TSON News | Growing resistance against 1070 starts today

Growing resistance against 1070 starts today

Ya basta! Month-long resistance to 1070 planned in Tucson

Ya basta! Month-long resistance to 1070 planned in Tucson

We reported yesterday that Tucson-based Derechos Humanos, in union with at least 7 other organizations, is planning a month of action against SB1070.

Everything begins today, June 29, with a press conference at 11:30am at the State Building in Tucson which is located at Broadway and Granada. Today marks the one-month countdown to SB1070 becoming law in Arizona.

There will be a weekly vigil from 4-7pm every night at the State Building.

In just a few hours, the organizations joining this resistance has grown, with the addition of

Jewish Voice for Peace

Students for Justice in Palestine

The Nonviolent Legacy Project

With 100,000 subscribers, Jewish Voice for Peace is the largest Jewish American peace group in the US (and the only one that calls for equal rights of both Palestinians and Israelis).

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The press release is below. Check back regularly to the Three Sonorans to get the latest news on this historic month!

For immediate release

June 28, 2010

Coalición de Derechos Humanos
No More Deaths
Tucson Samaritans
UA Students Against SB 1070
Tucson May 1st Coalition
International Action Center of Tucson
Tierra Y Libertad Organization – TYLO
We Reject Racism Campaign
International Action Center of Tucson
Jewish Voice for Peace
Student of Justice in Palestine
Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras
Restoration Project

Press Conference
11:30am – June 29th
State Building
Northwest Corner of Congress and Granada
Tucson, AZ

Communities across the state and the nation have galvanized in opposition to SB1070. Today we announce a press conference for tomorrow at 11:30 am, one month before the effective date, to call for RESISTANCE.

For the next 4 Fridays, our Tucson community will mobilize from 4 PM to 7 PM in front of the State building in Tucson, Arizona, to join with the hundreds of actions across the country demanding a repeal or nullification of this dangerous and racist law. From youth to labor to faith and community-based organizations, our commitment to social, economic, and political justice commands us to act in defiance of this and any other law that violates basic human rights. We act on the principle that if a law is unjust, our duty is RESISTANCE!

Our actions come from our acknowledgement that we are all one community and that our foremost responsibility is to care for one another. SB1070 is totally contrary to our basic duty to act to protect each another, and so we MUST resist any enforcement of this law.

9 comments on “Growing resistance against 1070 starts today
  1. I guess the idea of the majority rules is a concept that the above named groups can’t grasp.  The majority of the Arizona population seems to be in favor of 1070.  We are in essense tired of seeing our hard earned tax dollars being used for people that have no right being here.  And I  am talking about those people that ILLEGALLY have entered our country. We have no problem with anyone that walks in the front door LEGALLY.

    • The majority of Southerners at one point supported segregation.  Whether or not a majority supports 1070, it is unjust.  As is stated above, when a law is unjust, our duty is resistance.

    • Not only did the majority support segregation, even Lincoln decided to keep slavery if it could keep the nation together… legalized immorality.
      The United States did not gain its land LEGALLY either… study your history of all the broken treaties… what is legal is not always right, and what is illegal is not always wrong.
      The man in charge decides what the rules are.

  2. What does equal rights for Palestine and Israel have to do with our problem with our border. We need to seal our border to protect our citizens and Mexico’s from human smuggling, dying in the desert, being forced to traffic, drugs, the cartel, the terror they bring and terrorists from other countries. I have seen no poles backing up that there is more resistance to sb1070, Quite the opposite . Other states are beginning to do the same thing. We cannot afford to be the worlds babysitter. Stay home and make your own country a better place. If you decide to come legally you are most welcome.

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