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The rebirth of Arizona

Make no mistake, we are living through the most important time in Arizona’s history.

Original Tucson Citizen in Sheriff Tony Estrada's Nogales office. Source: David Morales.

What makes this time so pivotal goes much deeper than what is going on with the controversial issues of today. More important is the cause of what is going on, and why?

Arizona is the focal point, and butt of late-night jokes, because of all the energy that has been directed here by our great nation, and we will explore here just the last two years to see what the heck happened.

Two years ago two major events occurred that would change history forever. Arizona’s demise begins in Iowa…

It was a cold winter, just like all the other winters. But there was something new in the air. One of the major parties had a woman and a black man as its front-runners. The other party had the power of two wars hoping to unite Americans in their fear of the cucuy.

The two front-runners headed into the Iowa primary were Hillary and Romney.  Neither of them won in Iowa and this primary election was the beginning of a new era in US politics.

The big winners that night were Obama and Huckabee. The rest is history…

Why is this so important? We will discuss Obama later on, but what did Huckabee’s win accomplish? First we must explore the type of voter that wanted Huckabee to be elected, and that is the religious right. Winning in the nation’s first primary gave them a huge boost that would lead to the demise of Mitt Romney, and as the vote continued to be split between the business and religious Republicans, McCain was only too glad to pick up the “moderate” votes that remained.

Thus McCain rose to become another Arizona loser for the presidency, but before doing so he released Sarah Palin into the world. Ironically Palin would go on to lead the very movement that seeks to get rid of McCain, the teabagger’s movement. Although she is supporting McCain for obvious reasons, his main primary opponent, JD Hayworth, is running a campaign built on the energy that Palin is supporting.

This is the first connection between national politics and Arizona.

The next connection is due to Obama. After a close primary race, Obama is eventually victorious and becomes the democratic nominee for president of the United States. We will skip the historical significance of his election for now, but only point out one thing that is necessary for this story, and that is that Arizona’s governor, Janet Napolitano, supported Obama in the primary while he was still running against Hillary.  There were many rumors flying around about a possible US Attorney General job in her future.

(Article continued below)

Obama wins the election and becomes the first black president ever. He also appoints the first black Attorney General, Eric Holder. The Arizona governor was not left out, however, and she was appointed head of Homeland Security, and this was the moment Arizona’s ugliness began…

I once read that 2/3 of our state legislators lack a basic college education, and yet this is the body in charge of education spending. Needless to say, education has gotten the shaft under the current congress which has led Arizona to dead last in education in this nation. However more important matters, such as more gun rights, including the ability to carry a loaded shotgun to the state capitol and taunt thousands of people with neo-Nazi hate, has been not only preserved but strengthened, and this is what neo-Nazi JT Ready was allowed to do with the tens of thousands marching in Alto Arizona a few weeks ago.

Russell Pearce, sponsor of SB1070. Source: Tucson Citizen.

Russell Pearce, sponsor of SB1070. Source: Tucson Citizen.

But JT Ready has a special friend, and his name is Russell Pearce (pictured to the left), and Russell Pearce even attended a neo-Nazi rally with him. This is no secret, Pearce has admitted to it, and yet he continues to get elected, but that’s Mesa politics for you.

And since our state legislature is lacking when it comes to a quality education, Arizona must rely on Kansas for help in writing its bills. This is also no big secret, and the main author of SB1070, Kris Kobach from Kansas, was even on the Colbert Report last week proudly proclaiming his accomplishments. Too bad he is associated with the hate group FAIR.

Without even going into the merits or demerits of SB1070, we must first ask ourselves the following question: why are we letting neo-nazis and hate groups write Arizona’s bills? This is our state after all, isn’t it? We aren’t in Kansas anymore…

It turns out that SB1070-type bills were in the works for a while now, but thanks to Arizona’s last elected governor, Napolitano was able to veto them. But now she was about to advance to a position in Obama’s cabinet, so now who would lead our state?

Since Arizona lacks a Lt. Governor, the next-in-line became Jan Brewer, our Secretary of State. Brewer saw no problem with who was writing these bills, and what they were writing, and thus she signed SB1070 into law, and is now a popular guest of Greta on Fox News, who shot her show out of Phoenix today.

