TSON News | Russell Pearce, SB1070, and links to hate groups

Russell Pearce, SB1070, and links to hate groups

JT Ready marching in Phoenix on November 7th, 2009. Screenshot is from video taken by Dennis Gilman.

JT Ready marching in Phoenix on November 7th, 2009. Screenshot is from video taken by Dennis Gilman.

Say what you will about SB1070, but one thing is clear, and that is that the authors of this bill are deeply associated with hate groups.

Take Kansan Kris Kobach or the anti-immigration group FAIR, a known hate group. Why exactly is it that Arizona is letting them write OUR laws?

Russell Pearce, the co-author of SB1070, has deep connections with hate groups himself. He is good friends with JT Ready, and has even attended neo-Nazi rallies in the past. Pearce’s son goes out in the desert hunting for the undocumented with JT Ready, and both have benefited from the lax gun laws recently passed in Arizona. If you don’t know who JT Ready is, he a court-martialed former Marine who is a proud White Supremacist and shows up at rallies armed with loaded guns and shouts racial slurs at the marchers.

All these bills are related and are rooted in racism and hate groups.

Does immigration need to be reformed? Yes. But the Republican-led AZ state legislators have put haters from hate groups in charge of writing our state bills. Surely there are some non-hate group affiliated Republicans somewhere in the state? To defend SB1070 is to defend hate groups writing legislation aimed at brown-skinned people. There is absolutely no defense of this!

But really, how can SB1070 be defended by anyone, even those that passed it, if it had to be immediately amended?

To see some of the power that Russell Pearce is unleashing for hate groups, take a look at the short documentary below with events as recent as a few days ago included, from videographer Dennis Gilman and writer Stephen Lemons.


13 comments on “Russell Pearce, SB1070, and links to hate groups
  1. The rest of the country and the world has isolated Arizona as a state where hate and racism reigns supreme, and their boycott of our state will cripple us. It is up to everyone, including conservatives and Republicans, to recognize this, and isolate those people such as Arpaio, Pearce, etc., who are absolutely destroying our state.  Then, we can repeal the legislation, end the worldwide boycott, and stop this madness.

  2. This is not an immigration issue!  I have no problem with anyone who comes in the front door legally which is immigrating to the USA.
    This is an illegal alien issue…we are talking about people that come in the backdoor illegally. 
    Their is a difference!  The people that are in favor of letting them stay like to call it an immigration issue in hopes that those that do not read the stories will side with them (not naming any grps). 

  3. I do not believe this is about immigration, civil rights or constitutionality, and I do not believe this is to be blamed on the Caucasian (Whites), nor in to the Republicans (Conservatives), nor in to the Christians (Pious Traditionalists) nor the fearful Old (Tea Party) or not even in to those with unhealthy levels of prejudice (Racists), I do firmly believe that the ones to blame is a very small but very powerful portion of the population.They are better classified as Extremists (All or nothing position), Regressive (vs progressive), Ethnocrats (power for one ethnic group alone), Xenophobic (everything foreign is undesirable), Monoculturists (only one culture is viable), Individualists (only my interest is to be of concern), AND, here is the big difference with all the above, Classists (Morbidly Rich), that in their large majority just happen to be Republican Christian Conservatives Caucasians, that, because their economic privilege and manipulation techniques savvy, were able to entrench their position when they had one of their maximum exponents in the pinnacle of power for 8 years (and I am not talking of our ex-POTUS).Now that they realize that their days are counted because the rising political power of those that do not think like them (i.e. Progressives, Liberals, Women, Minorities) they feel threatened, since they know that a progressive, multicultural, generous and empathic society is opposite to their interests, political power and privilege.They are in the last ditch efforts (AZ’s Prop 200-Proof of Citizenship when Voting, AZ’s SB1102-Carry Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, AZ’s SB1153-Knife Rights, Orly Taitz Act-Presidential Birth Certificate, AZ’s SB1070-Carry proof of Citizenship, AZ’s HB 2281-Ban of Ethnic Studies, AZ’s SB1097-Catloging Children’s Residency Status, US H.R. 1868-No Citizenship Birthright for Children of Non-Citizens and the proposed by Pearce AZ equivalent, TX BOE 2011 Social Studies Standards-Modifying Curriculum to fit with Christian Values, etc.) for their preservation and that is why they are at their most dangerous.They know that within all of us there is always an amount of prejudice against that it is different from us. With their propaganda skills they can inflame and recruit uneducated (or at least uninformed), people of their likenesses, that have a high dose of ingrained prejudice and that are suffering of fear for their future, anxiety for their well being, due to the current social and economic conditions, and so are easy prey to their manipulation.­Ironic is that what makes them fearful and anxious was prompted by them when they; exported our jobs (the ones we want to do), just to increase their bonuses; lied about imminent mass destruction, just to feed the, owned by them, military industry and gain a chokehold on the oil market, also owned by them; suckered us into onerous interest mortgages and then played Russian roulette with them; emptied our retirement accounts, while filling their overseas ones; and raped nature and resources, with the excuse of economic necessity.All within their plan since, again, thanks to their propaganda savvy, they knew they could divert the focus on their guilt towards the imminent threatening raising political population (Latinos). The old killing of two birds with one stone.Because, they will not stop on Latinos but they will continue with all the groups that they see as threatening (in order of perceived threat by them: Blacks, Jews, Asians, Middle Easterners, Progressive Caucasians, GLTB, Women), let’s work all together to eradicate and isolate this retrograde forces as we de-program, one-by-one, all those that have been indoctrinated to hate, because different to them, we don’t want to exclude even those that want to exclude us. And because we live in the greatest most functional and honest democracy in the world (not perfect, just the best), we can easily do, if we dedicate ourselves to achieve our goals of Life, FREEDOM and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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