TSON News | BREAKING NEWS! Protest at UA Jimmy John’s

BREAKING NEWS! Protest at UA Jimmy John’s

There is a protest going on right now at Main Gate at the University of Arizona.

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Jimmy John's protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy John's protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy John's protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy Johns protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy Johns protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy Johns protest. Source: David Morales

Jimmy Johns protest. Source: David Morales

The people gathered are opposed to the owner of Jimmy John’s huge financial contributions to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s raids. Shouts of “GO BACK TO MEXICO” are heard from passing vehicles, but are drowned out by horns honking in support.

According to the Arizona Boycott Clearinghouse:

The owner of this Jimmy Johns, at UA Main Gate, issued the following statement:

I appreciate and respect the protesters right to protest the SB 1070 legislation in Arizona.  However, my family and I are small business owners who own and operate this independent franchise. Boycotting our independent franchise only harms hard-working local businesspeople like us and our employees. Franchisees like me are 100% focused on employing local people who make great sandwiches and deliver them freaky fast for all customers to enjoy.  We are not interested in making any political statements and hope you will support small business people like us and our local
employees. We would appreciate an update to the blog that at least presents the facts. James Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy Johns, does not own the Tucson Jimmy Johns. Past contributions he has made to a political candidate through another business or personally do not represent the positions of this locally owned sandwich shop.

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        • No, I mean exactly what I said. 

          BTW-it’s Aztlan.  It might serve you well both to learn how to spell it and also learn what it means (outside of the paranoid conspiracy theories of reactionaries, that is).  If all you guys have to offer is wild paranoid fantasies, I’d say you’ve run out of ideas to inflame the masses.  The first rule is, always try to convince people that the nation is in danger from some evil outside force.  That way, anyone who disagrees with you can be labeled a traitor and a threat to the nation’s security.

          How about those “chemtrails”, huh Don?  And did they ever arrest the guy who put the Hammer and Sickle on the Kennedy half-dollar?

          • Chemtrails?  Kennedy half-dollar?  Sorry, I was too busy being the second gunman on the grassy knoll to keep track of those things…

            If all you guys have to offer is wild paranoid fantasies, I’d say you’ve run out of ideas to inflame the masses.  The first rule is, always try to convince people that the nation is in danger from some evil outside force.  That way, anyone who disagrees with you can be labeled a traitor and a threat to the nation’s security.

            Something tells me Tucson’s most active virtual commie mouthpiece needs a hug! 

  1. This is a sad attempt of fearmongering from the left who want Arizona to be just like Mexico. I hope they get their way. Then and only then will they realize how wrong they are. I wonder if the protesters have real jobs or just students on handouts from the Government. I hope my periods and commas are in the right spots, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my poor grammer skills. Very newsworthy article by the way.

    • Using a lunch break to stand up for your beliefs is just as valid a form of expression as reading and commenting on articles during a lunch break.
      This is part of a nationwide boycott also.

    • A little vocal protest in front of a sandwich shop whose clientele are probably mostly university students, people who hopefully are sharpening their critical thinking skills – that’s leftist fear mongering? Fear is what many brown skinned people are fearing right now in a hateful climate. And who is it who wants Arizona to be like Mexico? How many students are receiving handouts from the government? Are you aware of the horrendous loans many students are taking out to pay for their education? What do your periods and commas have to do with anything? What we are all taking part in is the freedom our system allows, a freedom that is too often abused but that’s America for you.

    • Andrew, I won’t comment on your grammer (sic), but I will say that, back in the good old days, wearing a head of hair like yours stood for something.   I’m thinking you need a haircut, big fellow.

      • Well, it sure as hell doesn’t stand for being  a communist/marxist oxymoron like yourself. Sorry if I let you down. But a communist/marxist useing free speech? I think you’re a cartoon. longer casualty itc

        • I think you’ve been out in the sun too long, Andrew.  

          Sorry, but there are Socialists all over the world speaking freely.  There is even an elected Socialist serving the good folks of the US of A and he’s also speaking freely.  Marxism-coming to a neighborhood near yours. 

          • Marxism-coming to a neighborhood near yours.