Arizona has a long history, and we skipped over 98% of it. 96 of these years led to 2008, and the last two years altered Arizona forever and we are now in 2010. In this election year, we get to either reaffirm the direct results of the 2008 election, which was keeping McCain as a US Senator, and bringing in Brewer as governor, or we get to take Arizona in a new direction.

Whoever we elect as governor this year will lead Arizona into its 100th year of existence in less than two years. 2012 will be a turning point for the nation and it all depends on what happens in Arizona. The reason is simple.

Neo-nazi JT Ready. Source: Tucson Citizen.

Neo-nazi JT Ready. Source: Tucson Citizen.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama is bringing out factions of our society that have not been in the mainstream for a long time. Due to the events of the last two years, Arizona is now being forced to confront an issue that is about to be awakened nationwide in a larger scale very soon, and that is the issue of xenophobia and racism. In this election year Arizona will head in one of two directions. The first direction is down the path we are on now, and bills will be passed that include denying citizenship to persons born here in direct violation of the 14th amendment, along with other racist bills.

The second direction will be a new path, one that will lead to a rebirth of Arizona. Arizona has changed a lot in the last century, and the demographics have drastically changed.  There was no international border when Arizona became a state, nor was there Border Patrol. Go back a few more decades and Arizona was in a different nation. A lot has changed, but this election will determine a crucial question.

Will we be able to live as a diverse society in peace, or will xenophobia consume us?

19 comments on “The rebirth of Arizona
  1. You left out the part about the illegal Immigrants overunning the State sucking the blood out of every legal citizen, Hospitals overun with illegals, schools busing in illegals for more profits from the Government, the destruction of our deserts or even the mention of Drugs, Kidnapping , Murder and Crime. Without the illegal Immigrant side of your story, it makes no sense, is there a part two to your story or is this as one-sided biased opinionated as it gets? And please tell us Dear Readers how you or your parents got into this Country so you can exercise our Constitutions free speech? “expert letter” itc

      • Maybe you really should read the Bill, I mean read the bill, not what someone told you, actually read the bill and you will see that nowhere, NOWHERE, that racial profiling is in the bill, racial Profiling is against the law and the arresting Officer is at fault. But to you it’s ok to break the law or warp it to fit your situation. As for the 14th amendment, I can’t drag my wife to Mexico while in labour so I can own beachfront property in Rocky Point anymore than an Illegal Alien can here in the U.S.A. Do you understand that an Illegal giving birth in a Free Country gives them the same rights as an American Citizen is asinine at it’s best, and you support that activity? From what I understand, that amendment was for the Africans who were enslaved here against their will and their children, Not the current situation. It’s that plain and simple but you want that advantage for Illegals, don’t you. That in my opinion is a warped view of our Constitution. As for the Nazi in the above photos and the shotgun, it’s called “Free Speech” and “Assembly”. And the 2nd amendment to the Constitution allows firearms, but not in Mexico, I understand where the violence is in the news everyday. Is that the “rebirth” of Arizona that you are speaking of? To make it a mirror image of Mexico? You sir, act like a Politician, you can not answer my direct questions when I have directly answered yours. Again I state that there must be a part two to this article to even up the bias opinion of the author. Welcome aboard the T.C.

          • It states you need a valid drivers license on page 1, line 37. do you have one? I don’t see the point of this, are you sure you read the bill?

          • Misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution
            Quite simply, the Fourteenth Amendment currently is being interpreted to grant automatic birthright citizenship to children born in the United States of illegal alien parents (called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency). This clearly is contrary to the original intent of Congress and the States in ratifying the Fourteenth Amendment.
            Professors Peter Schuck and Rogers Smith have noted1 that:
            “The present guarantee under American law of automatic birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens can operate…as one more incentive to illegal migration and violation by nonimmigrant aliens already here [.] When this attraction is combined with the powerful lure of the expanded entitlements conferred upon citizen children and their families by the modern welfare state, the total incentive effect of birthright citizenship may well become significant.”
            Indeed, the consequences of this deliberate misinterpretation are significant. Read more about the consequences.

            1.   Professors Peter Schuck and Rogers Smith, “Consensual Citizenship” (Chronicles, July 1992)

            Author: Fred Elbel   


        • And, by the way, I never once said neo-Nazis should be silenced. They can exercise their free speech all they want, but I can still disagree with them and their racist bills.
          SB1070 was written by an official hate group FAIR… that I don’t support either.

