Rodney Glassman is a political robot

Glassman cartoon by TC blogger Arnie Bermudez.

Glassman cartoon by TC blogger Arnie Bermudez.

Rodney Glassman had an event at the Shanty on Sunday evening.  Your Tucson citizen reporter was denied the ability to even enter the premises with a camera in the bag, and meanwhile others were able to take public pictures and video out in the open.  Selective enforcement of the rules for the reasonably suspicious…

Nonetheless, your fearless reporter was able to capture audio of the event!

Glassman has clearly memorized his responses and they are almost verbatim what he answered on his Arizona Illustrated interview (see video below).  I was tired of the same old McCain bashing.  I wanted Glassman to answer a question straight from the heart, with corazon.  This attempt failed miserably.

Listen to the following clip which is less than one minute long. After my question he said “last question” and called it a night with the daylight still shining, and I had two pages of important questions prepared for the Tucson Citizen audience to become more informed.  Sadly, politics and memorized rhetoric and the inability to answer Yes or No questions with an actual Yes or No, ruled the night.

Take a listen and decide for yourself:

(AUDIO) Three Sonorans asks Glassman a Yes or No question he refuses to answer.

[tnivideo caption=”Glassman can’t answer Yes/No questions” credit=”David Morales”]

My claim is that Glassman, as a US Senate candidate, is now a political robot since he lacks the ability to answer simple questions anymore.  The political machine has taken control of his body, and he has lost his basic humanity in search of his pursuit of political power. This is the dangerous path that previous politicians have taken before, and it is exactly the same path Glassman is headed down now, a politician who answers with vagueness instead of having the testicular fortitude to answer a question from one human being to another.

[tnivideo caption=”Glassman on Arizona Illustrated” credit=”David Morales”]

Disclosure: Three-Sonorans has volunteered as a private citizen for the Randy Parraz for US Senate campaign and also financially contributed to the Glassman campaign and signed his petition to be on the ballot before the SB1070 fiasco went down.

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  1. David, I am surprised by what you said that you were not allowed to take your camera into Drinking Liberally at The Shanty, yet others were.  Who specifically did not allow you to do  this, and why not?  I’ve been there before and have taken photos of other speakers.

    • An older gentlemen, Bill I think was his name, who is the owner I believe. He specifically asked me what I had in my bag, and I said a camera.
      He said “no video or cameras allowed,” and then I said fine, I’ll leave it in my bag. Then he says “actually, I don’t even want it in the establishment!”
      I have witnesses, and another TC blogger can verify this story… Arnie can also verify that other cameras were allowed, pictures were taken, and yet the rules were strictly enforced on me.
      This is ironic, since I was able to film Randy Parraz’s visit to Drinking Liberally a few weeks ago and no problem… but then again, Glassman has an official PR guy and I did say I would be broadcasting live from the Shanty in advance, so I’m guessing they were prepared to enforce the “no cameras” rule specifically for myself…
      but as a “reasonably suspicious” person, I’m used to the selective enforcement of the “rules” and “laws.” This is still wrong, but then how can you argue in favor of breaking rules, even if everyone else is getting away with it?
      Rules are rules, and illegal is illegal… this is Arizona after all…

      • Outrage or no outrage, selective enforcement of rules or not, Rodney Glassman is making his lack of depth and experience very clear.
        It’s also very clear that he’s willing to pay a Whole Lot of Money to learn from the School of Hard Knocks just what will take to become a successful politician.  Whether he emerges from this, his latest degree program, with any practical understanding won’t be known for a long time.

