TSON News | UA Transformative Education conference ends (VIDEO)

UA Transformative Education conference ends (VIDEO)

Rudy Acuña, author of Occupied America and speaker in Tucson this week.

Earlier this week we reported on a conference with top intellectuals and scholars gathering here at the UA for the Transformative Education conference.

Three Sonorans was able to attend the Wednesday morning session and capture video of two of the speakers, Dr. Cintli of the University of Arizona and Dr. Shawn Ginwright of San Francisco State University.

You can watch their entire talks below.

Dr. Cintli

[tnivideo caption=”In Lak Ech, Panche Be, Hunab Ku” credit=”Three Sonorans”]brightcove:142441364001

Dr. Shawn Ginwright

[tnivideo caption=”Dr. Shawn Ginwright” credit=”Three Sonorans”]brightcove:142441361001


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