TSON News | US Senate Democratic candidates attend forum

US Senate Democratic candidates attend forum

The Arizona Republic reports on a forum that all the Democratic US Senate candidates where in attendance, except for the former Republican from Fresno who did not attend.

Democrats make case for Senate primary

by Betty Reid – Jul. 20, 2010
The Arizona Republic

Three Democrats vying to face either J.D. Hayworth or John McCain for the U.S. Senate seat on Nov. 2 ballot made their case during a recent forum.

Democratic candidates are former investigative journalist John Dougherty, Arizona State University official Cathy Eden and political organizer Randy Parraz. Rodney Glassman did not attend the forum sponsored by the Democratic Legislative District 6 at the Deer Valley Community Center. The top vote-getter from the Aug. 24 primary will face Hayworth or McCain.

The three candidates talked about national issues such as jobs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, energy dependence, illegal immigration and how to reduce the federal deficit. The candidates, who arrived at different times, mostly introduced themselves to about 20 people who attended.

Dougherty said he has “a history of confronting power.” He reported on former Gov. Fife Symington, who resigned in 1997 after being convicted of bank fraud. Symington’s conviction was later overturned on appeal, and President Bill Clinton pardoned him in early 2001. Dougherty said, if elected, he will use his investigative skills to hold federal agencies accountable.

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“I believe we have to break down that cycle that McCain epitomizes. The cycle is: The lobbyists walk down to your office, they give you a bill, you push their bill, they pay your dinner but the dinner is really big,” Dougherty said.

Eden, director of the Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program at ASU, said she’s the best candidate to “take him (John McCain) out.”

Eden said her previous work as a former director of the Arizona Department of Health Services , a former member of the Arizona House of Representative and one-time Coconino County manager gives her skills to work across party lines.

“I truly believe we can get John McCain out of there. Someone who can work across party lines, who has proven that I can makes things happen, should be your next United States senator,” Eden said.

Parraz, who entered the race late, said he has the skills to attract the Hispanic vote.

Parraz most recently helped launch a coalition, the Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability, to expose what he calls abusive practices and polices of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, including his crime sweeps.

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