TSON News | NM Gov. Bill Richardson speaks out against SB1070

NM Gov. Bill Richardson speaks out against SB1070

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson spoke on Face the Nation this morning about SB1070.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Arizona immigration law oks racial profiling, may cause ‘crisis’

BY Meena Hartenstein

Sunday, July 18th 2010, 11:26 AM

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, pictured here in October 2009.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, pictured here in October 2009.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) slammed Arizona‘s new immigration law on Sunday, saying the legislation could tip the country into “constitutional crisis.”

“There are at least 10 other states with bills that are out there,” Richardson said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “What you’re going to see is potentially a constitutional crisis with so many states taking what should be a federal responsibility.”

The law, scheduled to take effect on July 20, mandates that immigrants carry documentation of their status. It also requires police to question people about their immigration status if they have “reasonable suspicion.”

Richardson appeared on the show to debate the bill with J.D. Hayworth, a former Republican Rep. from Arizona and current Senate candidate who is trying to unseat John McCain in the GOP primary.

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“It is going to lead to racial profiling. Anybody that looks Hispanic is going to be racially profiled,” Richardson said.

“There is no effort at ethnic profiling,” Hayworth countered, a staunch supporter of the bill. “The law itself says that the civil rights of all persons will be respected.”

But Richardson implied his sparring partner did not understand the dangers of the bill because Hayworth would not be a target.

“Who are they going to ask? They’re going to ask somebody that looks Hispanic,” Richardson said. “They’re not going to ask somebody that looks like J.D. Hayworth. They’re going to ask somebody that looks like me.”

Richardson also noted that six Mexican governors have already boycotted a border conference initially scheduled for September in Arizona, because the Mexican delegation refuses to travel to the state.

“It’s going to hurt our foreign policy with Central America, with Mexico,” Richardson said of the bill. Instead, Richardson will host the conference in New Mexico.

Despite the heated controversy, popular support seems to be on the side of Arizona’s new legislation.  A recent Quinnipiac poll found 48% of America would support similar legislation.

14 comments on “NM Gov. Bill Richardson speaks out against SB1070
  1. “It’s going to hurt our foreign policy with Central America, with Mexico,” Richardson said of the bill.

    I recently spent some time in Central America.  While I didn’t meet with government officials, a number of citizens I talked to brought up SB 1070.  To a person, they felt it was very un-neighborly of us and they see the law as simply anti-Latino.  

    • How in the world can six Governor’s from Mexico determine foreign policy? Last I heard, read and seen on Mexican news channels most of the Governor’s in Mexico are on several”payrolls”. All they can hope to accomplish at a conference here  in AMERICA  is to soak up a few suds, “dance” with some ladies look for some new “MARKETS” and buy somebody somebody. America gives more Foreign aid ( if you want to call it that ) to South America than what ALL of South America contributes to the U.S.A.
      If we endanger the foreign aid program to them so be it, they want to run and have a say in our COUNTRY and they are not even allowed to have a voice in their own. Let’s hope they don’t come here to meddle in our business.

  2. I am of Mexican heritage.  I seems that Governor Richardson doesn’t understand what it is to be an American.  He is confusing nationality with skin color and is taking a racial position in defining U.S. and State  law.

    • I am of Mexican heritage and I belive the Governor DOES understand it very well sgt. If I am stoped by the police I want to be given a traffic ticket not to be taken to jail because of Reasonable suspicion, I don’t want to carry anything else than my drivers license. The spirit of the law might be good I won’t argue with that, the law itself is not, its not objective, as an Arizonan I don’t want my taxes spent on jails taking care of illegal immigrants, I don’t want my police department and my state to have to spend money on law suits for racial profiling, I don’t want my police to waste their time stoping illegal immigrants instead of stoping a robery (which by the way is not usually carried out by Ilegal immigrants but by citizens of the USA), I want them to stop people selling drugs (which by the way is done mostly by citizens of the USA of course buying from Mexico but US citizens, I’ve seen it in Sunnyslope, Phoenix unless most mexicans are white or speak fluent english), this law is NOT objective and the man behind it has a long history of issues dealing with racism.

      • Mr Joe Black, I believe you and Richardson have collaborated on your answers. I just finished reading all 16 pages of SB1070 and found nothing in it to target Hispanics specifically. I suggest you read it as well, then copy and paste the specific Article, sentence and page where you found the racist innuendo and post it here for all to see. This document allows for the detention of any people or persons suspected of being in AMERICA illegally as stated in the FEDERAL PAPERS as well. All that is being accomplished here is compliance with the now standing Federal Law. If the Federal Law was allowed to be enforced SB1070 would not be necessary. Does that make the Federal Law racist in your opinion as well Joe? I noticed you gave the the Mexican’s a pass on your description of their activity …your words ( I want them to stop people selling drugs (which by the way is done mostly by citizens of the USA of course buying from Mexico but US citizens,…you cannot have it both ways Joe. Is it illegal to come here from another Country to sell drugs, young girls for sex and OR work,and to harbor illegals of any nationality for any reason? If NO! then you agree with Sgt Rock and the rest of  us and if YES then you need to ask GOD for forgiveness because  Judgment day is coming.

  3. Governor Bill Richardson issued Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens, thereby creating a Breeder documents, which you can then apply for other government ID. Using Breeder documents open the door for federal, state and municipal welfare programs.
    Learn the facts not lies at NumbersUSA

  4. “Un-neighborly”….name one country in the world, including the little countries of Central America, that would allow 12 million illegals into the country?? Or is it 20 million? Name one…..Yes we all know that you have spent time in Central and South America, Guess that makes you an expert. When you went there did they check your passport at the border? Or did they check your I.D. at any other point in your visit. Come on tell us, dont be shy.

  5. Historically Arizona wants to be white, they tried to cancel Martin Luther King Jr Day, google it, Below is some info on it, I live in Arizona and I am sick of the radio there talking bad about Obama, you construct a great country not just by talking and saying our system is bad because of ilegal aliens or blacks:

    Arizona did have a past case of a large-scale boycott during the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it lost many conventions and several hundred million dollars in revenues after Governor Evan Mecham’s cancellation of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day state holiday and a subsequent failed initial referendum to restore it.[13]

  6. HA!  What is interesting is that Gov. Richardson, regarding green energy, is quoted in Aspen, CO saying…  “If the Congress isn’t going to do it, the states are going to do it,” Richardson said.
    So, which is it, Governor.  Should we step back and let Congress work on immigration and energy without the states to intervene, or should the states step up to the plate if the federal government is complacent?

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