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The boycotting of Arizona

Boycotts are an interesting thing. What exactly is a boycott?

Farmworker movement documentation project.

From the farmworker movement documentation project.

Let’s say you want to go out to a club. Your friend suggests country and you decide against this. Your friend asks why and you simply say you don’t like country music, or perhaps you don’t like the vibe at country bars. Here “country” can be replaced with any genre.

Or perhaps you are deciding on lunch, and one of your friends is a vegetarian. This will drastically reduce the number of options available, and the choice of where to eat, where to spend your money, will depend on these types of choices.

Within the vegetarian domain there are even further divisions. One might not prefer meat because of religion, or perhaps because of health. Lately there has been a growing number of vegetarians, or people choosing to eat less meat, because of the impact of the cattle industry on the environment. Methane exhausts from cows have more effect on climate change than all the vehicle emissions in the world right now.

We are constantly choosing one business over another, unless we eat at every restaurant on the street for lunch, but then why not restaurants the next street down? Why shouldn’t I eat lunch in Phoenix everyday just because I live in Tucson?

While it may be common for a vegetarian to never frequent a steakhouse, there is no big issue with this decision. However, if a group of people decides not to eat at an establishment because of the conditions the cattle are raised in prior to their being led to the slaughterhouse, then one enters into the domain of “boycotting” an establishment, even though the end result is the same.

The economic system we have established, or at least for the majority of us that are not multi-billion dollar corporations, is one where survival of the fittest reigns supreme. If you open up a restaurant and serve substandard food, then your business may not last very long. There are many reasons not to financially support a business.

How about the political ideals of the owner?

If the owner of an establishment takes the money they make from you, and then uses them against your interests, is that a valid reason for boycotting their establishment?

Not only is it valid, but it is also a very effective method of persuading business leaders who otherwise ignore you. Let us consider some examples.

Perhaps the most successful boycott in American history was the grape boycott during the 1960’s that Cesar Chavez was involved with. Certain demands for better working conditions and pay were made, and so the farmworkers went on strike. This did not reach the desired result for various reason, so the farmworkers had a great insight. Have a grape boycott!

DVD cover of Harvest of Shame

DVD cover of Harvest of Shame

For a boycott to be effective there has to be an education campaign to inform the public first. Americans will buy most things at the store without consideration of the history of that product, all the hands that played a role in the production of that object, and the many places it has been.

On November 24, 1960, Edward R. Murrow, who now has a Hollywood movie about him out starring George Clooney, made his final documentary for CBS the day after Thanksgiving. The day was important of course because of the great feast everyone enjoyed the day before, but in the Harvest of Shame, Murrow explored where the food that everyone ate came from. The producer, David Rowe, had the following to say about timing of the release:

“We felt that by scheduling the program the day after Thanksgiving, we could stress the fact that much of the food cooked for Thanksgiving throughout the country was picked by migratory workers. We hoped that the pictures of how these people live and work would shock the consciousness of the nation.”

This documentary played an important role in altering the consciousness of the nation who now knew a little bit more about the food they bought at the supermarket. Every fruit and vegetable has a history to tell of its journey from seed to market.

The 60’s were a time for many civil rights activities, including the historic Civil Rights Act that teabaggers like Rand Paul would rather do without. One of the many actions was the grape boycott. The history is well documented, but whispers of the past can still be heard today.

If California agribusiness would not listen to the demands of their workers, and if strikes were ineffective, then it is time for market forces to intervene. The time was right for such a boycott since Harvest of Shame was still fresh in consumer’s minds.

On July 4th, 1969, the nation’s birthday, Time magazine had the following to report on the grape boycott:

Governor Ronald Reagan calls the strike and boycott “immoral” and “attempted blackmail.” Senator George Murphy, like Reagan an old Hollywood union man-turned-conservative, terms the movement “dishonest.” The Nixon Administration has seemed ambivalent, putting forward legislation that would ostensibly give farm workers organization rights but would also limit their use of strikes and boycotts. The Pentagon has substantially increased its grape orders for mess-hall tables, a move that Chavez and his followers countered last week by preparing a lawsuit to prevent such purchases on the ground that grapes are the subject of a labor dispute.

(Article continued below)

Reagan went on TV and ate grapes also to show his disdain for the “immoral” Cesar Chavez and his audacity to take on agribusiness. Yet the farmworkers continued on, and in the end California agribusiness folded and met with the humble demands of the farmworkers.

And that is how history is made.

Arizona also had a fling with boycotts in the past. Evan Mecham, the newly elected Arizona governor, decided to cancel the Martin Luther King holiday, saying “King doesn’t deserve a holiday” and “You folks don’t need another holiday. What you folks need are jobs.”

Now one can argue that there is nothing really racist about these statements, but a greater context is necessary. When one says that Dr. King doesn’t deserve a holiday, one must consider who Dr. King was, and what he accomplished. Also one must keep in mind that Mecham was voiding an established holiday in Arizona. Mecham stood his ground, well, until he was removed from office only a year later for corruption, but there was still no MLK holiday.

