TSON News | David Lujan gets caught in another lie

David Lujan gets caught in another lie

As you may know, Three Sonorans is anti-SB1070 all the way, and he finds those who are weak or silent on this issue pathetic.

This is the civil rights battle of our generation, and you either stand in favor of:

  • Legalized racial profiling
  • Banning ethnic studies
  • Banning teachers with accents
  • Turning teachers into immigration officials (SB1097)
  • Denying citizenship to US born children with undocumented parents

or you stand against it. The sides are very clear here, and the people who support the above points are no less than the TEA Party, right-wing Republicans, and flat out neo-Nazis like JT Ready.

What’s even more despicable are Democrats who do not stand up strong against SB1070. Take, for example, the David Lujan, who is running for Attorney General. He has already been caught in one lie, and not just any lie, but a lie about why he did not vote against the most important bill in this century in Arizona, SB1070.

David Lujan who was the Democratic state House Minority Leader and actually missed the vote on SB1070, and then lied about the reasons why:

David Lujan

Lujan told Simons that he’d worked to kill the bill in the past, but that when it came up for a vote on April 13, he was away from Phoenix.

“I was already out of town,” said Lujan. “I had been out of town on a previously scheduled trip that has been scheduled for four months. [SB 1070] wasn’t scheduled for a vote until the night before…”

But Lujan was in town. He was at a House caucus meeting at the Capitol that morning. And I caught up with him early that evening at a small Democratic party function, specifically to ask him why he missed the most important vote of his career, and one of the most important votes in the history of the state.

(Article continued below)

At that time, Lujan told me he wanted to be present for the vote, but that he couldn’t make it because it was his parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, and he had to attend a party for them that afternoon.

I thought that was a pretty lame excuse at the time, particularly coming from the leader of the House Democratic caucus. Still, here he was on TV offering a slightly less lame one, that also happened to be untrue.

I called Lujan, confronted him, and asked for an explanation of the inconsistency. He told me that he messed up when responding to Simons’ inquiry.

“I just misspoke,” he said. “I don’t know why it came out of my mouth that I was out of town. I was in town.”

He admitted that he’d been at the Capitol that morning, but was absent for the rest of the day.

The Arizona Republic did another bio on him this week and Lujan lies once again:

A Phoenix native, Lujan entered politics as a junior at Washington High School, where he successfully ran for class treasurer. He enjoyed the experience – his father was a teacher at school and mentored the junior-class officers. The next year, Lujan ran for senior-class president and lost.

It was the last time he would lose an election.

Too bad this last statement isn’t true. Lujan lost in the 2002 election as a write-in candidate.

6 comments on “David Lujan gets caught in another lie
  1. Seriously???  This is what you’re reporting on???  And where does Lujan say he never lost another election???   The reporter says that, but I don’t see Lujan saying it anywhere.   I bet you’re still trying to figure out why the Tucson Citizen is irrelevant and going out of business…what a waste of cyberspace. 

      • Wow! This seems to be more of a personal vendetta than fact. I was under the impression that our media outlets were to give biased information and we as the voting public were to intelligently form our own opinions. These negative rants do no good for us as voters or our system in general. I pity Mr. Lujan and all politicians in this election, this bill is political suicide and the only safe approach for the democrats is to keep their mouths shut. They will NEVER be voted in if they are against the bill by Arizonians and they will never win their party’s praise by speaking out against it.

  2. I live in his district and I’m not surprised. David Lujan is a dishonest man. He has no ethics. He is terrible with his constituents. Since he got elected in 2004, it has been next to near impossible to get his office to return a call back. My neighbors agree. I’m just glad he isn’t going to be my legislator anymore. I cant decide what other of the 2 I will vote for but it sure as hell wont be Lujan.

  3. from the Tucson Weekly:  Lujan has had to explain why he ran as a Republican write-in candidate for a school board seat in Phoenix in 2002.   “I registered as a Republican when I worked as a page in the state Capitol. It was my first time, and someone recommended I go Republican,” Lujan said.  He’s 45 now so how old was he in 2002?  Not 18 or 19 but 37!  So he stayed with the GOP quite a while apparently until he probably figured he’d stand a better chance in his district as a Dem.

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