  2. Los Tres Sonorans: Like Carolyn. I too am shocked that your cameras were barred from an ‘open’ political meeting.
    As a bonafide Blogger for, therefore a member of the working press, there was no excuse for the rather heavy-handed behavior.
    We are a free nation, aen’t we? And it was an open meeting, wasn’t it?
    All you had to do was show your Official Tucson Titizen Blogger I.D. Card, and this misunderstanding would never have happened.
    If you have not been issued your cards yet, then I’m afraid the blame for this bru-ha-ha rests squarely on the shoulders of, and it’s parent company, Gannett.
    How can you write an intellegent blog without proper access to the venue?
    Oh, and one last thing, mi tes amigos. If Rodney Glassman is a “political robot,” does this make Raul Gryalva, el Presidente Calderon’s lackey and running dog, or just his pet gusano?
    Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

  3. Btw, THIS is far from the only question Rodney refuses to answer.
    He’s been asked repeatedly, including face to face by me, if he intends to participate in debate appearances with his three primary election opponents.  He has refused to even RESPOND to the question when posed by me (he turned and walked away, clearly having heard the question) and he has refused to even respond to the written invitation.

  4. The most important question NOBODY is asking is why he sat on his hands for three years while the voters of Tucson waited angrily for an audit of Rio Nuevo? Now I know that Rodney is not primarily responsible for the disasters of this city council but he was Vice Mayor for part of that time and therefore he has to own up to what is going on. $200M later and nothing to show for it. We now have the Governor’s office investigating and if we don’t start asking Glassman serious questions about why it was such a debacle, John McHayworth will ask!

  5. The owner is the one who wouldn’t allow the camera, not the Drinking Liberally organizers. As far as Glassman’s stance on 1070, he  made it quite clear he doesn’t support the bill and came out against it that day.
    You state that you had pages of questions to ask, but Drinking Liberally is not a forum for one or two quasi-reporters to ask questions, especially when you have made it clear that you are supporting one of the opponents. In fact, one of your questions had already been asked and answered, yet you insisted on asking it again.
    Rodney Glassman presented  his reasons for running, citing a broad range of experience and his desire to address a broad range of issues he would like to address as our next senator. There are many issues facing Arizona, Immigration reform is but one of them. Glassman understands that, too bad some other candidates don’t get that.

    • I agree with Steve… what is it that Glassman “gets” that the others don’t…
      You are right, I’m not allowed to ask two pages of questions, but I do have just ONE more question that perhaps you can answer?
      Was Rodney Glassman ever a registered Republican?

  6. These comments do not reflect the man/ candidate that I know. I have watched him criss-cross this state for months now meeting people face to face and listening to what their concerns are.  I also look at his actions while in office. He has a GENUINE concern for the future of our state. His hands on work in developing plans for rain water harvesting show his commitment to actually solving problems that will have an effect on this great state long after he is gone.  I also appreciate his life long commitment to children and helping to better their lives through philanthropy and ACTIONS. It may seem like a small action to open playgrounds for kids, but i like that thought process going to the senate and thinking about my children’s future.  It is the way a person actually follows through with their vision that is important.  Rodney has a great heart and wants to help Arizona. I haven’t seen one iota of this from anyone else running.  You have my vote and my support Mr. Glassman…

    • WE HAVE A WINNER! Someone who actually believes in this guy, Glassman. AND, writes about him, approves of him and is going to VOTE for him. Sorry for that but it’s so damn funny and sad at the same time. “gummiest $20,000” itc

      • This is probably Michelle that works for Grijalva’s office and whose office is openly campaigning for the pawn,  not exactly an objective crowd.

      • This is probably Michelle that works for Grijalva’s office and whose office is openly campaigning for this man as their senate pawn,  not exactly an objective group.

  7. Seems pretty clear that Glassman’s position is that he’d leave it up to Congress to decide what “back of the line” means. While that may be an unsatisfying answer, to write a column about his failure to answer yes or no, when his position is clearly “I don’t know” seems an awful waste of your time and energy. Write about the issue, not about your perception of Glassman as a robot.
    Besides, like it or not, we’re talking about AZ, post SB1070 – there’s no real point to supporting someone that can’t be elected. So, yea, perhaps that means Glassman’s playing politics; but if you don’t play politics, you don’t win.