It was time for a boycott of Arizona! It was not until the Super Bowl decided to move its first ever game that would be held in Arizona to California, as a direct consequence of Arizona’s lack of a MLK holiday, that finally Arizona came around and approved the holiday, and Super Bowl XXX was held here.

Modern day Arizona is experiencing its own boycott today that are direct results of legislative actions our leaders have taken. The major boycott is a result of our unelected governor signing Senate Bill 1070 into law, even though it was authored by the known hate group FAIR. Perhaps people in Arizona really like this bill, but other cities have every right not to do business with our state, just as a state may not do much business with Maine because of geography, one may choose to avoid business with Arizona because of their treatment of the so-called “reasonably suspicious.”

Protest of Jimmy Johns at UA Main Gate

Protest of Jimmy Johns at UA Main Gate

On Friday another protest took place and was the subject of my previous article on protesters calling for a boycott of Jimmy John’s because of the owner’s financial support, in the 5 figures, of Sheriff Arpaio and his immigration raids.

The owner of this particular franchise contacted us and issued the following statement:

“I appreciate and respect the protesters right to protest the SB 1070 legislation in Arizona. However, my family and I are small business owners who own and operate this independent franchise. Boycotting our independent franchise only harms hard-working local businesspeople like us and our employees. Franchisees like me are 100% focused on employing local people who make great sandwiches and deliver them freaky fast for all customers to enjoy. We are not interested in making any political statements and hope you will support small business people like us and our local employees. We would appreciate an update to the blog that at least presents the facts. James Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy Johns, does not own the Tucson Jimmy Johns. Past contributions he has made to a political candidate through another business or personally do not represent the positions of this locally owned sandwich shop.”

I asked one of the protesters, Sal Baldenegro Jr., to respond to the Tucson Jimmy John’s owner’s statement above. Sal issued the following statement:

“(The owner) is not the only victim of these laws coming out of the Arizona State Legislature. The fact is that we are all victims of this mean-spirited and racist legislation that is dividing and destroying our state. We are speaking up for the victims in the shadows, those families and hard-working people who have been terrorized by Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa County. His viciousness and disregard for human rights has torn families apart and made criminals of people who work hard and contribute immensely to our state and our country. Furthermore, it has paved the way for other politicians to push through even more of this type of legislation.

Jimmy John’s franchises pay a percentage of their profits to Jimmy John Liautaud’s central company, so money spent at any Jimmy John’s is being used to fund politicians who brought forward SB1070 and the rest of this legislation.

We are in the midst of a new civil rights movement, and if (the owner) supports human rights for all, and wishes to put an end to this legislation, then he can put a sign on his business that states this, as other local businesses have already done. Furthermore, he can urge James ‘Jimmy John’ Liautaud to end his support of Joe Arpaio and the other politicians behind these laws.

Until then, we will continue to inform the community of where their money is going, and ask our community to boycott all Jimmy John’s sandwich shops.”

As a note to the reader, there is a nationwide boycott of Jimmy John’s taking place that extends beyond this one event on Friday in Tucson.

The claim made by the individual franchise owner is that the infamous “Jimmy John” does not own his franchise, and thus “Jimmy John’s” political actions should not result in a boycott of his local business. Those involved with the protest and boycott counter that each franchise does still pay a percentage of its profits to “Jimmy John,” and thus every time a consumer purchases a sandwich, a portion of that money will go to “Jimmy John” and thus to his funding of the tactics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Source: Maricopa County Sheriffs office

Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's office

You have been presented with both sides in the most current debate, and the choice you make is up to you, but make no mistake, voting by pocketbook is a powerful method of advancing an agenda.

You now know more about the politics of one sandwich shop. Where you decide to have your next lunch is up to you.

It’s your money after all. Spend it wisely.

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  1. Governor Ronald Reagan calls the strike and boycott “immoral” and “attempted blackmail.”

    Was Ronald Reagan ever on the right side of history?  The Grape Boycott is “immoral”; the Contras are the “moral equivalent of the founding fathers”; “I believe in State’s rights”.  Simply the devil in disguise.

    • Ronald Reagan was on the right side of history when he helped free millions of people from the clutches of communism.

      Communism…that would be YOUR side of history..eh, Left?

      Oh by the way…how was your trip to Nicaragua?  How’s “Mini Me” Ortega doing? (You must admit…Ortega DOES look like a wanna-be Castro.)

      • Do you do a search looking for Ronald Reagan tags or what?  Every time the senile codger’s name comes up, you appear like a jack-in-the-box.

        • Actually, I just look for your picture in the Comments section.  Many times, there you are talking about Reagan.

