TSON News | Tucson’s Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar now target of Strategic Boycott 1070

Tucson’s Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar now target of Strategic Boycott 1070

The boycott of Arizona has already cost this state billions of dollars and will continue until SB1070 is no longer the law.

There is no one in charge and just as with the internet, it exists on its own and will continue to exist and in fact, the viral SB1070 – Strategic Boycott of 1070 movement now has a new target to demonstrate to Tucson and Arizona just how effective a targeted boycott is.

Brooklyn's Pizza on 4th avenue is now targeted for boycott.

The target is Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar on 4th avenue in Tucson.

Even after gaining momentum from a victory in the Jimmy John’s boycott, local business owner and restaurateur Tony Vaccaro, owner of Brooklyn Pizza Company and Sky Bar, both on North Fourth Avenue, who originally supported the No More Deaths campaign to have the anti-SB1070 sign on his 4th avenue business, then changed his stance on SB 1070 and took the sign down.

The following is from the Arizona Daily Star.

In an e-mail sent to the Arizona Daily Star on Tuesday, Vaccaro wrote: “This weekend I actually took the time to read the official state version of SB 1070. I could not find any language in the law that I opposed.

“Additionally, barring extreme situations, I do not believe that businesses should get involved in politics. That is for individuals, politicians and lobby groups. I feel that I have let some of my customers down by getting involved in the SB 1070 debate.”

Sarah Launius, a spokeswoman for No More Deaths, said the organization has received telephone calls of support in the days since the “We Mean Business” campaign started.

“There have been a number of businesses that have sought us out saying they want to put up a sign,” Launius said. “We’ve also heard from a number of community members saying, ‘Thank you so much for presenting us a different side,’ and they will change their shopping patterns to support the businesses that display our signs.”

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“We Mean Business”

For a list of companies participating in the “We Mean Business” campaign, go to www.nomoredeaths.org

Sky Bar on 4th avenue is now targeted for boycott.

This case is made even more special considering that the signs were actually up and the owner made a conscious decision to take them down. He more than likely succumbed to pressure from the right-wing in this city, including a video from right-wing host Jon Justice that called out local businesses for supporting the No More Deaths campaign.

This was a really dumb decision by Tony Vaccaro.

To begin with, his business is on 4th ave, the most progressive street in Tucson, our version of Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue. Not only is boycotting an easy thing to accomplish, but protests in front of Vaccaro’s businesses is now super-convenient due to the location.

And just as with the Jimmy John’s protest, there will no doubt be some new customers that will become patrons of Brooklyn’s Pizza, most of whom will be Jon Justice fans, but will they come in everyday? You easily have more progressives on 4th avenue than Jon Justice fans, and how many will be willing to cross a picket line, especially when there are other delicious pizza restaurants in town, such as Zachary’s Pizza?

Time will tell how smart Tony Vaccaro’s decision was to take down his anti-SB1070 sign on 4th avenue. Now is the time to be on the correct side of history, and SB1070 will be ruled unconstitutional, and Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar’s decision to not take a stand against the legalized racial profiling of the “reasonably suspicious” will forever tarnish the reputation of his business.

The boycott of Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar on 4th avenue is now on, and a phone campaign has also begun. Why don’t you call 520-622-6868 now and let them know what you think of their decision to go against the No More Deaths campaign? You don’t have to be in Tucson to let them know either.

“We mean business”

As stated previously, Three Sonorans is not in charge of any grassroots movement, but just reports on the activist movement in Arizona during these troubling times.

39 comments on “Tucson’s Brooklyn’s Pizza and Sky Bar now target of Strategic Boycott 1070
  1. I’ll be ordering pizza and a couple of subs from them tonight. Thank you for your support of real Americans and defying the terroristic threats and sabotage from the racketeering and criminally influenced left. Can the business sue farces like la raza et al for economic loss due to conspiratorial and malicious persecution? Seems like it might be a nice lesson for some of these pos’s to get a little heat themselves.

        • what are you talking about… what organization do I belong to? Seriously. I was told this before and have yet to know what “la raza” y’all are talking about…
          Talk about conspiracy…

          • Sorry but you’re really an idiot. I know, no name calling but you and the folks who agree with you are, really stupid  idiots. Sorry again. Oh and by the way, I fed three border crossers this morning, Kerns nector, water, Canned ham and chili beans. two male, one female then called Border Patrol,5:26 AM, check it out if you like. sorry again for the name calling but if it’s a duck,….

  2. Mmmmmm yum yum, thanks for reminding me to order my pizza from Brooklyn tonight. I will order even more from them now just because of this story! Yummm, good pizza!

  3. thank you for this story. It was informative and although I enjoy Brooklyn on a regular basis I will have to take my $$ elsewhere as I  cannot support any one/business that supports injustice.  Until brooklyn pizza/sky bar gets it together they will not have the support of my family and friends.

  4. How is hatred and bullying progressive?   Seems to me focusing on a small business owner is a waste of energy….NAFTA and the federal government are to blame.  Focus on the real problem.

