Randy Parraz opens US Senate campaign office in Tucson today

Randy Parraz, democratic candidate for US Senate seeking to replace John McCain, is officially opening his Tucson campaign headquarters Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 5:30-7:30pm, at 1801 E. Broadway, on the NW intersection at Campbell.


Randy Parraz and Terry Goddard; the two candidates that are needed to undo the direction Arizona is headed in.

Parraz entered the US Senate race on April 26th, the Monday after SB1070 was signed the previous Friday. With a background of community organizing working for labor and civil rights as the former state director of the AFL-CIO in Arizona, Parraz said he entered the race because of the direction John McCain was taking this state in as a supporter of SB1070 and with his draconian approach to solving the immigration problem — Randy says that building a 20-foot border fence will just lead to an increase in the sales of 25-foot ladders — and because there was no strong voice from the democratic candidate at that time against the legalization of racial profiling.

Randy Parraz is running on a progressive platform that he says Arizona is ready for.

Exactly one month later, Parraz qualified to be on the ballot by collecting over 9,000 signatures in one month’s time, and the latest polls show him in a statistical tie for first place in the race, despite not having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars as one of his candidates has.

Today’s open house is significant for another reason. In exactly one month from today, SB1070 becomes law in Arizona. The Parraz for Change campaign is about taking this state in a new direction and to have a fact-based discussion rather than the use of fear when dealing with the issues that confront us today, such as immigration, the economy, education, healthcare, among other important issues.

You can watch a speech by Randy Parraz in Tucson below and find why Parraz’s campaign is a historic run for US Senate in these times. You can also come out and meet Randy in person at the grand opening of his campaign headquarters in Tucson today at 5:30pm. For more information, please contact Lorena Howard at (520) 406-5431 or visit www.parrazforchange.com.

[tnivideo caption=”Randy Parraz speaks in Tucson” credit=”Parraz for change”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jre5GPtYGf4

7 comments on “Randy Parraz opens US Senate campaign office in Tucson today
  1. Great, another progressive that thinks marxism is somehow acceptable.  I’m sure we need another commie trying to ruin the country.  The attempt by the progressive movement is already trying to derail the country into obamunism.  

  2. The following is found under the article’s photo Randy Parraz and Terry Goddard; the two candidates that are needed to undo the direction Arizona is headed in. Is that news or an editoral? Nevermind this is a liberal paper right?

  3. It’s a blog article, so even if it was an editorial comment, so what?  Nobody’s claiming it’s the view of an editorial board.

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