          • Speaking of “saving people from communism”, you should know that one of your friend Lech Walesa’s Solidarity Party bumper sticker slogans was “Socialism, Yes; It’s Perversion, No”.  It comes out a little snappier in Polish, but the message is clear.  You see, your friends in Poland were not fighting for capitalism, they were fighting to be free of Soviet domination.  It was only after the Soviets stuck poor Lech and Poland with all the debt they had accumulated from years of mismanagement that Solidarity was forced to go to the IMF.  The result of this was imposed neoliberal economic policy, capitalism, free markets, suffering for the people and a resounding defeat at the polls for Solidarity. 

          • The point you keep trying to ignore, Left, for good reason, is that history proves that socialism’s and communism’s fanciful, foolish view of how the world should be, leads instead to totalitarianism and misery.

            Good luck trying to link yourself with Lech Walesa.

          • The point you keep trying to ignore, Left, for good reason, is that history proves that socialism’s and communism’s fanciful, foolish view of how the world should be, leads instead to totalitarianism and misery.
            Good luck trying to link yourself with Lech Walesa.

            Perhaps that’s where part of your distorted world view comes from, Don.  Apparently you believe all that imperialist propaganda you were taught in your War College History class.  I don’t know enough about Lech in particular to link myself with him, but I do know an imperialist lie when I hear one. 

            Don, you guys stumbled into Iraq and Afghanistan with grand aspirations of expanding the empire across the Middle East and now, hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of displaced people later, the only thing you have to show for it is a really nice profit for Halliburton, et al.  When are you guys gonna learn? 

          • you guys stumbled into Iraq and Afghanistan with grand aspirations of expanding the empire across the Middle East and now, hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of displaced people later, the only thing you have to show for it is a really nice profit for Halliburton, et al.

            Your demagoguery needle is stuck, Left.  Fortunately for all of us, you’re harmless.  Do you do open mike nights anywhere?

  2. I conclude that the author of “Desert, Science and Hot Dogs” is a polemecist, based on the following:

    <i>including the historic Civil Rights Act that teabaggers like Rand Paul would rather do without</i>

    1.  “teabaggers” is an insult.  I suspect that “Desert, Science and Hot Dogs” (heretofore known as “DSHD” is not stupid.  Therefore, I conclude that he/she chose this sexual slur deliberately.
    2. Rand Paul has made it clear that he does not favor repeal of the Civil Rights Act.  I’m sure DSHD knows this, but deliberately chose to mischaracterize Dr. Paul’s response.  That’s what polemicists do.

    <i>The major boycott is a result of our unelected governor signing Senate Bill 1070 into law, even though it was authored by the known hate group FAIR.</i>

    Allow me to add some background detail which the polemicist DSHD ommitted—on purpose, I suspect:

    1. The popularly-elected Arizona legislature initiated, debated and passed SB 1070.  
    2. Jan Brewer is governor because Janet Napolitano left office early for greener pastures. 
    3.  If DSHD wants to stain the pro-SB 1070 forces by tying them to FAIR, let me return the favor by pointing out that one of the most prominent national voices speaking out against SB 1070 is the Reverend Al Sharpton. 

    Two can play this game.  If DSHD wants to link all supporters of SB 1070 to FAIR, I hereby propose that we all, in our minds,  link DSHD with the man whose demagoguing led directly to the deaths of Yankel Rosenbaum after the Crown Heights Riots and seven people at Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

    I think it’s fair to conclude that DSHD considers the employees of Jimmy John’s, and their families, to be expendable in the SB 1070 fight.

    Lastly, I’ll agree that boycotts are a valid, effective and fair means of protest.  We all get to decide how we spend our money.  We reward businesses we support with our patronage; we penalize businesses we don’t support by shopping elsewhere.

    For example, the pro SB 1070 forces may decide to make a statement of their own, and visit this particular Jimmy Johns as much as they can.


    • Teabaggers was used by the teabaggers to refer to themselves. It’s just funny because they are too out of touch with reality to notice the hilarity of their own word.

          • Alexander, you start off your post using a sexually-tinged slur…and then mistakely (?) claim that the phrase “teabagger” came from the Tea Party itself… and now you want to have an intelligent debate? 

            Now I’m starting to think that you’re the robot that wants to have George Soros’  baby.

            Why don’t you grow up

            Awwww…did I hurt your feelings, Alexander?  I’d say that I’m sorry…but that would be lying….and it’s not good to lie…so…

            If you can’t take the heat, Alexander…

  3. incredibly informative and well written article – thank you!!! we do know that boycotts have historically been an effective tool in the pursuit of justice…and we are definitely free to participate…it is our right and our duty. i read that antigone books (4th ave) and other businesses who oppose 1070 are putting signs up stating such.  i will make sure to shop in these establishments first.  the “tea baggers” do shout very loud, but it remains to be seen if their numbers and buying power will offset the effects of a nationwide boycott against arizona…and the boycott of local businesses as well. after all, we witnessed the turn out at the last tea baggin’/pro1070 “rally” held in phoenix: it was pathetic smattering of folks, compared to the tens of thousands who marched to the capital in opposition of this unjust law. i still believe the law will be overturned…probably on a federal level – but certainly this is a disgraceful and embarrassing time to be a citizen of arizona. those of us who do not want to be confused with the blathering bigots in our state will continue to vocalize opposition every single chance we get…through protests, marches, civil disobedience, boycotts and by any other means necessary.  thank you for the reminder of exactly how effective these methods really are!

