US and Mexico eliminated – who will win World Cup now?

The FIFA world cup standings after June 27, 2010

The FIFA world cup standings after June 27, 2010

The two teams Three Sonorans was rooting for mostly because of cultural and geographical reasons, US and Mexico, have been eliminated from World Cup play, even amid some controversy over Argentina’s offsides which was overlooked. Now, based solely on performance in the World Cup so far, who will make it to the finals?

Three Sonorans predicts Brazil vs. Germany for the championship game. This will be no easy feat, since Holland still stands in Brazil’s way, and Germany has to take on the team that just beat Mexico, Argentina, in addition to a possible match-up with Spain or Portugal.

Wouldn’t that be an epic showdown to settle the score? Brazil vs. Portugal… either way there is still lots of exciting matches remaining!

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