Capitol Hill: Millionaire's club

(Begin article) The Hill just released their top richest lawmakers and John Kerry tops the list: Sen. John Kerry...

Andrew Thomas concedes to Tom Horne

(Begin article) Andrew Thomas’s spokesperson said he was preparing to concede on Friday, then decided to hold off until...

The latest on the GOP AG race

Tom Horne by almost 400 votes over Andrew Thomas
(Begin article) On Friday I received word that Andrew Thomas was preparing to concede the Attorney General’s race. This...

3Gs going against the OG (VIDEO)

(Begin article) First it was Grijalva’s pupil Glassman who went against his mentor and called him misguided on the...

Mathematics of Muslim Mosque fear

Posted on Facebook by Mark Schmidt
(Begin article) Venn Diagrams from Mathematics can be useful to illustrate the fears of Muslims and their Mosques. Mark...

Why is Jan Brewer hiding? (VIDEO)

(Begin article) Jan Brewer refuses to answer questions. I guess this type of behavior extends beyond our Democratic US...

Post-primary election analysis

(Begin article) For those interested in my US Senate analysis, I’ll save that for last (at the very bottom...

An open letter to Rodney Glassman

Results at 12:30am
(Begin article) Congratulations Rodney! It seems that rich people still can buy elections. But before you celebrate you should...