TSON News | Arizona has already lost billions of dollars in boycott

Arizona has already lost billions of dollars in boycott

From today’s Arizona Republic: “According to the Arizona Tourism Alliance, the scare tactics and boycotts may already have cost the state a couple of billion dollars and caused roughly 30,000 folks to lose their jobs.”

Montini: Gov. Jan Brewer’s terrorizing tourism strategy

by E. J. Montini, columnist – Jul. 17, 2010 10:11 PM
The Arizona Republic

Perhaps Gov. Jan Brewer misread the invitation and thought she was giving a speech last week before the Governor’s Conference on Terrorism . . . not tourism.

Or maybe she knew exactly to whom she was speaking and believes that terrorizing people is the best way to promote our state as a tourist destination. After all, it is proving to be the best way to get elected.

Ever since Brewer signed SB 1070, she and U.S. Sen. John McCain have given countless interviews on national TV in which they portray Arizona as a horrifying amalgam of Mogadishu, Kabul, Dante’s fifth circle of Hell and Mel Gibson’s house.

The border is “out of control,” shrieks Brewer. Phoenix is second to Mexico City for kidnappings, shouts McCain. There are beheaded corpses and body parts in the desert, Brewer cries. The state is overrun by smuggling cartels and the majority of those crossing the border are drug mules, wails the governor.

These ridiculous political rants range from wild exaggeration to complete myth, but fearmongering (along with a promise to fight the federal government and crack down on illegal immigration) has put both Brewer and McCain way ahead in the polls.

It also has led to boycotts that threaten Arizona’s more traditional tourism industry, the one that emphasizes the state’s beauty, tranquility and safety, and which generates (or used to) billions in revenue.

According to the Arizona Tourism Alliance, the scare tactics and boycotts may already have cost the state a couple of billion dollars and caused roughly 30,000 folks to lose their jobs.

Still, the governor told the 400 tourist-industry executives gathered last week for a convention in Tucson, “Despite the issue of boycotts or negative publicity, the tourism industry and business community must stay committed to the long-term brand that is uniquely Arizona.”

In fact, she said that she has a group working on a plan to lure people back to our state.

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“I’m happy to report the wheels are in motion,” Brewer said.

One skeptical tourist-industry executive complained about a call she’d received from a potential visitor who wanted to know if it was safe to drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Sedona on Interstate 17.

I’m sure the governor’s panel could turn such fear and negativity into positive tourist attractions for Arizona’s “unique brand.”

Perhaps an industrious tour operator could set up armored caravans to shuttle visitors from the airport to their resort destinations.

Maybe even throw in free camouflage clothing and “loaner” sniper rifles for mom and dad – in case of kidnappers – and pairs of high-resolution binoculars for the kids.

Along with a promise that if little Billie spots body parts in the desert he wins a bobblehead.

Minus the head, naturally.

Another clever tourist company could appeal to the illegal-immigration fervor being spread by Brewer and stage mock “hunts” for border crossers. Something along the lines of the gunfight re-enactments at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone.

The company might even employ some of those laid-off hotel and resort workers to portray border crossers and work out a deal in which the person who catches the highest number of phony migrants would be named an honorary deputy for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Heck, I’m thinking I might get into the tourist business myself. I could start a company in which eager tourists, for a reasonable fee, would be enjoined in the words of Sen. McCain to “complete the danged fence.”

Around my swimming pool.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2010/07/18/20100718jan-brewer-montini.html

12 comments on “Arizona has already lost billions of dollars in boycott
  1. And the bleeding heart liberals are screaming “Billions of dollars lost and 30,000 have lost their jobs”. Could it be that the 30,000 are illegal aliens who have fled the state and the billions are what they were collecting from the American taxpayer?

  2. Another histrionic rant from the imagination of the liberal media whores. I think they ran this canned story a little early – they were supposed to wait until enough time had passed to make “billions” realistic even to the socialist number-crunchers. I guess, through desperation and the fact that a significant majority of Americans support SB1070, has made them desperately start adding “0’s” to their “statistics” and “findings.” Bullshit!

    • I suggest you look at all the conventions that were canceled after SB1070 was passed, and all the money they would have brought, and also the drop in tourism. Those canceled conferences, including the decision of the RNC to have their 2012 convention in Tampa Bay, are costing this state billions of dollars… tourism is Arizona’s top industry.

  3. I have lived in Tucson for 17 years and not once in that 17 years has illegal immigration concerned me.  In my business(insurance) I find my Hispanic customers generally are more conscientious about paying their premiums than others.  The state government in Phoenix should be ashamed of themselves for the statements made and racistlaws passed.  Can southern Arizona secede from the rest of Arizona?  Maybe New Mexico will have us!

  4. Tourism is further affected by the closing of rest stations (bathrooms). You really don’t want to go traveling around a place where, if nature calls, there are no rest stops where you can relieve yourself!
    The short-sightedness that resulted in the passing of 1070 is mind blowing! and the inability of 1070 supporters to understand the simple fact that there are serious preemption issues in a law that arrogates to the State responsibilities of the Federal Government! Immigration reform is needed (understatement) so the smart thing to do is to bring serious pressure on our Senators and congresspersons to move this process in the Congress!

  5. I’ve lived and worked in AZ for 30 years now and the biggest issue I’ve had with immigration is having to spend time walking around the desert for a week at a time in July and August giving aid and comfort to migrants in distress.  Prior to the militarization of the border there was not the need for this.  Since then, people have been dying. 

    If you think your taxes would go down and you’ll jump to the front of the line at the ER with all the migrants gone, then your problem is not immigration but magical thinking.

  6. Hitler’propaganda minister, Dr. Goebels, would be proud of this article – When you lie tell a big one and tell it over and over until it becomes the truth in the minds of the people”. 

    • You mean lies like most immigrants are drug mules and there are massive beheading going on in the Arizona desert, like Jan Brewer says and even the Border Patrol says isn’t true?

  7. I just spent 2,000 dollars on vacation in New Mexico rather than go to Arizona. I will be returning to the friendly state of New Mexico and boycott Arizona completely from now on.
    Good job Govenor Brewer and friends.

  8. Last year we married off 3 of the kids there in AZ, I’m glad to have spent my Iraq/Afghanistan contractor $ in the U.S.!
    I’m now looking for a position down in AZ as a contractor for the D.O.D.,
    hope it works out soon, I’m looking forward to living in AZ!

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