TSON News | Border Sheriff Drops Endorsement of John McCain over SB1070

Border Sheriff Drops Endorsement of John McCain over SB1070

Border Sheriff Tony Estrada endorses Randy Parraz for US Senate.

Border Sheriff Drops Endorsement of John McCain over SB 1070

Support to Democratic Candidate Randy Parraz Causes McCain to Pull Campaign Ad

PHOENIX, AZ—In a move that surprised Senator John McCain, Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada, whose jurisdiction includes one of the most active segments along the Arizona-Mexico border, dropped his support for the long-time Senator and endorsed Democratic candidate Randy Parraz. Sheriff Estrada cited McCain’s support of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law and his lack of compassion for the unemployed as his reasons for the change.

“SB 1070 does nothing for border security. It simply casts suspicion on people based upon how they dress and how they speak,” commented Sheriff Estrada. “John McCain is using SB 1070 to divide our community and bolster his campaign for re-election,” he said. Estrada, like Parraz, is an opponent of SB 1070.

The Sheriff and law enforcement veteran told the press on June 11 he endorsed Parraz because of his commitment to positive change, his history and experience in working in the community, and having a deep understanding of the complexity of the challenges facing Arizona.

This week Senator McCain began running campaign advertisements that listed Sheriff Estrada as one of his endorsements. A spokesperson for McCain indicated the ads would be taken off the air after being informed that Estrada had endorsed Parraz.

Arizona’s SB 1070 changed political tides in recent months and “has negatively affected Arizona’s economy and reputation,” Estrada added. “Yet McCain still demonstrates apathy to the economic situation in our state and those who have lost their jobs, but has no shame asking them for their vote,” he said. Parraz agrees with Sheriff Estrada and supports extended unemployment benefits.

The son of a deputy sheriff in Sacramento County, Parraz also supports the federal government’s recent lawsuit to stop the enforcement of SB 1070. Parraz said the new law “Is an unnecessary distraction that does nothing to secure the border or fix the immigration system.” Parraz is the only candidate for U.S. Senate who helped organize efforts to stop SB 1070 in its premature state at the Arizona Legislature. Parraz was fueled to run for McCain’s seat after leading talks in opposition of SB 1070 with Governor Jan Brewer’s Office, and after its signing in April.

“We must find real solutions by way of immigration reform and economic stability,” stated Parraz who has a law degree from U.C. Berkeley and a Masters degree from Harvard University. “And I believe I have the leadership to make that happen,” he added.

The last day to register to vote for the primary is July 26. The primary election is Aug. 24. For more information, please visit parrazforchange.com .

23 comments on “Border Sheriff Drops Endorsement of John McCain over SB1070
  1. Sheriff Babeau has appeared on a hate group program and now denies he knew of the program’s racist views. Amazing how the media will take him and Brewer at their word while us Mexican-Americans have been through this hate all our lives and know better.  Kudos to Sheriff Tony. You have done the right thing. Yes, there are many illegals in America, however there are many more Mexican-Americans in Arizone who vote. MacCain is a proven loser.

  2. It’s very interesting that a SHERIFF would suddenly change his position on such a non essential issue here’s part of Estrada’s verbiage  “SB 1070 does nothing for border security. It simply casts suspicion on people based upon how they dress and how they speak,” commented Sheriff Estrada. After all that is what Estrada said was his reason Why? Who have you been talking to? Better yet who got to you from the other side? Have you actually read SB1070? Then copy and paste to this site that  specific language in the bill which is aimed only at Hispanics. There is a Federal Law already on the books that requires you as a Sheriff to do your job. There is also language in the bill 1070 that may and can mean you are aiding and abetting illegals by allowing them to remain work and live here in the U.S.A. Didn’t you take an oath to uphold all of the laws in your jurisdiction and the constitution? So what is your response? Are you going to do YOUR job…er I should ask your responsibility?

    • You are assuming he has not read the bill. I am sure he has, along with reading the Constitution!
      Let me ask you this,  What about the Supremacy Clause? Should we ignore it? What is reasonable suspicion, and tell me without profiling?
      What about the fact the Taxi drivers will have to verify your legal status before you get in to their vehicle? Are they qualified to do so?
      Crime victims?
      What if under the officers untrained discretion, a driver license is not enough because of poor English Skills?
      Hope you don’t burn too many brain cells figuring this out?

