Chicana Magazine: new magazine launched for the Arizona community

There is a new magazine that is being launched today that will be addressing the issues affecting the Arizona community. More info is below:

Today is the launch for Chicana Magazine. This page has been designed to publish thoughts, opinions, facts, photos, and other works of art by those members of the Chican@ movement. It is designed to provide a centralized place for information to flow freely to the masses. With the attacks upon the community this year, it is important to reach out to all and provide them with a comprehensive site that will allow them to find information, opinions and art.

We are a collective of writers and artists who are deeply moved and involved with the Chican@ movement. It is here that we have found our space to speak our hearts and minds to the masses. Please check our page often as postings will go up frequently. There are links to other blogs and also links to local Arizona organizations that are fighting the injustices that occur way too frequently in our communities. In the near future we will have videos and photos posted as well as links to very important news articles.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our page as we know there are a multitude of pages out on the net these days. We hope this page will be comprehensive and informative one that you will frequent with regularity. We hope you pass this on to everyone! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Viva la Raza!

All the writers at Chicana Magazine

3 comments on “Chicana Magazine: new magazine launched for the Arizona community
    • So sad that you say that in jest – and that’s an assumption on my part, having read your views – because a Chicana perspective on the world might open your heart and mind to a broader way of looking at things. The magazine is being “launched for the Arizona community.”

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