            SURE it is.  Now who’s been out in the sun too long. 

  2. Andrew, all those words just to try to polish the turd of rascism you are spewing.  Give it a rest.  Most illegals are better citizens than you.

    • Quote from Kimilita ” Most illegals are better citizens than you.” Thank you for such kind words. If you knew me, you would know I’ve fed, dressed and given rides to over 60 men, women and children who have risked their lives crossing the border and having one that died on my front porch, this year alone, and I’ve been out here for 8 years.  To say I am racist, go right ahead cause I know it makes you feel good and I will keep your thoughts in my head that most Illegals are better than me.
      And Three Sonorans: Nevermind, you or your article does not hold water.

  3. will be there tomorrow to give my support/business to JJ’s.    in this country you can support whatever thing you want, i.e. any political party, any religious group and so on, supposedly without retribution, but i see these folks disregard that right except when its for them.  the nerve of these people to protest anyone for their belief’s.  wake up folks, leave this business alone and worry about your future in the good ole USA.  better yet, move to another area where they condone this sort of thing. 

    • Chas, wasn’t the first tea party protest “this sort of thing?” Do you also condemn the original tea party and think that sort of activity should not be condoned?
      I’m assuming by “this sort of thing” you are referring to the First Amendment and freedom of speech?

      • i am referring to “this sort of thing” as not infringing on any American’s right to live in peace and prosper without being harassed, etc.  as i look at this, JJ’s should bring suit against these folks for interfering with the business.  there is a time and place for protests.  the US Constitution is the admired globally, thats why folks want to come to the US.  i cannot blame them at all for that.  but again, respect the laws and the privacy of individuals if you come to this country.  no law is without flaw.  maybe some folks dont agree with the law to put a license plate on a vehicle or have to get a driver’s license, but its a law and should be enforced.  if someone is driving erratically and is stopped by law enforcement, why shouldnt the driver have to show their license/ID.  what is wrong with this?  i guess the police should only stop Caucasians so no one will be offended and claim racial profiling.  a 237 year old act should not be compared to this issue, its kinda like selling oranges as apples.

      • Chas, wasn’t the first tea party protest “this sort of thing?”

        Yes, in a very shallow sense: Let’s check American history, shall we?

        “Yes,” in the sense that both protests targeted government actions the protesters opposed—taxation for the Massachusetts colonists, SB 1070 for the Jimmy Johns protesters.  

        There, the similarities end.

        The Massachusetts colonists targeted tea owned by the British East India Company, a major corporation with significant international reach and strong ties to the British government. The SB 1070 protesters are targeting a locally-owned small business, which is a franchise of a larger corporation whose owners have angered SB 1070 opponents.

        The “Indians” who dumped the East India Company’s tea into the harbor knew they were taking on an opponent who could fight back: the British government. Yet they did it anyway. The SB 1070 protesters in front of Jimmy John’s probably suspect they can push Jimmy John’s around and nothing will happen to them.

        Lastly, the Boston Tea Partiers were ready to suffer, personally, the consequences of their actions. They knew the British could identify them without too much trouble. As it turns out, the British did retaliate, with the Coercive Acts that included closing the port of Boston. The only ones who will suffer if the U of A Jimmy John’s closes, or has to lay off people, are the employees of Jimmy John’s.

        Let’s be clear that all groups have a right to boycott. It’s a time-honored and upright way to protest.

        Let’s also be clear that SB 1070 opponents’ primary beef isn’t with fast food chains or local businesses. It’s just a lot easier to squeeze them.

    • It’s true that in this country you can support whatever thing you want, not necessarily without retribution, though. Do I ever understand that personally. But isn’t that just like us Americans, worrying more about a “business” than the human beings the business is belittling and paying thousands to contribute to their being continually harassed? I agree: we should be worrying about our future in the “good ole USA” where spewing hate is condoned – when we have the power to do such wonderful things, the power to solve problems reasonably.
      Have we not in the past few years seen what “business” gone awry can do; is wrecking the world’s economy, creating more “illegals” not enough to make us want to join forces with struggling people rather than try to run them out of our country, something that will never happen, by the way with survival being a basic part of human nature?

