TSON News | Chris Deschene chooses to exploit Mother Earth and Father Sky for profit

Chris Deschene chooses to exploit Mother Earth and Father Sky for profit

Very few people know about the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, Chris Deschene.

Four Corners Power Plant

Did you know he is an attorney for the coal companies that are polluting the Navajo Nation? Some that know him say that he is also a climate-change denier.

If he is not, then that makes it even worse since he is knowingly exacerbating the climate-change problem, exchanging the green stance Navajos are known for for that other green.

I am curious how my progressive friends or fellow Democrats will attack Three Sonorans for pointing out that Deschene is working against what most of the Navajos want, simple things such as clean air and water, and to continue to live in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Working in the interests of coal companies is the exact opposite of this!

Some Navajos believe they are inseparable from Mother Earth and Father Sky — stewards of the land who must live in harmony with the natural world. There are no Navajo words to describe the complexities of power plants; to many elders, they are big stoves that produce electricity, and the emissions, wild spirits capable of harm.

“You treat your mother with great respect and love,” said Harry Walters, a historian and cultural anthropologist at Dine College in Tsaile, Ariz. “You don’t give your mother bad food, you don’t take your mother to a place where there is bad air, you don’t let her drink dirty water.”

Gilmore grew up tending goats on a homestead on the reservation and recalls waist-high grass teeming with tiny ground lizards before the coal burning started 44 years ago. While the land is bare now, it would be obliterated by an advancing strip mine that would be tapped for the new plant.

“Sometimes she cries for it when she’s alone, for the land and the destruction,” said her daughter, Bonnie Wethington.

Walters said tribal leaders need only consider the legacy of uranium mining booms in the 1950s and 1970s, which brought cancer, lung disease and death to the Navajos — to know that Mother Earth will retaliate for coal digging and burning.

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via Proposed coal plant pits economic growth against Navajo belief in Mother Earth and Father Sky – Houston Chronicle.

Where do you think all that coal comes from to generate the electricity in your homes? Where does the power come from to pump all that CAP water from near sea level, over 300 miles across the Arizona desert, and uphill to Tucson’s elevation of over 2000 feet? Anyone with a pool pump knows how expensive moving water is since it takes so much energy.

Unfortunately a few people on the Navajo Nation will make a killer profit, and the rest of the Navajo people will continue to live in poverty, but with the added sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, lead, mercury, etc.

Remember that old commercial Crying Indian? Nowadays it is not necessarily because of sadness, but because the air will be so toxic that your eyes will burn day and night.

Every year, according to figures compiled by the EPA, the station would pump out 6,644 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are components of acid rain; 5,529 tons of carbon monoxide; 570 tons of lung-busting particulate matter; and 166 tons of smog-forming volatile organic compounds, plus trace amounts of lead and mercury.

The EPA has yet to approve an air-quality permit, which Sithe Global first applied for in 2004. Sithe and the Navajo Nation’s Dine Power Authority sued March 18 over the agency’s delay, claiming the tribe is losing $5 million in tax revenue for every month the permit is held up. The Bureau of Indian Affairs already has signed off on a lease.

“It’s all about politics. We’ve met all of the requirements, done all of the work, and yet we’re still waiting,” said Christopher Deschene, an attorney for the Dine Power Authority, the tribe’s partner in the project. “This is our backyard. We can handle this.”

It may be your backyard Mr. Deschene, but your land and resources are being burned up not only outside of Page, AZ, but also to power the lights in urban backyards, without any hassle of the city’s backyards being destroyed for the exploitation of minerals and resources.

Oh yeah, and Dr. Environmentalism and “green” Glassman also endorses Chris, since who knows keeping water safe better than a petrochemical industrialist that has been fined by the EPA for water pollution!

What the heck is wrong with the Democratic party this year?

13 comments on “Chris Deschene chooses to exploit Mother Earth and Father Sky for profit
  1. Deschene’s real name is Christopher Clark, and his law firm, the one that represents Desert Rock Energy, is called Schaff and Clark-Deschene, LLC.  He has been in the pocket of the coal companies for years, and has sold out his people for the money of the coal companies.  This is common knowledge on the Navajo reservation, where the people are strongly opposed to more coal plants.

    Now ask yourself if it’s any surprise that Deschene, Grijalva, and Glassman are all in bed together?  They are all utterly corrupt, and Grijalva is trying to help them run a power play on a statewide level.

  2. What the heck is wrong with the Democratic party this year?
    – With friends like you, who needs enemies? In your last hit piece on Chris Deschene, comments included a comment from George Hardeen, Communications Director, Office of the President & Vice President, The Navajo Nation, stating that “All the work that Chris Deschene has done has been completely supported by the Navajo government and the vast majority of the Navajo people”.
    If these projects on Navajo land is fine with the the Navajo people, it’s fine by me. I’d rather have a bit of Mother Earth scarred by coal mining than scarred by millions of gallons of crude oil spilled into her seas, or power plants fueled by imported oil from people that don’t like us very much.

  3. It’s not fine by the Navajo people!  Just because Navajo President Shirley, a politician, supports it, it doesn’t mean that the people do!   The people are vehemently opposed to it because they don’t want their land and their children poisoned by more mining.

      • Just because he was elected doesn’t mean that what he and Deschene are doing is right.  They are accepting big money from the coal companies in return for allowing the companies to poison their own land and their own people.

    • For a Nation as vast and sparsely populated as the Navajo, the ONLY thing that makes sense for improving the lives of the people is solar and wind. Don’t let the mega corporations fool you – the cost of the infrastructure for distribution is absurd, with the profits going to the corporations and the bills going to the people! There are already small companies like “Sacred Power” doing solar/wind installations on the reservation. I’ve been off grid for 33 years – it works! Don’t take my word for it, talk to friends or neighbors about their systems.
      As far as coal goes, please find a way to get rid of those exploiting you and keep it in the ground. Create new jobs with solar/wind!

  4. I find the notion that Deschene isn’t the real last name. Is there any more on this guy?  What’s his past history, clan, parents, and where’s he really from? Curious and ready to change vote status if need to.

  5. Add Stanley Pollack to the list of the enemies of the Dine’ (Navajo) people (Clark, Grivalva, Glassman, et al) who are set in their blackened hearts to destroy The Great Dine’ Nation from within and from without…they must not ever get into office OR they must be removed by The People’s VOTE or REVOLUTION!!!

  6. Doesn’t surprise me or our family of what people like these so called “politicians” who are suppose to be our voice and advocates to protect our rights and the lands, fail to see what’s so simple, preservation of our lands and sacred mother earth! People like Chris Clark, who I know for a fact has not represented himself in a good way towards women, so of course his morals are tainted and therefore explains his actions through politics and his livelihood to destroy what’s ‘sacred’, I did NOT vote for him!!!!! He needs to get a serious wake up call!

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