TSON News | Brewer misses Thursday debate and over 20 other recent events

Brewer misses Thursday debate and over 20 other recent events

Healthy enough?

Did you know that Jan Brewer has missed over 20 scheduled appearances since her one and only debate?

Did you know that last week a candidate for state office passed away after missing recent appearances and debates, thus stressing the importance of a candidate’s health and ability to live out a term in office?

Jan Brewer has NOT denied having a biopsy for cancer, and all evidence seems to point in that direction. Plus she is missing dozens of scheduled public appearances…

… so I think it is all the more important to provide a clean bill of health from her doctor saying all these rumors are unfounded and that she is completely healthy and that even though mental illness is hereditary, her son who has been in a mental institute for two decades did not inherit it from his mother.

It’s really easy to say you didn’t have a biopsy, heck you can even lie about it. But Jan Brewer hasn’t, and the public has a right to know.

Is Jan Brewer healthy enough to live out a whole term as governor?

Some attendees dressed up in chicken costumes and held signs asking why the governor wouldn’t debate. One man held a large sign shaped like a milk carton with Brewer’s picture — an allusion to missing persons advertisements.

via Brewer absent in Tempe debate | ASU News | The State Press | Arizona State University.

4 comments on “Brewer misses Thursday debate and over 20 other recent events
  1. Some people believe that hatemongering causes bad karmic health issues, doctors at the very least say it like anger causes stress, premature cardiac arrest! But many believe bad karmic health due to bad karma can cause cancer’s, variety of health woes, one can wonder does her bad health come from her bad karma related to her xenophobic campaign against Hispanics? Guess its a question only god could answer, the biblical jews believed leper’s were sick as a sign of sin from god, one can theorize why illness hits folks, since we all sin its possible god works in mysterious ways to maybe make us repent of our sin!

  2. If Brewer is seriously ill, I agree voters should be informed. However, you should realize that for those people who agree with her politics and/or like her and are planning to vote for her, it will not be a reason not to vote for her, even if she announces it. I hate Jan Brewer for what she has done to our state, but if she is sick, you are being unnecessarily cruel. And I think insinuating that a mother may be mentally ill if she has a child with mental illness is way, way over the line and very unfair. Having a child with serious mental illness is heartbreaking for parents and family, and there is simply no excuse for using that against her in any way.

    There are plenty of reasons to oppose her for Governor, most obviously the fact that the state is falling apart under her command already. We obviously need responsible leadership. I think you should dial it back at least on this health angle, and leave the mentally ill son out of it. If you really believe Brewer is that sick, what do you think about the possible successors to the job?  If there are doubts about Brewer’s health, the thing to consider is the Secretary of State race. Actually that’s important even if she is just fine right now. History tells us that a lot of Az secretaries of state have become governor. It matters who we chose.

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