  8. This is a test.  Government derives its power from the people.  In this case, Rodney’s trying to convince the people to invest their power of representation in him.  To become the person who deserves for people to so vote, he must accede to the questions posed to him by voters (and journalists who report to voters).
    This goes directly to the question of whether it is reasonable for this very wet-behind-the-ears kid to represent Arizona in the US Senate.

  9. David,
    Why are you lying? You were in no way barred from having your camera in the Shanty. You had it out, set up between two beer glasses and were recording until the organizer of Drinking Liberally told and someone else told you it wasn’t allowed. “Others” were also told to not record. The only one recording was Arnie, under the table, sitting next to you, which is why the audio just sounds like you shouting.
    Other candidates did not have opposing campaigns plannin ill-conceived ambush (that was shouted down by the crowd). The proprietor didn’t want his place turned into a political free-fire zone.

    • Let’s clear things up a bit.  First, we begin with my covert-black ops-supersecret-ninja recording: I was not recording under the table, I was adjusting the settings on my recorder for higher quality audio, and I needed to see the screen so I put it under the table to get some shading and less glare. I did this after I was wrongly accused of VIDEO recording Mr. Glassman, and then everyone looked at me like I had just raped a kitten. When in fact, it was just AUDIO that I was recording. After I adjusted the settings, I needed to keep the flipscreen up to see the amount of time I had left on the SD memory card. I was also pointing my recorder directly at Mr. Glassman to get better quality audio, so it was not under the table.  As for David having his camera out, well that was his phone that was audio recording as well. He actually had to drop off his big Optimus Prime of a camera in his car, (seriously David you don’t need a bigger camera for a bigger candidate, plus, Glassman has lost weight) this was all before you arrived Blake.  The audio sounds like he’s shouting because his mouth was the one closest to the mic.  I will put up the audio in its entirety on my blog tonight so that people can see what really happened.  As for VIDEO recording the only person that I can say may have been VIDEO recording was the young lad from Rodney’s campaign standing over by the door with his I-phone. I’m sure thats so that Rodney can go back and see how he did and what he can improve on.  Although, I think he got some flak as well. 

      • Hey Shortz: That’s not what I heard. Two people of very good standing within the community swear that you were fiddling with a rag in your lap, (ala:  Mr. Mathis of the Detroit School board.) Your low moans and gurgling gave you away, my friend.
        For shame!  —  Still yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

    • Blake, you are Glassman’s official PR right? So you should be careful when you accuse me of lying.
      Let us both go in and ask the owner of the Shanty, Bill I think was his name, and let’s ask him if he barred me from even having my camera present in the Shanty.
      I had my cell phone set up between two beer glasses, and I was AUDIO recording.  Get your facts straight.
      When would you like to meet up at the Shanty to verify my story? After my story is verified, I would like an apology also for your false accusation. Official campaign staff like yourself can’t just go falsely calling Tucson Citizen writers liars, and as such must apologize for false claims.
      You decide the time. Thanks!

  10. Glassman will loose and then go back to California. That will be the last we hear of him….. Take your digital camo backpack with you too. I love how he used to bring it to the Council Meetings. Like it was a show and tell day at 1st grade. Yea, we know Rodney you went to military law summer school, the last time I saw my son’s Army backpack on his leave from Iraq, it had blood on it.
    Go away and leave us alone.

    • that is funny, you are right.  he behaves so immature.  i still can’t believe that we have a senate candidate who is so proud of his days as an eagle scout, not that it couldn’t have been a fun time in his youth but please tell me you have more experiences to boast about then the round robin vice mayor position that every single council person can claim and your days as an eagle scout. he will be devoured and blowing his votes whichever way the wind blew in DC and that isn’t going to do anything for us in AZ.

  11. Glassman will finish fourth in a three person field. Tucson knows him. Retire, run the foundation, and teach kids how to paint.
    Hey, why not open an ice rink? That would be cool.

  12. Eh, I will take a political robot over someone who has consistently and repeatedly sold out his ideals for the purposes of pandering.  At least we know what Glassman stands for, if only because he hasn’t been given the time to sell out yet. McCain is old hat. Nominate Hayworth.