          • Still a few more questions need to be answered in my post, do you want a mirror image of Mexico for Arizona? Are your Parents legal and how? Do you support the 14Th for Mexico as you would for the U.S.? And is there going to be a follow up for the rest of the one-sided story? And I will re read the bill as you state.

          • Since you can’t find line 37 on page 1, I have copied it for you… makes no mention of driver’s license so I don’t know what you are talking about.
            Also, the 14th amendment is pretty clear. Please quote the part of it that mentions the parents must be citizens, not someone’s interpretation of it.

          • you know the truth is, no matter how Professor Peter Schuck or Russell Pearce or even Andrew tries to re-define or “clarify” the intent behind the constitution…they will not be successful in their goal to re-interpret it for this land. we have seen the constitution, and even books such as the bible used over and again in the racist agenda’s vile, pathetic and desperate attempts to sanction discrimination…and time again quite the opposite has happened. if you think under the leadership of Obama, with the new liberal additions to the supreme court that anyone (i.e. backwood extremists from deep within the desert scrublands, like russell pearce,) will ever be able to make someone born in this country “not a citizen” …well you are sadly mistaken my friend. that will never happen. will some people in our state continue to embarrass and disgrace us with their lunatic voices of bigotry? sadly, yes. however, even though we feel overwhelmed by and overrun with racist zealots, i still believe the majority of this country has taken note of civil rights movements in our history – the majority believe in fairness and equality protected by law…arizona is just, well, a freak of the nation right now. and unfortunately that insanity is contagious so you will see little off shoots of extremists rearing their heads in other states as well…i still believe they are the minority. loud, obnoxious and exhausting to look upon, yes, but still the minority…i mean, just look at the pathetic attendance to pro sb1070 and tea baggin’ schindigs in AZ compared to the thousands who marched in solidarity against racism…who will continue to unite and ultimately reclaim this state in the name of justice!  we are working on creating a better place here; regardless of set backs and racist rhetoric, we know “we shall overcome” again.

  2. Fantastic article! Refreshing to see the truth in a very concise and clear explanation of the atrocities in our state and how they came to be – thank you!!  Also, LOVE the hope in the close…yes, we can change the current environment of hate & xenophobia…we can and WILL create a better AZ! We have that power!

  3. When I saw the accompanying picture, and read the blurb for “New Blog: The Three Sonorans” on the crawling banner, I thought “Wow, I gotta admire this Morales guy for going after a math doctorate this late in life.  Too bad he looks just like Russell Pearce.”

  4. Andrew:  Maybe you should think about taking an English class yourself because your sentence construction, grammar and punctuation are atrocious.  I’m guessing you are a victim of the education cuts?
    Whether or not SB-1070 specifically states that law enforcement will or will not use racial profiling is irrelevant.  What do you think is going to happen?  Let’s see if I can spell it out for you, so you can grasp the concept of abuse of power…
    They won’t be pulling me over if we are obeying all the traffic laws, because—ding-ding-ding—you guessed it!  I AM WHITE!
    However (and here you should use a comma Andrew), if the color of the driver’s skin is anything less than LILY (that is a adjective often used to describe the color white) and they have–I don’t know–let’s say a tail-light out; and they need to make their monthly quota, guess what happens?  Do I hear a ding-ding-ding again?
    Run, don’t walk, to your nearest education center and sign up for that English class and while you are at it, take a government class too!

    • ey ‘Chick: Since we’re in a guessing mood, and you like to play English teacher . . . I’ll guess that you look  just like the teacher in that old Van Halen video with David Lee Roth, right? With your blond hair pulled back in a tight bun, wearing black horn-rimmed glasses.
      You turn me on when you use all those big words atrocious and irrelevant.
      Let’s see some more big ones. I’m all ears.
      Your obedient student, Ferrari Bubba

  5. I LOVE ARIZONA and I have faith that our state will only become more amazing in the future.  Arizona needs to re-elect McCain.  We need McCain not only for the federal level, but for our state level as well.  JD does not have the mental capacity to handle this position.  JD has a history that speaks for itself.  His lack of experience and his lack of intelligence are huge reasons JD needs to go home.  (please do not knock my grammar, I am not posting to be graded)

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