TUSD’s credit rating drops to fifth place; expect higher tax rates to pay back bonds

There are three major credit ratings companies; Fitch’s, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. The rating system for Fitch’s is not what you would normally think of if you were comparing grades to those that schools give to students. For example, a grade of “A” is the best for the college student, but almost failing as the 5th highest score you can get before being a disaster. As with us the consumer, the lower the credit score, the greater risk we become, and thus the higher interest rate we must pay to borrow money, or get bonds if you are a […]

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Whistleblowers: Kristel’s Delusions Damage TUSD, Discipline, HT’s corrupt relationship with TEA


To: The Tucson Community- 31st Open Letter From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers!), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter Subject: Kristel Ann Foster’s Delusion Continues to Damage TUSD; Who Is In Charge of Discipline? HT Sanchez Corrupt Relationship with TEA Kristel Ann Foster lives and campaigns in an alternative universe, one in which she seems to go into a delusional state, where she looks at herself in the mirror, first thing in the morning, and tells herself that she is Mexican.  She believes this until she campaigns on the […]

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Why is local media silent on TUSD’s huge student discipline problem?

Media Absent.001

The video below is from WakeUp Tucson on KVOI-1030AM. Lately people have been asking where the local media has been on all the shocking discoveries that KGUN-9 News has been exposing over the past few months. Where are the rest of the printed and TV news on these important issues? In particular, many were shocked at the story from last week regarding students with hit lists that included Tucson Police officers. This led to a meeting with no less than the Tucson Police Chief Villaseñor and TUSD Superintendent HT Sanchez to discuss the safety of Student Resource Officers (SRO) at […]

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Six More Charged in Flint Water Crisis, but Still No Accountability for Snyder

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Six additional state employees now face criminal charges for hiding unsafe lead levels leading up to the Flint water crisis—but Gov. Rick Snyder and his top officials continue to evade accountability.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced the charges in a press conference on Friday, in which he vowed that “the families of Flint will not be forgotten; we will provide the justice they deserve.”

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Millennial Sanders Activists Give New Energy to Southern Organizing

Mike Elk

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE  – Khristy Wilkinson, a 36-year-old, tattoo-adorned, stay-at-home mom, doesn’t look like your typical Eastern Tennessee politician. Before this year, she had never even considered running for public office, but says that she was inspired to run by the success of Bernie Sanders.

Until recently, Wilkinson was an adjunct philosophy professor teaching at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has been active in her community, Highland Park, for years, and has been disturbed by the changes gentrification has brought to her neighborhood.

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