  4. I’ve never been to a Jimmy John’s before; but now I will definitely make an effort to get down there and support this restaurant. 

  5. Freedom Bummer–“Out with Joe Arpaio and all of the racist legislation in Arizona!”

    Translation: Out with the laws that make our society governable.

  6. JIMMY JOHNS Is now my favorite place to eat.
    I will support this company just wish there were more with meatballs the size of yours

  7. A)  These laws are nothing but racist laws that are aimed at those of Mexican descent, and
    B)  If the government were to remove every immigrant in the state, the economy would simply collapse.  It’s these people who pick your food, make your beds, mow your lawns, and do all of the work for us that us American citizens are too lazy to do.

    • A) if this law was put in place in NY, ME, all the norhtern states, people would be stating its a racist law against Canadians.  the bugs will be worked out of this bill.  B)  do you consider yourself a lazy citizen or do you go out there with the workers and perform these functions?

    • B)  If the government were to remove every immigrant in the state, the economy would simply collapse.

      I know I don’t want all the immigrants removed, just the illegal ones.

      • Hi, azmouse. Your statement regarding the economy collapsing if every immigrant in the state were removed goes for all immigrants, not just those here “legally” – as illegal and legal are merely terms on paper. You remove a significant number of people and you remove their dinero tambien. See, the mythology in all this is that “illegals” don’t contribute to the coffers whereas they,  like James Brown was “the hardest working man in show business” are the hardest working people in our country, making the fewest dollars.
        From reading your comments on a number of things I know you wouldn’t let a tag like “illegal” stop you from loving and supporting your family with every fiber of your being. You’re an amazing person as is somebody who will cross a burning desert and freezing mountain passes to get an opportunity to stay alive.
        There have been times in my life where I had to work several jobs to feed my family and if working several jobs had been against the law then I would have had no choice but to be a “criminal.” It’s all about survival, nothing more, nothing less. I’ve met very few  immigrants who didn’t want to live in the country of their birth – and I’m talking immigrants from around the world, not just Mexico and Central America – if they could make it there. America offers opportunities they can’t ignore. If Italy did they’d go there. Iceland… If their country did they couldn’t get out of here fast enough.

      • Azmouse, these laws are designed to target Mexicans and those with brown skin, regardless of whether they are recent immigrants or have been here in Arizona since this was part of Mexico.

  8. I’m fortunate not to have to do that for a living, so I appreciate the immense hard work and contribution that these people make to our society.

    • i agree, they do hard work, but it has to be done legally.  i wasnt as fortunate as you when i was growing up,  and i worked together with the hard working illegals, but back then, people were a little more sensitive, it just got out of hand when the criminal enterprises took over and our own government turns the other cheek.  a lot of folks might have a new attitude when it directly affects them in a criminal way, home invasion, etc. 

      • What do you mean “it has to be done legally?” Hey, they can’t do it legally or they would.
        Now, there’s a criminal element in any group of people but by far the immigrants in this country are law abiding. I want to say as law abiding as us but there’s a lot of native born criminals in this country and so many of them are the ones struggling the most. Many of the others receive “socialist” kind of help like bailouts.

      • The fear of criminals and violence is completely overblown, and used as a tactic by the people who promote these laws.
        99.9% of the Mexican immigrants here are good citizens, but instead they focus on that percentage of them who may be involved with drugs.  Why don’t we focus on the US’ insatiable appetite for drugs, then?  And the legalization of them that would make the drug violence disappear, overnight?

  9. The thought of eating at Jimmy Johns makes me think of Joe Arpaio…..which makes me want to BARF!  What do you think he uses as meat?  Illegals? Just wondering

  10. Hey kids, if you’re not already aware, Ms Clinton made the expected announcement that the Feds will sue to stop the implementation of SB1070.  And (I know some of you are just gonna love this part) – she announced it in Ecuador! 

  11. I can’t wait to eat at Jimmy John’s today. Three-Sonorans, you’re a hateful, hypocritical, self-serving idiot.

  12. Thank you for bringing this to my attention,  I will be giving them some business and spreading the word far and wide.

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