TSON News | The debates are set for the US Senate candidates in the Democratic primary

The debates are set for the US Senate candidates in the Democratic primary

John Dougherty, candidate for US Senate from Arizona.

John Dougherty, candidate for US Senate from Arizona.

The debate times are set, and thus far 3 of the 4 candidates will be at all the debates scheduled for this summer before the primary election on August 24th. Rodney Glassman is the only one who has not confirmed whether he will be in attendance because of what Glassman says is a lack of a “credible” organizer for the debates, in reference to John Dougherty’s invitation.

A press release was just issued by Dougherty about the latest developments in the upcoming debates between the candidates.

A series of three debates is scheduled for three of the four candidates running in the Arizona Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate.

Candidates confirmed to participate include investigative journalist John Dougherty, Scottsdale attorney Randy Parraz and Arizona State University administrator Cathy Eden. A fourth candidate, Rodney Glassman, has not responded to invitations to participate, initially sent June 2 by Dougherty.

The Dougherty, Eden and Parraz campaigns have tentatively set up three debates:

  1. Friday July 9 in Phoenix on KTVK Channel 3
  2. Wednesday July 21 on National Public Radio’s Yuma affiliate, KAWC and
  3. Thursday August 5 on National Public Television-affiliate KUAT in Tucson.

The times and details will be announced soon.
Glassman has not responded to two invitations by Dougherty to debate, but media reports have quoted Glassman saying he was seeking a more suitable “sponsor” for the debates.

According to Channel 3 officials in Phoenix, the 32-year-old Tucson businessman has agreed to participate in the Phoenix debate. He also told a Tucson blogger he would participate.

Glassman, who has substantial personal wealth derived from his family’s agribusiness and fertilizer manufacturing enterprises in Fresno, Calif., has not communicated his decision to his opponents.

Will all four candidates be at the table, or will there be one empty chair at two of the debates?

9 comments on “The debates are set for the US Senate candidates in the Democratic primary
  1. I am fascinated by your last paragraph about Glassman’s wealth – with no mention of any kind, wealth – nothing else either- about the other two candidates. I find this shabby reporting – but no! This is not meant to be reporting – darn! forgot about that!

  2. I wish Rodney would commit and be done with it. It’s not like’s he’s doing anything else other than campaigning.

  3. Glassman’s refusal to debate basically says everything about him:  he’s just a phony with a lot of money.  If he won’t go up on stage to debate the issues with his fellow candidates, then that’s his own mistake.  As far as I’m concerned, there are only 3 candidates in the race.  I’d like to hear what those adults have to say.  Glassman can go sing or name his bus until he’s blue in the face, as far as I am concerned.

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