TSON News | Justice flushed down the Jon (VIDEO)

Justice flushed down the Jon (VIDEO)

[tnivideo caption=”Jon Justice bashes TUSD ethnic studies” credit=”Three Sonorans”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNf0eFeFIDc

I try listening to Jon Justice on 104.1 from time to time, and it’s a really hard thing to do.

"The Truth" lineup

It’s a place where “everyone has a voice”, but rather than civil discourse you will get audio effects calling you an idiot and other little boy antics. I have no problem with this, it’s entertainment after all.

I do want to address Jon’s constant concern of his being labeled as a racist. My advice to Jon is that if you don’t want to be labeled a racist, stop acting like a racist.

Let me be specific.

I listened to today’s show and it was mostly about SB1070 as usual. Danger, fear, and the cucuy!

One person called in and talked about something their police friend told them. Basically it was about how if someone is caught speeding for going over 20 mph over the limit, and then the cop may have to verify their citizenship status with ICE. One possibility was if ICE doesn’t respond, and thus they would have to detain the suspect until citizenship status could be verified.

Jon Justice said this is ridiculous and something like this should never happen. We agree at this point.

But then he said that the cop doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that a driver’s license suffices as ID. Then he went on the call the police officer a rent-a-cop at Walmart. Way to show your support of Tucson police!

Here’s the thing Mr. Justice. A driver’s license does qualify as ID, but it does not suffice as proof of citizenship status. Try going to Nogales and entering the US with just a driver’s license and without a passport.

Perhaps someone who looks like Jon Justice doesn’t have to worry about racial profiling, and having to carry a birth certificate, but people that are darker skinned are now reasonably suspicious and can be detained and a driver’s license and Social Security number is not enough. Consider the news story below.

[tnivideo caption=”Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial profiling” credit=”Channel 3 – Phoenix”]http://ktvk.bimvid.com/vidad/tribeca.vidavee.com/bim/ktvk/EC036C194417942CB4287DB284A678A7.mp4

I challenge Jon Justice to describe what constitutes “reasonable suspicion” in a way that is not racial profiling.

(Article continued below)

Then Mr. Justice goes on to take more calls, and he has to distance himself from some of the callers that are mentioning parts of SB1070 that do not fit within his talking points. He has to add “grains of salt” to those callers. One caller says that Tom Horne supports the DREAM Act and Jon says there’s no way he does because he knows he’s not like that. Like what?

His studio assistant looks it up and verifies that Tom Horne may indeed support the DREAM Act and Jon Justice is disappointed and says there is another person running for Attorney General he might have to support. That person is the vile Andrew Thomas.

Why the 180 on supporting Tom Horne because he may support the DREAM Act?

The following will give some hints as to why Jon Justice may be perceived as racist. He distances himself from all the other callers that don’t fit within his agenda, but then a caller calls in about Mexicans being like cockroaches that come across the border when the lights go out.

Does Jon Justice distance himself from this comment? Not at all, but what could be considered racist about comparing Mexicans to cockroaches?

This is why Jon Justice doesn’t get it.

Let me add one more thing. What if there was a bill that said the following:

There shall be no murders, no rapes, no burning down the White House, and no Jon Justice show in Tucson.

Surely Jon Justice would object to this bill! And in response a talk-show host could say “Why does Jon Justice want a bill that outlaws burning the White House down repealed?” or “Does Jon Justice support murder since he wants this bill overturned?”

This is what it’s like with HB2281. Tom Horne, Steve Montenegro, and Jon Justice have never been in an ethnic studies course in TUSD. So why are they so opposed to content they don’t even understand?

To make SB1070 and HB2281 a focal point of your show, and to ridicule our teachers, two of which you call out – Sean and Auggie – shows your contempt of the educational system.

Please present the falsehoods that they are teaching. Please present the exact lessons that are lies and that are anti-American. Go deeper and present the actual lessons that you oppose, rather than playing sophomoric “you are an idiot, ha ha” soundtracks.

But to do so, you would have to sit in a class first. In the meantime you can continue with your uneducated attack on teachers and students in Tucson.

And that is why you are seen as a bigot.

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  1. Under SB 1070, a valid Arizona driver’s license is sufficient proof of legal residency or citizenship because the state requires proof of legal residency or citizenship before issuing one. The problem the caller spoke of is when a legal resident or American citizen who has even the slightest behavior or appearance that gives an officer a “reasonable suspicion” doesn’t have any of the accepted IDs listed in SB 1070. Or, if there are passengers in the car who don’t have any ID on them, which is a more likely scenario given that they don’t need to posses their driver’s license since they’re not driving. Then what does the cop do? It’s in these cases that an American citizen will be treated differently than other American citizens by being forced to prove they’re not committing a crime, rather than the government being forced to prove they are.

      • Three-Sonorans, this is true that the truck driver was still detained, however, this officer was not working under the new law. In fact, the new law doesn’t even go into effect until next week, and if this situation WERE to be working under the new law, then the drivers license WOULD have been sufficient and the police officer wouldn’t have had any grounds to detain this man.
        Essentially, the new law would have protected this man from this instance.

        • “Essentially, the new law would have protected this man from this instance.”
          Yeah and I have a Unicorn I want to show you!! This is exactly what the new law will allow. If MCSD stop’s this man with his heavy accent, he ain’ t going anywhere no matter what documents he produces.  A U.S. Citizen taken away in handcuffs because he didn’t have his birth certificate. This will become a everyday occurrence under this law.   But this law doesn’t allow racial profiling…..

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