Tucson Citizen: the new progressive news source

Tucson Citizen: the new progressive news source

by Desert Sonoran

The Tucson Citizen started printing in the 1800s.

They no longer print a daily newspaper because of their advanced thinking with environmentalism (saving trees by using less paper in the electronic age) and with the future of the new media (there are some other theories also), but one thing is sure:

You may not recognize them after their modern makeover.

The Tucson Citizen has excellent writers on many different topics, including some of Tucson’s finest sportswriters, but in terms of Politics, this is what you can find:

Baja Arizona: the author lives near the border and has decades of experience with issues relating to this special area that is one of the focus points of national politics. He is also an attorney which gives him more insight into these issues, and was recently interviewed for his knowledge of the border by the NY Times.

Carolyn’s Community: Another highly educated writer who will let you know the latest political and cultural events coming up, including any video she finds of them. She not only alerts you about events, but will attend many of these events making her a valuable part of the community.

Caveat Lector: I don’t want to classify this as right or left, but I will say it is always thoughtful and insightful, including on controversial issues and the comment sections always have a lively discussion.

Other political blogs: These are worth following, but are currently not so regular because of other writing assignments – The Data Port, Bermudez Shortz, and Living on the Border. I will also give a plug to the only remaining “right-wing” blog Fort Buckley. There were others, but they left for various reasons, but not because the progressive blogs were getting much more reads, taking them off the top.

Right-wing bloggers PLEASE apply!

There is no pay though… hey wait, come back… oh well.

Three Sonorans: Hated by right for being too liberal (I must be a Democratic operative), and hated by the Democratic establishment for holding their feet to the progressive fire and often times being critical of them (thus I must be a Republican operative), you will either love or hate this blog, but hopefully it evoked some emotion and got you thinking some more, especially on the super-controversial issues confronting Arizona 2010.

And introducing

Tucson Progressive: New to the Tucson Citizen but not new to blogging, I’ve actually been linking to her writings for a while now as the only citizen journalist covering super-important political events, such as the attempt by the conservative SALC to take over the city of Tucson. While I have been covering their takeover of TUSD by placing their Vice-President as the next Superintendent, Pamela has been covering the very heated community forums on Prop 401, and a bunch of other important issues confronting the city of Tucson.

Pamela has no problem attending the council meetings and public forums, which can get crazy at times (if you’ve never been to one), and her writing is a valuable insight into the voice of the Tucson citizens and not just repeating what the politicians spew as their talking points.

She is a welcome addition to the new voice of Tucson, your one-stop news source known as the Tucson Citizen, documenting the turbulent times of the Arizona 2010 for future generations!