TSON News | Al Gore the sexual assaulter?
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  1. The flip side of the issue is that there really are women who lie about sexual assault and even rape. In Spring 2009, the peer-reviewed journal Forensic Examiner had an article, “False Rape Allegations: An Assault On Justice”:


    “As with all of human behavior, there are numerous reasons why a person would lie about being raped. […] For some, it was to meet the overwhelming need for attention often associated with Munchausen Syndrome or Borderline Personality Disorder. […] Others filed false reports in an attempt to essentially ‘extort’ money from the accused, who was typically wealthy. Because the goal was financial, the accuser was typically not motivated to pursue the case through formal legal channels, preferring to push for a settlement.”

    The latter pattern tracks unnervingly close to Molly Hagerty’s choices.

    Oh, and you say only 2-8% of rape claims turn out to be false? “Other research shows false rape claims to be as high as 43%.”* “One study** shows that between 1989 and 2003, 328 men and women convicted of rape were exonerated; over half of those had already served 10 or more years of their sentence, despite their innocence.”*

    * http://oklahoma-criminal-defense.com/blog/2010/04/falsely-accused-false-rape-allegations/
    ** http://www.falserape.net/exon_report.pdf

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