  4. Cesar Chavez hated illegal immigration. I wish he were here today, he would bend most of your La Raza loving butts over his knee and spank you. Chavez loved America and fought for the right to organize labor in agriculture. You are fighting for the “entitlement” of American privledge without being an American. Your racist, only us, mentality is disgraceful to the millions of legal immigrants who have given this great Republic it’s wealth. You are demanding the law not be enforced against your illegal behavior. What if I demanded that I not be prosecuted for murder, rape and torture because my “culture” says it’s okay. That is what you are saying, “do not attempt to apprehend me for drug smuggling, human smuggling, rape, torture or murder of innocents because I’m just a migrating brown person and you don’t have the right to question me”.
    You moral foundation is reprehensible. Your enabling of the atrocities is why Mexico is as corrupt as it is. The government of Mexico’s record on human rights of the “migratory” El Salvadorans, Hondurans, Costa Ricans, is well documented. That is what you are defending. The Support Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act ( SOLES) is to enable Law Enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens. It is a re-iteration of Federal Law. Your silly boycott of a sandwichmaker is ludicrous and morally unfounded.
    Trying to compare your behavior to the moral equivalent of Cesar Chavez is disgusting.

  5. It’s clear that if César Chávez were here, today, he would be absolutely horrified by the racism and dehumanization being perpetrated upon migrants in this state.  He would be horrified by the terror campaign that Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce have unleashed upon those of us of Mexican or Latino descent.
    It’s true that we are in the middle of a new civil rights movement, so there’s no doubt as to which side César Chávez would be on.  He would be leading the charge to support those people who toil for 12-14 hours a day, only to be treated like criminals by Sheriff Arpaio, Russell Pearce, and the rest of their ilk.  These nameless, faceless people are the ones who pick our food, build our houses, and clean our toilets.  Those are the people who César Chávez dedicated his life to.

    • Nothing irritates me more than mindless, driveling, race baiting elitists using the name of great Americans to further their illegal criminal enterprises. Support of illegal immigration enables criminal enterprises. Less than 20% of the illegal aliens work agriculture.

      Don’t tell me how hard your ancestors had it. How hard have you had it? Please do tell me about your backbreaking work as a professional student and political activist.

  6. From wikipedia:
    “The UFW during Chávez’s tenure was committed to restricting immigration. César Chávez and Dolores Huerta fought the Bracero Program that existed from 1942 to 1964. Their opposition stemmed from their belief that the program undermined US workers and exploited the migrant workers. Since the Bracero program ensured a constant supply of cheap immigrant labor for growers, immigrants could not protest any infringement of their rights, lest they be fired and replaced. Their efforts contributed to Congress ending the Bracero Program in 1964.”
    In 1973, the United Farm Workers set up a “wet line” along the United States-Mexico border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States illegally and potentially undermining the UFW’s unionization efforts.[12] During one such event in which Chávez was not involved, some UFW members, under the guidance of Chávez’s cousin Manuel, physically attacked the strikebreakers, after attempts to peacefully persuade them not to cross the border failed.[13

  7. Malcolm X used to believe that all white people were his enemy, but his worldview changed after his experience at Mecca.  He returned to the U.S. believing that people of all races could work together to create change.  And since Chávez is no longer with us, we can only speculate which side he would be on during this human rights crisis that we are facing.
    What we do know is that César Chávez dedicated his life to human rights, in the same spirit as Gandhi and Dr. King.  Saying that César Chávez would be in support of Arpaio and Pearce is as ridiculous as Arizona School Superintendant Tom Horne invoking Dr. King to promote his own bigoted cause.

        • you are exactly right freedom summer!! i guess jim is an authority on all great civil rights leaders and their intentions. wow! and he will actually GUARANTEE tom horne’s knowledge…NOBODY is willing to try and do that (because, well, that’s just crazy!!)

          • Rebecca, I’m not the one that invoked their names, the author of this column did as well as his surrogate pseudonym. It is their knowledge and their experience in “the struggle”  I challenge.

  8. Here’s my take on the Jimmy John’s situation:  the people who are protesting the Main Street/U of A branch are motivated largely by—personal convenience.

    The protesters have a fair beef with the owner of the Jimmy Johns franchise.  He and his headquarters are not on Main Street Tucson.  An innocent small businessman is.

    The protesters know this.  So, why not head up the road and target the real culprit?  Why, that would be inconvient.

    It’s so much easier to (thump your chest as you say this) SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER (cease thumping) if it doesn’t take up your whole day. 

    Driving two hours (one way) to Phoenix to target the guilty—what a drag. 

    Targeting the local branch of the offending company, even when you know they’re blameless—so much easier to fit into one’s busy schedule.

