TSON News | Rodney Glassman’s war on local independent media (VIDEO)

Rodney Glassman’s war on local independent media (VIDEO)

Let me begin by saying I was once considered supporting Glassman, and I even donated $20 to his campaign back in March or so.

The stakes are higher than ever in Arizona today, and I do my homework. When SB 1070 was passed, not much was heard from the Glassman camp and I wondered why? But then I heard about other candidates running so I decided to check them out. And to be clear, as long as I have links, references, and video to back up what I say here, I won’t be intimidated. The truth is supposed to set us free, and my job is to inform the voters about the candidates.

Glassman’s script is very rehearsed, and if Glassman wants to reach out to the TEA Party or to cut off all funding to Access Tucson, well maybe you should blame Rodney Glassman instead of the Three Sonorans!

Rodney Glassman, former Republican and anti-independent media broadcasting of shows such as Democracy Now! and Free Speech TV.

One thing people warned me about (there were many things) was about Glassman’s involvement with being the sole vote to shut down Access Tucson.

By a vote of 6-1 (with Councilmember Rodney Glassman voting no – he moved to eliminate all funding for Access Tucson next year but that motion died for lack of a second) they directed Tucson 12 to move in with Access Tucson at 124 E. Broadway.

This is strange, because Access Tucson doesn’t really cost the city of Tucson. There is a surcharge that is placed on Cox Cable customers and from that money Access Tucson exists. So why would Rodney Glassman, a “progressive,” be for cutting off all funding to alternative media, especially when they are the home to such shows as Democracy Now! and other programming from Free Speech TV? Especially when Cox Cable is paying for the cost?

Watch the video above that contains actual footage from Tucson city council meetings and you can decide how “progressive” you think the former registered Republican from Fresno is…

Three Sonorans wonders if this blog is local independent media, and if Glassman wants to silence it also?

7 comments on “Rodney Glassman’s war on local independent media (VIDEO)
  1. One of the significant aspects of that video, together with observation of Rodney’s apparent habitual behaviors, is that he conspicuously ignores people and situations as an apparent defense mechanism when he disagrees with something or just can’t cope.
    I’ve seen it with him a few times in person.  I’m amazed that traditional media (or mainstream media) has not picked up on that before now.
    Maybe it’s Master Rodney’s towering, imposing physical presence that has allowed him to get away with it up until now.  But it seems pretty obvious that it’s something citizens/voters generally do not tolerate.

  2. Way to go, Three – you’re raising the bar on citizen journalism and setting a standard that may never be matched. The Rodney Republican campaign will soon be an historical curiosity.

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