TSON News | DREAM Act students take it to DC (VIDEO)

DREAM Act students take it to DC (VIDEO)

[tnivideo caption=”Students lobby to become citizens” credit=”CNN”]http://ht.cdn.turner.com/cnn/big/politics/2010/07/19/bolduan.dream.act.cnn_640x360_dl.flv

CNN reports, and uses video from Tucson’s KVOA, on the DREAM Act students. Members of the right-wing, such as Jon Justice, are still opposed since they call it an “amnesty” program.

Three Sonorans will soon be reporting on a group of immigrants that have been deported even after serving time fighting for our freedoms in the United States Armed Services, putting their life on the line, only to be deported after returning to the U.S.

This is another example of immigrants doing the work most Americans won’t do, from picking lettuce in the Yuma sun to risking their lives fighting for this country.

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  1. Of course it’s a wonderful thing to give a chance to immigrants that come from countries where they can’t have a chance for a decent life. But there are some question anyone would ask:
    – How many hundreds of milions of more immigrants can USA afford to naturalize?
    – Are you sure that all those immigrants are just victims of the corruption and criminality in their countries, or they also come to US with their “culture” that contains a consistent part that encourages criminality and corruption?
    – That leads to the question: don’t you think that criminality and corruption will increase in US when you will have more and more immigrants?
    – Are you really sure that the most numerous group in the US army is the immigrants? Because that looks VERY unbelivable to me. I would be really surprised if they are more than 5-10%
    – And how many of the immigrants that are not already US citizens are in the US army? 0.01% ?
    – When the majority of US citizens will be of hispanic descent (that thing is coming for sure), will US change its official language into Spanish?
    – Will US change its name from “United States” into “Estados Unidos”?
    – When the majority of US citizens will be hispanic, will US have the criminalty and poverty rate close to that of Mexico?

    I’m asking those questions because, I as an european, I understand that, if US and EU fail, then we will all live in darkness, and probably the best place to live will be China

    So, instead of inviting immigrants to come and do the jobs you dont want to do, better you do those jobs and then save some money, and help them to improve their lives where they are. Instead of you going down, better help others to go up
    Sadly, a good part of the people who are against the “Dream Act”, they enjoy taking advantage of cheap immigrant labor, and thats huge hipocrisy.

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