    Jimmy John’s franchises pay a percentage of their profits to Jimmy John Liautaud’s central company

    In non-polemicist’s land, that’s called  “franchise fees.”  But, it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t teach Economics in an Ethnic Studies curriculum nowadays.  There’s too much other stuff to cover…

    • Hopefully, the franchise owners, if pressured enough, will in turn pressure Jimmy John himself to stop supporting a clown like Arpaio.  If you support the law and support the Russell Pearces and Joe Arpaios, you’re guilty too.

      • And, in the meantime, if some of the franchise owners go out of business, or people lose their jobs because of the boycott…oh well.

        It’s obvious you’ve decided they’re expendable, Left—why won’t you come out and say it?

        • If anybody loses their job, that will be Mr. Jimmy John’s fault.  That sort of argument is just not gonna work.  It could have been, and probably has been, used during the bus boycott and the grape boycott and the boycott of lead-filled chinese toys. 

          Besides, as someone who supports the use of high explosives as an instrument of foreign policy and passes off civilian casualties as an “unfortunate consequence”, I would think you’d want to avoid talking about someone being expendable. 

          • That sort of argument is just not gonna work.

            Well, with you and other communists, I suppose it won’t.

            as someone who supports the use of high explosives as an instrument of foreign policy

            It wasn’t me who carved the words “The Last Argument Of Kings” into a cannon—it was the French, in the 18th century.

            and passes off civilian casualties as an “unfortunate consequence”

            You’re welcome to point to any example in my writing where I’ve “passed off” or shown indifference to any civilian casualties.  In fact, if you were an adult of integrity, you’d back up a charge like that.

            The next move is yours.

          • When asked about the future of Poland’s economy in an interview with Barbra Walters, your friend Lech Walesa of Solidarity said, “…a mixture.  It won’t be capitalism.  It will be a system that is better than capitalism, one that rejects everything that is evil about capitalism”. 

          • And now, Left, that the Iron Curtain is gone—Viva Reagan!—the Poles have the freedom to build the economy that best suits them, instead of their Communist masters.

          • Not really, Don.  You know, or you should know, that IMF and World Bank loans are both contingent on adopting neoliberal economic policies: cutting social service spending to the bare bones, opening up your markets to international corporations, outlawing unions, etc, etc.  There’s no freedom there at all, just another exploiter by a different name.   Everywhere this happens, the people are left with nothing, while the wealthy and powerful steal their national resources. 

          • OK—THIS then is your next move?

            When you say bold things, Left, you should be ready to back them up.  If you’re not ready to back them up, then maybe you’re not up to the responsibilities that come with saying bold things.

            Wait…I’m talking to a commenter who hides behind a fake name and a cartoon face…who flinched when given the opportunity to try and make a go of it with his own blog….about responsibility?  Silly me.

          • THIS is your next move?  Hiding behind a Barbra Walters interview?

            Leftfield—HERO of Socialism!

          • The next move is yours.

            It’s been 24 hours, Left.  Care to man (woman) up and back up your words?

            I didn’t think so.

          • Grow up, Don.  If you are willing to accept the deaths of 30,000 innocent Nicaraguans, killed by your hero while he was busy in the international arms and drug trade and further willing to participate personally in yet another war that the entire world has condemned as illegal and criminal, then you are accepting of the deaths of the innocent as the means to the end; unfortunate, but perhaps justified in bringing the light of western democracy to the heathens.  

            I have yet to hear you raise the least protest over the innocent dead in America’s misadventures.  I think my conclusion is justified. 

          • Grow up, Don.

            It’s funny to see someone who lacks the guts to show their face and use their name tell anyone to grow up.  It’s especially funny when that someone has no problem throwing rocks at other people on everyone else’s blog, but lacks the guts to maintain his own blog. Then, when asked why, he says the (insert scare music) RIGHT WING will threaten him!  (Her?  It?)  (Did you want to take me up on my offer to ask Mark to let you blog anonymously?) 

            As for Nicaragua…no, Cowardly Commenter, it’s you who should grow up.

            I’ll stipulate that Nicaragua itself may not have been a threat to American security.  But that’s not how the real world goes, is it?

            Nicaragua chose to be a proxy state of Cuba.  Cuba—a country that had hosted Soviet missiles in the sixties, whose operatives had tortured American POWs in Vietnam and were involved at the time in military operations in half of Africa and in the process of taking over Grenada.  Cuba—a regular ally of Russia, who had invaded Afghanistan by the time Ronald Reagan took charge.

            When you pick sides in life, Left, you take the consequences. 

            You chose sides in a Cold War.  Now, maybe you yourself didn’t believe in the whole idea of a “cold war”—but nobody was asking you, were they?

            Your Cuban buddies sent aid and comfort (torturing, murdering advisors) to the North Vietnamese; we aided the Contras.  You aided your allies; we aided ours.  BOTH sides had unsavory allies back then. 

            Perhaps Reagan looked at pictures of Daniel Ortega and said “Hey—a Castro wannabe.”

