TSON News | Randy Parraz’s historic race as the nation’s only Latino Democratic US Senate candidate

Randy Parraz’s historic race as the nation’s only Latino Democratic US Senate candidate


Randy Parraz and US Senator Robert Menendez

Despite all the racial turmoil going on in the great state of Arizona today, from SB1070, banning ethnic studies and teachers with accents from teaching English, to upcoming bills denying citizenship for US-born children, Arizona is making history as being home to the only US Senate race with a Latino running in the Democratic primary!

When Obama became president, there were a total of three Latinos in the US Senate. One resigned to become a member of Obama’s Cabinet as Secretary of Interior, the other one resigned after casting his final vote in favor of Sonia Sotomayor, the nation’s first Latina/o justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

That left just one Latino in the United States Senate, Robert Menendez from New Jersey.

In the 2010 US Senate election, Arizona’s Randy Parraz is the only Latino in all the Democratic primaries across the nation, and he is running against SB1070 supporter and militarization-of-the-border backer John McCain.

Randy Parraz was also in Tucson yesterday to speak to the Democrats of Greater Tucson, and his speech is the politico talk of the town! Within a couple of hours Randy Parraz’s speech was even being talked about up in Phoenix among politicos.

Luckily for those who couldn’t make it, your favorite writer at the TucsonCitizen.com was able to capture the entire event, which you can view below. If Randy Parraz wins, he would also single-handedly double the number of Latino US Senators.

[tnivideo caption=”Randy Parraz speaks in Tucson” credit=”David Morales”]http://www.vimeo.com/12777267

Disclosure: Three Sonorans has volunteered for Randy Parraz and also financially donated to the Glassman campaign for US Senate.

11 comments on “Randy Parraz’s historic race as the nation’s only Latino Democratic US Senate candidate
  1. Thanks for sharing this video David, as I missed that DGT meeting.  Parraz is refreshing and dynamic, so I hope there will be a debate between the four Democratic candidates running for U.S. Senate.

  2. OUCH! I have a jagged piece of obvious bias in my eye.
    Hey, what happened to your post about Grijalva betraying his race by not endorsing Parraz? Did your editor finally draw the line?
    I’ve practiced advocacy journalism in the past but your recent work is teetering on yellow, sir.

    • Which fact that I mention did you not agree with? I’ll accept that when I say “your favorite reporter” that was a bias.
      All of us, whether elected officials or not, have a chance to help make history in Arizona.
      The choice is up to you.

  3. Thanks for turning me onto Jimmy Johns,  I took some friends to lunch their the other day and they make a pretty good sandwich.  I made sure to let them know why I was there,  they wanted me to thank you for the adverisement.

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