Foster and Juarez


It appears that TUSD school board candidates Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez hate Independent Expenditure (IE) committees so much, with all that evil money being raised to help unseat them, that now an IE is being formed – “Protect Our Schools” – to help just those two stay in office like Thelma and Louise headed off a cliff. There has been no outcry of this evil “dark” money from either Foster, Juarez, or the Tucson Weekly’s David Safier who has written multiple articles about TUSD Kids First. Juarez has called those who don’t support him and Kristel Foster, the woman […]

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Time to replace H-TEA with AFT teacher’s union in TUSD? Look at what Chicago is doing!

Editor’s note: Since the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is a member of the AFL-CIO, when AFT strikes, all unions strike in solidarity. There is already a growing number of AFT members growing within TUSD. If you think that your president is Weak TEA, remember that you have an option! When the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) struck in 2012, then-CEO of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) Juan Rangel took the opportunity to sing the praises of the city’s charter schools, which remained open as CTU members walked the picket lines. “I think parents are going to be frustrated when they […]

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Whistleblowers: Low-down DES-PER-ATION of Kristel Foster, Cam Juarez and Raul Grijalva’s Progeny 


From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter and Volunteers Kristel Foster is not genuinely an advocate for anyone or any cause. She is an opportunist. Foster is a walking scam artist and an embarrassment to herself; to women; and to TUSD.  Don’t be fooled! Foster has not voted as a progressive during the four years she has been in office. And, since every vote she takes is the same as A. Grijalva and Cam Juarez, of course, the same applies to them. They have each […]

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TUSD Whistleblowers: Drain the TUSD Swamp- RID TUSD Board of the Dangers of Kristel Foster


Open 40th Letter- Drain the TUSD Swamp- RID TUSD Board of the Dangers of Kristel Foster From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers!), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter While this is a letter from the Whistleblowers, it is written from the eyes of a few of our members who are all TUSD principals, however, it is written in the first person point of view. I received a call from Kristel Foster’s campaign asking that I vote for her. I explained that no one in our home would vote […]

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The last TUSD candidate forum is tonight! 


The very last TUSD candidate forum is tonight! This forum should be interesting, since the focus is on “barrio schools” that aren’t getting the funding they need. This of course refers to magnet schools. The irony is that the organizer of this forum is a huge Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez loyalist, and he has been fooled into thinking that they are the saviors doing the right thing while the Special Master and the Latin@ Plaintiffs on the Desegregation Case are the enemies. Nothing could be further from the truth! At just the last board meeting (video above), we saw […]

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Justice Tuesday: Three of Arizona top law enforcers, Sheriffs Arpaio, Nanos and Babeu, may soon face their own demons in court

Three of Arizona’s largest Sheriff’s departments, with their news-seeking leaders, are under federal probes for wrongdoing that rises up to the top ranks. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio The “toughest Sheriff in America” finds it tough for himself to obey federal court orders. His supporters, which include Donald Trump and some of the most conservative voters in the state, apparently find no inconsistency in spending $72 million to defend Joe Arpaio as he racially profiles Mexicans even though immigrants pay more in taxes than Donald Trump does. Now it may be Sheriff Arpaio himself donning those pink underwear and pitching […]

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Sheriff Arpaio will be charged in federal court; total taxpayer tab for defending him will be $72 million

Maricopa Sheriff Arpaio and Pima Sheriff Nanos both seem to think they are above federal law. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s hearing falls day before voting begins A judge held a hearing Tuesday to discuss legal issues raised by a recommendation that prosecutors charge a famously defiant Arizona sheriff with criminal contempt of court for defying orders in a racial profiling case. The hearing Tuesday falls the day before early voting starts in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s bid for a seventh term as metro Phoenix’s top law enforcer, his toughest fight yet after more than two decades in office. Arpaio, who calls himself […]

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“Bloodsucking TIC”: New VIDEO Reveals Ugly Truth Behind For-Profit Prison Industry’s Embrace of Treatment, Rehabilitation, and “Alternatives”


A new video exposes the ways in which for-profit prison corporations are adapting to the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security’s announcements to phase out private prisons and historic reductions in state prison populations by seeking out new markets previously served by non-profit behavioral health and treatment-oriented agencies. Video (less than 3 minutes): For-profit prison companies like Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group are rebranding themselves to market a repackaged product, promoting their business as providing humane treatment and rehabilitation. This new move has been dubbed the Treatment Industrial Complex, or TIC. This disturbing new trend is brought […]

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Sharon Bronson deflects her responsibility for appointing Sheriff Nanos, blames voters?


On yesterday’s Bill Buckmaster Show (video excerpt above), Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson was asked about her vote to appoint Chris Nanos to be the next Sheriff. Bronson deflected and instead said that Sheriff Nanos is an elected official and it is up to the voters. However, Nanos has never been elected by the voters and if there was ever any vote that counted it would be that of Sharon Bronson joining with the majority to appoint Nanos to office (video below). Of the top three people in the Pima Sheriff’s Department, after an FBI investigation was opened into possible […]

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Jim Campbell responds to David Safier’s smear of his wife in the Tucson Weekly


Listen to Kathy Campbell, the target of a hit piece by the Tucson Weekly today, in her own words describing why she cares about the TUSD, the district she has a child in, in the video above. At least it is clear that David Safier is now, without a doubt, an attack dog for the TUSD board majority. He was silent as local media covered Kristel and Cam’s pay-to-play scandal, but was quick to defend HT Sanchez’s raise when he nearly half-million dollar contract was extended. If there is someone out there who has the skills to make TUSD a […]

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Kristel Foster responds to Prop 301 Hoarding accusation by Arizona Daily Star’s Timothy Steller


Someone commented earlier today on this blog claiming that by posting TUSD board member Mark Stegeman’s constituent letter I must be supporting him. Stegeman is the only board member I know that has a constituent letter. Whether I agree with him or not, I am still his constituent. I prefer transparency and access to information, unlike what this current board does by hiding its line-by-line Desegregation expenditures despite FOIA requests. I also post all the Whistleblower letters, court orders, video, whatever I can get my hands on that will help to inform the public. Kristel not only doesn’t send me […]

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