            I’ll stipulate that Ronald Reagan might have been better off just ignoring the Sandinistas.  (Although, I’m not willing to accept that the Sandinistas were as benign or innocent as you’re making them out to be—you’re far from objective, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re willing to lie outright to make your case sound stronger.)

            I’ll also stipulate that, to the extent that US elements encouraged the Contras to conduct any depravations on the Nicaraguan people, that’s regrettable, and a stain on America’s history.  Unfortunately, that happened a lot back then—as our POWs who ran into Cuban interrogators can testify.  What were all those Cubans doing overseas?  Giving salsa lessons?

            It’s a bit rich—and very self-absorbed of you—to see you criticize US imperialism when you embrace a Castroite movement that had no problems getting involved outside its borders.  (Cuba had enduring interests in half of Africa—hey; who knew?)

            If you want to live in fantasyland, that’s fine.  Unfortunately, Nicaragua—and all nations on Earth—live in the real world.  When you choose sides, you take the consequences.

  9. Why shouldn’t I eat lunch in Phoenix everyday just because I live in Tucson?

    Ummm…driving distance, perhaps?

  10. Modern day Arizona is experiencing its own boycott today that are direct results of legislative actions our leaders have taken.

    If the legislators are the culprits, then shouldn’t they be the targets of the boycott, too. 

    I can’t argue with a boycott of grape products…if the grape producers themselves were the culprits. 

    What actions are Jimmy John’s franchise owners and employees taking against illegal immigrants, the people most directly affected by SB1070?

    I am struck by how indifferent Sal Baldenagro Jr. is to the plight of Jimmy John’s franchisees.  I suspect Sal considers them to be (a) convenient targets (who wants to go all the way to Phoenix to protest?) and (b) expendable.

    Apparently SB 1070 supporters are willing to destroy their village, in order to save it.

    • In the interest of fairness, you do have to admit: If you want to hit the owner of Jimmy Johns where it hurts, aim for his pocketbook.   I get that.

      I also get that, long before Jimmy Johns himself starts hurting as a result of a boycott, a lot of other, less-well-off people are going to be hurt.

      It appears that, to paraphrase a long-dead despot, the SB 1070 protesters have determined that it is the duty of the Jimmy Johns’ franchise owners and employees to suffer, as need be.

  11. Ha ha, an internet warrior talking about convenience and courage as he sits on his computer, at home.
    Anyway, back to the discussion.  You’re right, how would us Mexicans know about “franchise fees”, right?  Thanks you, massa!  So now that we’ve introduced the phrase “franchise fee” into the lexicon of the discourse, we can state that the franchise fees from any Jimmy John’s go to fund Joe Arpaio and the other politicians behind these laws.
    Jimmy John’s is a nationwide company and this is a nationwide boycott. This was a group of local students who organized this particular protest to bring attention to the crisis that Arizona is facing. And it has worked!  David Morales’ articles are the most-commented on articles in the Tucson Citizen! These young people are out there in the sun, putting themselves on the line for what they believe in.  And that’s why they are so impressive, and why they are role models for all of us.

      • Ha ha, I wasn’t addressing you, I was addressing Don Smith, up there.  All I know about you is that no one pays attention to your articles, which is why you come here to comment on David Morales’ articles.

          • Ha ha, fun indeed.  David Morales’ articles are , by a huge margin, the most commented on articles on the Tucson Citizen!

          • Let’s look at the site stats, shall we?  You know—the stats that show how many time a page has been viewed.

            In May, the most popular page on TucsonCitizen.com was…The Cholla Jumps!  The Cholla Jumps was the only blog to score more than 22% of all page views, with 22%.  In April, Jim was seventh on the list, with 18%.

            You said that “no one pays attention” to Jim’s work.  Apparently they do.  They may not comment, but they do check it out.

            Words have meaning, Freedom Summer.  And the Internet remembers everything you say.

          • That cracking sound you hear, Freedom Summer, is the sound of the branch you crawled out on giving way…with a little help from my saw.

          • Great point, Don!  Except for that Morales only started writing for the Citizen this month!
            As of this post, Morales’ latest article has 55 comments, and Kelley’s has 4.

          • OK–let’s try again.

            You said that no one pays attention to Jim Kelly’s writings. The statistics show you’re wrong.  The fact that you’re apparently trying to change the subject away from your now-discredited statement indicates that you realize the branch is cracking, too.

          • Heck, anyone could attract readers with the kind of nonsense and outrage that Kelley writes.  If you are free from any semblance of ethics regarding your writing, people will show up to watch the train wreck.  A typical headline: “Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrate and Control the Tucson Democratic Party; Prove Me Wrong”. 

    • Okay Freedom Summer, observe.

      First you hit the “Reply” button.  That nests your comment under the comment you’re replying to, instead of out in the netherlands.

      Then, you cut and paste, and this happens:

      Ha ha, an internet warrior talking about convenience and courage as he sits on his computer, at home.

      Ummm…I’m not the one out there protesting.  I’m the one wondering why you’re not protesting the real culprit, instead of the most convenient target.

