TSON News | Randy Parraz vs Rodney Glassman on gay rights and marriage (VIDEO) – UPDATE

Randy Parraz vs Rodney Glassman on gay rights and marriage (VIDEO) – UPDATE

July 17th update: Randy Parraz has been endorsed by the LGBTQ community.

The city of Tucson was fortunate enough to have two US Senate candidates give public speeches in less than 24 hours this week. You can read my coverage of Rodney Glassman’s event at Drinking Liberally at the Shanty here.

Randy Parraz at Alto Arizona

The following day, June 21st, Randy Parraz spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson event. Both of the candidates were asked about their position on gay rights, and I was able to record both of their responses. I was only able to capture an audio recording of Rodney Glassman, well, for reasons you can read about here, but nonetheless their positions should be clear.

We will begin with Randy Parraz, who wasn’t afraid to let me capture video of his response like Glassman was:

[tnivideo caption=”Parraz on DADT and gay rights” credit=”Three Sonorans”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8dMn0kK_Lo

The video shows a clear progressive voice in Parraz’s response. This is in contrast to Rodney Glassman’s response which rather than being progressive is regressive, harkening back to the theocracies of yesteryear by proclaiming that “the word ‘marriage’ belongs to religious institutions.”

Glassman’s response is indicative of the stance of the Republican party which he once was registered as. Listen for yourself!

Note: The question is hard to hear when being asked, but Glassman’s response is louder and clear. NO to gay marriage because religions own this term!

[tnivideo caption=”Glassman on gay marriage” credit=”Three Sonorans”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf7yp0j2P6g

15 comments on “Randy Parraz vs Rodney Glassman on gay rights and marriage (VIDEO) – UPDATE
  1. Thanks David for this contrast, especially as there are no scheduled debates to hear the 4 U.S. Senate candidates (Democratic race) espouse their views.  Gay marriage is a civil rights issue and attorney Randy Parraz gave a good response to the question.   Marriage is more than a “religious institution” as you have pointed out, and should not be reserved just for us straight people, especially with more than half of marriages ending up in divorce.

  2. So be it, Rodney. I then expect you to do everything in your power to get government out of the marriage business. You’s just said “marriage” belongs in the religous world. In case you didn’t know, in this country we frown upon government intrusion into religious affairs. Ergo, as a politician you must fix this wrong.

  3. I was the person who asked Glassman his position on marriage equality. Needless to say I was tremendously disappointed. His answer was the answer of a reactionary politician and not somebody who wants to bring TRUE CHANGE to Arizona. I see Glassman as a political opportunist.
    Randy Parraz on the other hand convinced me in the above video where he stands. He doesn’t see this as a political handout or as some partisan debate. He sees this as the civil rights battle of our generation. Although he has to really kick some butt to win the nomination, I believe he can pull it off!
    Maybe Parraz will lose to John D McHayworth. Then again, Arizona will never support a phony like Glassman who only has the passion to climb the political ladder like everyone else in Washington. Arizonans may be more right-leaning but they do not like bullshitters and right now we are getting nothing but bullshit from Glassman, McCain and most importantly “Free Money” Hayworth!

  4. Glass Man…..a slick politician.   Rodney Glasssman shows no brevity on any issue that might be controversial.  I don’t want a coward or a blue dog representing me. Go Randy Parraz…besides, Glassman who was once registered as a Republican is not progressive enough to change the status quo.

  5. First off, I was at the drinking liberally event when Rodney Glassman spoke and it was not the campaign’s stance that he not be video tapped, the proprietor of the place asked you not to video tape him and I know that as I was sitting right next to you.  Neither Glassman nor anyone from his campaign ever said that you couldn’t record him.
    Oh and concerning what he said as far as homosexual marriage, you didn’t post the entire thing.  I was there and this is what he said “I believe that marriage is a religious issue and should be left to the religious institutions and should not be decided one way or the other by the federal government”  essentially he is saying that if a church wants to marry homosexual couples then they should be able to or if they don’t then they shouldn’t be forced to; however, he has stated on many occasions that all homosexual couples deserve to have every legal right that married couples have.  It is just that the word married is religious and should be left that way.
    Also, he did answer your question on whether or not he supports or opposes 1070, and he did it so well that the entire crowd started yelling at you that he did and to stop pestering him.
    It’s fine that you don’t support Glassman but don’t spin what he says.  It’s dishonest and only hurts the party in the general.

    • Glassman’s entire response to the question is in the video above.
      My question was if the “back of the line” was in Mexico for some immigrants living here, yes or no. He did not answer that question, and Bermudez Shorts has the entire audio posted.

    • Wildcat83,
      Thanks for interpreting what Rev. Glassman said.  I guess if this were a more moderate blog you could reinterpret it slightly different right?
      Glassman uses the most sleazy political phrase of all time:  “Make no mistake about it”….and then, of course says something slightly offensive unless “interpreted” otherwise.
      Here is where you and Glassman both have a problem: Since when is Gay Marriage anti-religious? I’m not even gay and I find that offensive. What is he going to say next? Some of his best friends are Mexican?  The trouble with supporting this guy is he sounds like a republican, acts like a republican and we can’t run a republican against a republican in Az. Only a progressive will win. That aint Rev. Glassman.
      Basically Glassman said equal rights don’t include religious rights. Make no mistake about it.

  6. Thanks for the info – I had been supporting Glassman because I thought he had the best chance of beating McCain, but I’ll be supporting Parraz now.

  7. A religious issue? Basically Glassman said you can’t have a relationship with God and be gay. Thanks for the spiritual wisdom Rev. Glassman. Did God talk to you and tell you to run also?
    I really can’t stand this guy. He waltzes around every question. He is the the champion of saying absolutely nothing. Everything from immigration to war to labor to gay rights his answers are predetermined to allow him to flip whichever way the wind blows and plenty blows everytime he opens his mouth.
    The question remains: Are AZ Dems stupid enough to think they can run a wishy washy Dem to beat McCains machine? They are wrong. The only way McCain will be beat is with a real candidaite who relates with the voters and not political rhetoric. The only candidaite to even understand the voters or the issues  is Parraz.

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