TSON News | National Day of Action called for July 29th

National Day of Action called for July 29th

Ya basta! National Day of Action called for July 29th

Tucson Groups to Announce Plans for Protests on July 29th

Broad Arizona Coalition Will Call for Non-Compliance with SB1070, National Day of Action

What: Press Conference announcing statewide mobilization against Arizona anti-immigrant law
Where: Arizona State Building, NW corner of Congress and Granada, Tucson
When: Tuesday, July 20th, 11 a.m.

Tucson, AZ- At a press conference on Tuesday, July 20th a broad coalition of faith, human rights, immigrant rights and humanitarian organizations will announce plans for a nation-wide day of action on July 29th, the day that SB1070 is due to take effect.

Under the message “Don’t Work, Don’t Buy, Don’t Comply,” Tucson-based organizations will be announcing local plans for the 29th, as simultaneous press conferences are held in Phoenix and Flagstaff announcing plans for mobilization in other parts of the state.

Among the participating groups will be the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, No More Deaths, Tucson Samaritans, Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans, UA Against SB1070, Tucson May 1st Coalition, We Reject Racism – TYLO, Jewish Voice for Peace, Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras, the Resotration Project, Alliance for Global Justice, International Action Center of Tucson, Tucson YWCA, Calpoli Texixcali, the Guatemala Committee, and the Southwest United Church of Christ Justice, Border Action Network, and Witness Ministry. Allied groups in Phoenix and Flagstaff include Puente, Somos America, the National Day Labor Organizing Network andthe Repeal Coalition.

Beginning at 11:30 p.m. on July 28th and continuing all day long on the 29th actions will be taking place in downtown Tucson to mobilize community opposition to the new law – including rallies, vigils and civil disobedience. Community groups will be providing education on how the law will impact Arizonans and registering people to vote this election year. Finally, organizers will be calling on institutions such as churches, businesses and schools to declare non-compliance with SB1070. More details will be announced at the press conference.

While the participating organizations are hopeful that an injunction against SB1070 will be granted prior to July 29th, plans for the Day of Action will continue regardless of the outcome of pending lawsuits, in order to draw attention to the broader process of criminalization and militarization of our communities of which SB1070 is only a part.

This criminalization and militarization is concentrated in southern Arizona, where the federal government’s approach to immigration and border enforcement has resulted in escalating violence and insecurity, as evidenced by a record pace of deaths along the border this year. Plans like the Obama administration’s to send 3,000 troops to the border only exacerbate these problems and fail to address their underlying causes. In addition to its lawsuit against SB1070, the U.S. government should act now to address the fundamental failures and inadequacy of our immigration system, and to end militarized enforcement along the border.

10 comments on “National Day of Action called for July 29th
    • You’re probably real big on Hitler’s birthday as well.  Nothing to celebrate; plenty to organize around.  I expect though, we’ll see the same 20 or 30 toothless folks with misspelled signs supporting SB1070 in Phoenix.

  1. All the usual pro-illegal immigrant “mob”! Morons every one of them! The more stupid protests they do the more the mainstream of America will pound them and this issue come November in the elections.

    • the more the mainstream of America will pound them and this issue come November in the elections.

      I doubt that.  I’m not running for election and neither are the judges that will declare this an unconstitutional law.  There will be no SB1070, no ban on accents in the classroom and no ban on ethnic studies.  Only then will we stop.

      • leftfield – I see where you get your handle. 1070 is not unconstitutional. Read the law yourself, don’t just guess at what it says.
        As for a ban on accents in the classroom, that is so laughable I’m surprised that I even brought it up.
        Please, by all means, take all of your cronies and illegals and please, please boycott Arizona. We need the break from crime and freeloaders!

        • 1070 is not unconstitutional. Read the law yourself, don’t just guess at what it says.

          The courts will decide the constitutionality of this law.  In the meantime we will continue on with the fight. 

  2. By coincidence, Sheriff Joe has also called a “day of action” for the 29th, the beginning of open season on illegals with a massive crime suppression sweep and tent city expansion in Phoenix.  Good luck protestors. Be sure and have all your papers ready.

  3. Has anybody thought about all those children who are American Citizens and will be lost in Mexico and South America because their illegal parents are going back to their countries? It is really sad to know that our citizens who have no vote and are guilty of nothing will never be part of their country. This will lead to nothing but hate for a US who refuse to support these young citizens when they needed it the most.
    Do not try to cover the sun with a finger. SB1070 is not the solution to the illegal immigration problem in our country.

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