      You’re right, how would us Mexicans know about “franchise fees”, right?  Thanks you, massa!

      I question whether Sal Baldenagro Jr. understands what they are.  Or, are you saying that he did, but chose intentionally to say something misleading.  I’m not sure what’s worse…  OK…continue with your faux outrage now…

      we can state that the franchise fees from any Jimmy John’s go to fund Joe Arpaio and the other politicians behind these laws.

      Yes you can, because that’s correct.  And I can also say (again) that those fees come from the work of small businesses who you’ve apparently decided are expendable.

      These young people are out there in the sun, putting themselves on the line for what they believe in.

      Exactly how are they “putting themselves on the line?”  What risk are they really exposing themselves to?  (Here’s where you try to make a convincing comparison between the Jimmy Johns protesters and the people who boycotted Montgomery’s busses and staged sit-ins at lunch counters during the era of Jim Crow).

      • You’re a hypocrite because you sit at your computer, in your air conditioning, and condemn those students for not going to the Jimmy John’s headquarters (which is in Illinois, by the way).  These young people go out there in the sun and put themselves on the line for the dignity and human rights of others. The DREAM Act protesters at McCain’s office knowingly faced possible deportation to stand up for their fellow undocumented students.  THAT is courage, personified.

        • which is in Illinois, by the way

          Southwest Airlines offers nonstop service, several times a day, to Chicago Midway airfield from Tucson International.  I take it you think it’s OK to put a local business out of business, so you can save a few bucks?  How heroic of you.

          You’re a hypocrite because you sit at your computer, in your air conditioning,

          You’re a hysteric, and not a very smart one at that.  You make it sound as if these students were at some Saharan outpost.  Tucson has air conditioning.

          put themselves on the line…faced possible deportation to stand up for their fellow undocumented students.  THAT is courage, personified.

          Now I REALLY think you’re an idiot.  How could they be deported unless they were here illegally?

          their fellow undocumented students

          That’s another way of saying that they’re here illegally. 

          I don’t know what they told you in your LaRaza classes, Freedom Summer, but it’s not OK to just break US laws you don’t like.

          Boy, do you feel entitled.  You think people should be able to break the law AND try and put a local business out of business? 

          Calling ICE—do you have facial recognition software?

  12. @ Freedom Summer.  The only good point you make is that Arizona is in crisis.  The Federal government refuses to do anything but worsen the problem… What is your solution?

  13. The solution to this crisis is for this hateful and racist legislation to end, and for the people of this state to isolate Russell Pearce and his neo-Nazi cohorts, such as J.T. Ready, etc.  The people of Arizona must also demand that the AZ State Legislature end this reign of terror upon those of Mexican and Latino descent.   Furthermore, the Federal Government must indict Joe Arpaio for his corruption and his abuse of power, by using his office to persecute and intimidate anyone who speaks against him, such as Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.
    These would be good steps toward returning sanity to this state, and helping us all to heal from this civil rights crisis that we are in.

    • Victimology is no way to live. The reign of terror is by the Mexican government, the Mexican drug cartels and the Mexican Smugglers. Get your priorities straight.

      • Why deal with the real roots of problems, when its much easier to just demonize a certain group, right?  The U.S. government can end its exploitation of Latin America, which would greatly affect immigration from Mexico and other countries.  Furthermore, we can actually address the U.S.’ insatiable demand for drugs, which keeps them coming across the border.

    • I’m reminded of that hero of Leftfield, Lenin, who said that the capitalists will sell us the rope we’ll hang them with.

      Seems to me the capitalists sold Freedom Summer the computer he/she used to type this little missive, which gives a great insight into the quality of his/her reasoning. 

      IMO Freedom Summer’s credibility (outside of LaRaza meetings, university lounges and hackysack lounges, that is) has jut hanged itself.

      • And your true agenda has just been exposed by your unwillingness to address the real reasons behind both immigration and the United States’ insatiable demand for drugs.

        • And your true agenda has just been exposed by your unwillingness to address the real reasons behind both immigration and the United States’ insatiable demand for drugs.

          I thought this article was about the defensibility of a boycott over SB 1070.  Silly me…

          Oh wait—I didn’t get a Social Consciousness degree in college!  If I had, I’d know that EVERYTHING is about (drum roll please) The Struggle!

    • “Hateful & Racist”  That describes La Raza very nicely, however. it has less than zero to do with SB 1070.

      SB 1070 is in fact less stringent than neighboring California’s laws on how to deal with Mexican and other immigration law breakers.  Why don’t you go to Tinseltown and do your protesting over there?  What is it that you bleating,  bleeding heart liberal sheep fail to understand about the word “ILLEGAL” ???