  3. john mc cain  hates hispanics cause they vote for obama and he last his chance to be president for the rest of his life   so no matter  what obama does he is going to talk  sssssss

  4. I’m interested does anybody at the Citizen read “The Cholla Jumps” by Jim Kelly. He reports from the war front much better than the other blogs. Maybe the Santa Cruz Sherriff should also.

  5. So are they looking for jobs or escaping a war? Choose one for god sake. I dont think you can. You just them all here. As for me its time to close up the border. We gain nothing by this immigration (invasion).

    • People who are escaping a war can’t be looking for a job? These are not mutually exclusive…
      But I ask you, is it a war or not? You already said earlier that it was. If it is, then refugee status applies.

  6. Finally somebody who cares not for his political advancement but for what is right for the state of AZ. Republicans have done nothing but preach fear and hatred towards the Hispanic community, which has lead to a divided state. I hope this crazyness ends soon with the Republicans defeated by their own agenda of hate.

  7. “Finally somebody who cares not for his political advancement but for what is right for the state of AZ.” ???? How do you think this sheriff landed  this position? He was voted in! If you think that sheriff is not a political job than your an idiot. If he is for the bill and the mojority of the hispanic pop is against it than how would he guarantee his next election? If you voted you would know this.

  8. Randy Parraz, is no more that an OUTSIDER  FROM CALIFORNA, where he spent his life as a union organizer and activist.
    “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Randy Parraz, an AFL-CIO field representative from San Francisco. “The members have complete ownership of this strike.”

    and costing taxpayers more money;

    “Just two days after the verdict that Maricopa County tax payers would have to be burdened with a $475,000 settlement to seven citizens, Randy Parraz, U.S. Senatorial Candidate discussed his own wrongful arrest and pending settlement in an interview with Joe Dana of Channel 12 News this morning.”
    Yes we need someone like him like a hole in our head………

  9. Refugee status……sure you and your open borders friends would love that. It’s a drug war. OK I used a term which you just loved. Gives you a chance to use the refugee card. So when does Obama call it a war?….. If they come across as refugees how will that make them citizens? What line do they go to then. At the front?? Just think 12 million un-educated “refugees-soon to be citizens” voting Demcratic.
    You would love that…How stupid do you think we are.

    • You act like they aren’t already here, and you haven’t been benefiting off their cheap labor, the taxes they pay when they go grocery shopping and buy gas and cigarettes… this isn’t a new wave of people, they are already contributing to our society.

      •  We havent been benifiting. There are 15 million unemployed US citizens. Those are the official numbers from the Labor Dept. You get rid of the 12 to 20 million criminals we have 0 unemployment potential. Also, they dont pay taxes. Taxes for employees are paid by the employer, usually by an accountant working for the employer each time a check is cut. You think that employer pays taxes on a criminal? 3 years in prison and up to 250,000 dollars is the max penalty for hiring anyone not authorized to work here. Oh and, check out the crime stats and prison inmate stats. in my home state of Washington 40% of ALL FELONIES are commited by illegal aliens and HALF of the people on the states most wanted list are MEXICAN NATIONALS. They commit all the crime and Washington isnt even a border state! Well it shares a border with Canada but WTF?!?! I know you dont know what your talking about and I would guess that your breaking the LAW and thats why you are talking this stupid BS about benifiting from Mexico and Mexicans. They do many things citizen, but contribute they do not.

        • Whenever a migrant worker goes grocery shopping, buys gas or cigarettes, they ARE paying taxes.
          Contribute they do.
          They also keep tons of apartments complexes from being empty, thus stimulating the economy even more, but it is clear you are not basing your comments on facts but rather emotion.

  10. To sean: 15 million unemployed…..plenty of vegetables to pick.
    The growers are waiting.
    Amazing that Washington doesn’t have any ‘white’ criminals.
    What a paradise.
    to fraser007: I think you’re beyond stupid.

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