      • ??????????  What do you mean?  A pizza parlor owner has nothing to do with this mess.  I mean focus on the real problem:    NAFTA.

      • “Dark-skinned US citizens are being targeted for reasonable suspicion” REALLY? PROOF PLEASE! Instead of densely posting businesses who support SB 1070 so people will boycott them, how about you post all those instances where “dark-skinned US citizens are being targeted for reasonable suspicion” ……..oh wait it DOESNT HAPPEN and you have no proof that it does. Responsible reporting means being able to prove what you report, not just spitting out stupidity and lies.

  5. As stated previously, Three Sonorans is not in charge of any grassroots movement, but just reports on the activist movement in Arizona during these troubling times.???? It sure seems like this article is biased and is in fact pushing the anti-sb1070 agenda. Free speech is sacred. But please don’t insult us (or confuse some) by saying you are just reporting.

  6. wow. you ignorant people never cease to amaze me! LA RAZA does not mean “THE RACE” it means “THE COMMUNITY”  raza is slang for a community of where MANY different people make up. But keep saying uneducated statements….makes me laugh how many stupid people there still are in the world!

  7. La Raza does NOT mean “the race” ahahahaha, you morons never cease to amaze me! Raza is sland for community made up of different types of people joined together in beliefs.  Besides ANYONE can be a part of La Raza. There are many different races, including white people who take part in La Raza….YES ….WHITE PEOPLE!

    Now tell me what other race, other than whites, participate in the National Socialist Movement?!!



    but please do continue your stupid racists comments….its quite hallirious to see how many stupid racists there really are! You guys on ly prove our points! So thanks buck-o 😉

  8. So if  “La Raza” means the community then what does “La comunidad” mean. Nice try you racist bastards. La Raza means “the community”  just like KKK stand for “kindness, knowledge, and kids.”  La Raza and the KKK are both hate groups.

    • If it’s scorching today, it’s very hot today, it’s sizzling today all mean it’s hot outside, then what does “it’s hot outside” mean? Nice try you heated bastards.
      An analogy to show how ridiculous your statement is.

  9. So it appears that the logic is that if a business does not visibly appear to support No More Deaths, then they oppose it and therefore support SB1070.
    I could not think of a more ridiculous basis for which to boycott a business.

  10. I am against SB 1070 but I am even more against these Boycotters of Brooklyn Pizza.  Sounds like the lefties are now using Bush’s infamous phrase, “If you are not with us then you are against us”.   Instances like this remind me why I am a moderate.

  11. In an e-mail sent to the Arizona Daily Star on Tuesday, Vaccaro wrote: “This weekend I actually took the time to read the official state version of SB 1070. I could not find any language in the law that I opposed.

    • So anyone who doesn’t firmly 100% agree with you is the enemy? Come on, man, let’s not go overboard here. Of course, you are allowed to boycott all the businesses you like, but do you really need to “rally the troops” for every little local business that doesn’t put one of those signs out? Or takes one down to try to be neutral? There is something about this type of bullying that seems to counter what you’re trying to champion against.

      • No one has to agree with my opinions 100%… but when it comes to a law that legalizes racial profiling, SB1070, then those who do not oppose it will be boycotted, not just by me but by the community.
        That’s just the way it is. I’m sure places like Brooklyn’s Pizza will get a boost in business from the right-wing… the owner will have to decide for himself if that’s worth the trade-off for taking down the sign.
        And if other businesses want to follow, they will be boycotted also.

        • But it’s just pizza. Why should the owner have to decide which group to sell to? You want everyone to declare their position against this law so that you can discriminate against them? The only way to fight intolerance and injustice is by being tolerant and just. This “with us or against us” mentality is what has to stop, because it is what got us to this place.

          • Other states and cities are boycotting the entire of Arizona. I think it’s more efficient to just boycott the businesses, no matter what they sell, that do not oppose racist legislation.
            There are plenty of pizza places in town where the owners oppose SB1070 and legalized racial profiling.
            It’s a special time in Arizona. One’s position on SB1070 does matter.

          • To be fair, I believe Vaccaro said something to the effect of “we’ll let the powers that be decide if it’s constitutional or not.”  That tells me that he’s not necessarily for or against it anymore, but interested to see what decision the lawyers and judges come to.
            Which owners oppose SB1070?  When you have an itch to go out for food or go to a bookstore or buy some clothes, do you ride/drive around with a list of businesses that are OK?

  12. Dont worry Brooklyn Pizza, you will still have many patrons visiting your business. Maybe actually even more. My son is moving back to Tucson TODAY and is planning on visiting Brooklyn Pizza as often as he can! In a couple of months my youngest son will be moving back there and visiting all businesses that are being boycotted and he loves Brooklyn Pizza too! THEN in about a year my husband and I will be moving back to Tucson, we will give our business to those that are in support of SB 1070. So “Three Sonoran’s”  thanks for letting us know which businesses to visit EVEN MORE OFTEN! Good job! Oh yeah and just to enlighten you a little bit SB 1070 has nothing to do with race or racial profiling.  Fearmongering gets you no where!

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