    • Consider voting for John Dougherty, investigative reporter and progressive Democratic candidate for US Senate.  John is by far away the candidate best able to take down McCain — and he’s gainfully employed creating trouble for the high and mighty who otherwise get away with financial murder.

  13. “The political machine has taken control of his body, and he has lost his basic humanity in search of his pursuit of political power”

    You know, I am not voting for Rodney ‘ I like Turtles” Glassman. I am not voting for Raul “MEChA Boy” Grijlava. But, I concede their humanity. I disagree vehemntly with their politics, but I accept their humanity. Their are dillusional, misguided, indoctrinated to a leftist ideology at odds with the foundational principles of the United States Constitution. But they are human.
    I wanted very much to allow David to just rip Glassman apart, it’s great fun for talk radio, but dear sir, do not deny their humanity. That sort of political rhetoric and electionaeering is dangerous to them. It sets up excuses for wingnuts  on either side of the arguments to justify horrible acts. I suggest a different rhetoric entirely.

  14. So we’re upset at Rodney Glassman because he’s polished and disciplined with his message? That’s what I hear. If that makes him a robot, then I’d take more robotic Democrats. Rodney may not be perfect, but I’ll take the guy with financial backing and the cojones to take on McCain any day over some of the other people who have tried to take on McCain over the years. John McCain’s time as U.S. Senator for Arizona has expired, as far as I’m concerned, and I say that as someone who has never agreed with him, but at least used to respect him. And he’s orders of magnitude more preferable to JD Hayworth. You don’t have to want to be his best friend, you just have to trust that he shares your core values. And I guarantee you that if you’re a Democrat, his core values are a helluva lot closer to yours than McCain’s or Hayworth’s.

  15. Rodney’s history here:
    Several years ago his parents purchased the ice rink in tucson.   His parents
    are successful in agriculture and somehow delved into ice rinks in California.
    I believe he was in college at the U.A. when I first started playing hockey at his rink.
    Pretty much every hockey player in the place disliked they guy because he would do such brash and unreasonable things with no remorse.   I didn’t even know who he was until I worked for him.    All the things his customers said were becoming very evident.    He was loosing customers due to his own bad decisions, and raise the rates saying “I don’t care, I will just charge our existing customers more and make it up.”   This makes it obvious that he is taking advantage of people.   In another situation, he was in a meeting with the owner of Breakers Water Park (who was a goaltender / customer) and he said “we’ve can do whatever we want because we are the only recreational activity in Tucson.”   This spills out more of the same.   Rodney reeks of  greed.
    He went to law school at the time but failed the bar exam.   I believe he got his MBA afterward (this part may be wrong, but I admit it at least).
    He played for the UA Ice Cats when he allowed Leo (Cat coach) a break on his rink as long as he could play.    Rodney was what we hockey players refer to as a “pylon” which are used in practice to skate around.  Pylons stand there and do nothing.  He had trouble even skating.
    Pretty much during the times above someone that was pretty close to him was Ted Benner, the owner of Tucson Hockey and Skate.  Rodney would visit and pester Ted to sell his business to him because his own inhouse shop(s) failed continually.   After a couple years he threatened Ted Benner with somehow getting the lease on his shop property revoked.   Ted, as patient as he was finally stated that Glassman was a “scumbag” and and “idiot.”
    When he went to work for  Grajavla, he had political aims there, but Ted told me that Grajalva really didn’t want Glassman around.
    So yes he went to law school,  he had an Ice Rink, he worked for Grajalva,  he is on the Tucson City Council, but what good has he done?   He failed miserably in the business his parents gave him after chasing away the bulk of  customers  (bankruptcy and an estimated loss on the  business of four  million).  Grajalva didn’t really like him.   What good has he done with Tucson  in the short time he has been in politics?   Rio Nuevo?    What is he going to do in the Senate.  This guy as bad news.
    If any of the above numbers or facts are KNOWINGLY incorrect I appreciate corrections, however, none of the above has been fabricated.

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