Brewer misses Thursday debate and over 20 other recent events

Healthy enough?

Did you know that Jan Brewer has missed over 20 scheduled appearances since her one and only debate?

Did you know that last week a candidate for state office passed away after missing recent appearances and debates, thus stressing the importance of a candidate’s health and ability to live out a term in office?

Jan Brewer has NOT denied having a biopsy for cancer, and all evidence seems to point in that direction. Plus she is missing dozens of scheduled public appearances…

… so I think it is all the more important to provide a clean bill of health from her doctor saying all these rumors are unfounded and that she is completely healthy and that even though mental illness is hereditary, her son who has been in a mental institute for two decades did not inherit it from his mother.

It’s really easy to say you didn’t have a biopsy, heck you can even lie about it. But Jan Brewer hasn’t, and the public has a right to know.

Is Jan Brewer healthy enough to live out a whole term as governor?

Some attendees dressed up in chicken costumes and held signs asking why the governor wouldn’t debate. One man held a large sign shaped like a milk carton with Brewer’s picture — an allusion to missing persons advertisements.

via Brewer absent in Tempe debate | ASU News | The State Press | Arizona State University.