    • there are many people who agree w/ you tucsonan! they are often absent from these comment boards…i usually stay far away because of all the blathering hate-mongers who find themselves flailing about in their lonely despair which leads them to hop online and spew their meaningless, vile self-justifications all over the internet. ahhh, we have seen them here, yes? however, i love this new blog! three sonorans finally offers some balance and gives a voice to those who often remain voiceless…so, in the spirit of solidarity, i will brave these lunatics to support a wonderful and informative new perspective in the citizen!
      rest assured the free and open-thinkers…people who believe in justice and equality (and are willing to stand up, unite, protest, boycott and practice civil disobedience for those beliefs) are great in number…which is why barack obama is president today, and why the powers that be in AZ are about to get a major overhaul! 🙂 no worries…stay strong and join the movement in whatever way you are able…even if that is simply informing a friend or neighbor who has been confused by racist rhetoric, and the dreadful myths propagated by extremists in our state. knowledge is power! reach out and enlighten those around you with the facts.
      remember, the ugly face of racism has appeared throughout our country’s history…this is nothing new. and, history has taught us that good people united in the struggle for justice and equality – WIN! i have no doubt we shall overcome again! make no mistake, almost certainly it will get uglier…there is nothing more hideous and despicable to witness than unbridled hatred, but keep the faith – each battle strengthens our resolve and makes us ready for the next! we are on the victorious path!

      • Well said Rebecca!  I will certainly be doing my part to help
        the “Major Overhaul” come November.  And i will be encouraging
        others to vote also, we need to clean up our state!

  14. Foreigners, and even individuals not holding Arizona driver’s licences, should be advised as follows:
    Arizona law requires peace officers, and other government agents, to demand proof of legal residence if there is “reasonable suspicion” that a person may be in Arizona illegally. When proof is supplied, the person detained shall remain in custody until that proof is verified by a federal agency. A person legally traveling through Arizona could be detained for days until federal or other state authorities can be contacted and replies received.
    When it comes to driver’s licenses, only an Arizona license is acceptable as proof of legal residence. Licenses of other states and international driver’s licenses are not acceptable under any circumstances. Anyone without an Arizona driver’s license must carry a birth certificate or a passport, both of which are subject to verification.
    It might be a good idea for prospective tourists to skip visiting this U.S. state (of Arizona) unless and until some semblance of sanity and reason is restored.

  15. Why is Tom Horne auditing American CREDENTIALED Teachers for their English skills?
    Yet he protects Sonoran Science Academy Charter Schools who hire 1/2 Turkish teachers on HB-1 Visas.  YES WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS.  38 Turkish Teachers with THICK accents that don’t even have a teaching background.  This cost us over $75,000 in Visa fees.
    Tom Horne doesn’t get to choose who he can “audit” this is a witch hunt against Hispanics.  TOM HORNE IS A BIGOT! 
    Audit both Public and Charter schools!  or LEAVE them both alone.
    I am pulling my daughter out of Sonoran Science Academy, it is run by Turkish Nationals.  The education is no better only cheaper as we outsource our public education to foreigners.
    TAKE THAT TOM HORNE, El Gringo shame!!!

  16. Watch this video.  http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2010/05/24/am.gutierrez.az.accents.cnn.html

    Tom Horne is WRONG, if you are going after public school teachers then you must implement this auditing of the taxpayer supported Charter schools. Can he really pick and choose which laws he wants to support and only go halfway?

    The Sonoran Science Academys in Arizona have immigrated Turkish teachers into the USA under HB-1 Visas. They have THICK accents and no experience teaching, their backgrounds are questionable. Many parents and students have complaoned that this is an issue.

    The Sonoran Science Academies have Turkish American Clubs, teach Turkish Language, Dancing, Singing Poetry. Et Al, Turkish Nationalism. and selected students get a trip to “Europe” which is actually a trip to Turkey at the end of the year for a performance. Turkey is actually in the Middle East (Asia Minor) and is not even apart nor will ever be part of the EU. Why do they call it a Euro Trip? Part of the deception of safety in words.

    Schools like this are in violation in two ways. One under the No Child Left Behind act implemented by Georgie Bush 2002 and two, the Ethnic studies program ban set in motion this year. Sonoran Science Academy is in violton of the law under both of these policies.

    Tom Horne, you cannot audit one school and turn your back on the Charter Schools that you support. Hypocrate. !! Charter Schools are public schools. Supported by our tax dollars. For some us already knowing that Turkish Non Profits in the communty have already been given free trips (deligation meetings) to local journalist, State Lawmakers in Education and the asstant to Janet Napalitono.
    Tom needs to go all the way or just drop it.  He cannot play favorite with his pet projects and kick backs

  17. Hola los tres amigos: The UFW strike and table grape boycott were a success? LMFAO? Where are the workers now, and how are their conditions and wages any better?
    I met Ceasar Chavez once, in L.A. in the Summer of 1968, when I offered him some nice cool grapes. He refused for some reason, but I wished him well anyway.
    I ate them instead, along with the rest of my fellow replacement workers at the strike-bound Herald-Examiner.
    Oh well, you can’t please everybody all the time. . .
    Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

    • We all understand that the struggle is long and there will be setbacks on the road to the final victory. 

      As your good friend Che said:

      Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

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