TSON News | After Jan Brewer’s heart attack her heart issues are a grave concern to voters

After Jan Brewer’s heart attack her heart issues are a grave concern to voters

Could hyperthyroidism be affecting Brewer’s heart?

After Jan Brewer’s heart attack her heart issues are a grave concern to voters

by Three Sonorans

Here’s a brief summary of the issue so far.

One of Arizona’s top investigative journalists, who broke the Keating 5 scandal among other news, received some information from Jan Brewer’s office about a biopsy for thyroid cancer she received on September 20th.

In addition to the special inside information, he also posted a picture from an interview that Jan Brewer conducted that day were she is wearing a clearly visible bandage on her neck, exactly where the needle for the biopsy would have entered.

To make this claim very easily refutable if it were not true, the time and location and the medical procedure that took place were all produced.

Note the bandage on her chest, exactly where the biopsy needle would have entered.

Governor Brewer received a thyroid biopsy on Sept. 20, according to records and interviews with sources inside and outside her administration.

The biopsy was likely conducted at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, where the governor was taken twice in one day in late Sept.

Official office photo shows Brewer wearing bandage on her neck on Sept. 21 in Tucson. She’s wearing the same outfit as in the KOLD TV interview that also shows bandage.

The KOLD interview was not aired until Oct. 7.

via InvestigativeMedia

That is very specific information and very easy to refute if it were not true.

Jan Brewer, her campaign, and her doctor have NOT refuted this claim

Then the story gets more interesting. Terry Goddard, her opponent for Arizona governor, released a clean bill of health from his doctor.

What caused Jan Brewer’s famous brain-freeze?

Considering Jan Brewer’s brain-freeze during her only debate, where she blanked out for a complete 16 seconds on live TV, and considering that her son has been in a mental institute for two decades and that mental illness can be hereditary (although it could have come from the father, or from a new mutation in her son), and with all this evidence emerging of a biopsy for thyroid cancer, questions of Jan Brewer’s health were based on more than just rumor and are justified.

I have personally known some very close people that have suffered from thyroid problems. They literally saw angels and demons next to them and had other illusions and hallucinations. Their religious fervor went sky high as they believed they were on a mission from God and talked to these angels and demons.

So considering claims of headless bodies out in the desert, her stories of her father dying while fighting Nazis even though he died in the 1950’s in California, a lack of one decent speech that Jan Brewer has given since becoming governor, and her massive brain-freeze seen around the nation, this scenario became more plausible.

Those with untreated hypothyroidism may find they are suddenly unable to remember things, have problems staying focused and paying attention as they struggle with mental sluggishness.

Read more: What are the Symptoms of a Thyroid Imbalance?

Then the plot thickens like tar

Jan Brewer, formerly Jan Drinkwine, had a history of being liberal with libations and heaving smoking. All the medical evidence of damage done to the body as a result of drinking (liver, brain, degeneration of neural transmitters, etc) and smoking (lungs, throat, your voice), shows that it does take a toll on someone after many years.

This is another similarity with Jan Brewer and former President George W. Bush (and Glenn Beck), all with serious (legal) substance abuse problems in the past that have taken their toll.

Unless of course, all those ad campaigns and messages from DARE are false.

This is all background knowledge on the effects of drinking and smoking, and may affect different people in different ways, but Jan Brewer was clearly affected.

Jan Brewer’s heart attack

A bill of health was released by Jan Brewer’s doctor saying she was ok but that did not address her biopsy. What was interesting was that the doctor was a cardiologist who said he had been monitoring Jan Brewer for 10 years.

This led me to write my article “Why has Jan Brewer being seeing a cardiologist for 10 years?

Since the real media wasn’t asking that obvious follow-up question, I did, and since they weren’t investigating, I would. Then I found out she had a nearly fatal heart attack:

Brewer had been a longtime smoker but quit after suffering a nearly fatal heart attack in 1994, when she was serving as Senate majority whip in the state Legislature. And political insiders say Brewer’s health had been a consideration before she made the decision last fall to run for a full four-year term.

via Health questions still dog Jan Brewer in Ariz. race – Scott Wong – POLITICO.com.

(Article continued below)

So not only does Jan Brewer have a possible thyroid condition, she has a bad heart and a history of heavy smoking and a clearly raspy voice as a result.

She has already had one heart attack. Now the spirits of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are coming together in our governor.

But it gets even better/worse…

Brewer’s medical connection and how it affects the future of Arizona: The Heart/Thyroid connection

We now know that Jan Brewer has a heart condition and has already had one heart attack, and that she is being closely monitored by a cardiologist.

Is she at risk for immediate heart failure?

Here’s the reasoning: If Jan Brewer’s heart was fine after all these years, then there would be no concern.

Heart failure can be caused by the thyroid

But what would happen if her heart condition was getting worse? The cardiologist would try to find out what is causing it, right? Perhaps he would try to figure out if her thyroid was causing her bad heart condition.

Thyroid disorders particularly, hyperthyroidism, can put the heart under significant strain.

So it would make sense if they were doing a biopsy to see if Brewer needs to have it removed. If it is cancerous and/or needs to be removed for some other reason, it is unlikely they will irradiate it because that can cause stress on her heart.

The only other option is surgery. So if a scar shows up on her neck early next year, we’ll know, unless she suddenly starts wearing only turtlenecks…

Of course the biopsy may have found nothing of immediate concern, hence the last sentence of the doctor’s release.

How the press can get involved

As a blogger I do not have the power that the real press does, but I do have a science background and have tried to lay out the concern for everyone logically and with references.

Just recently we lost a candidate for state office due to a heart attack, and I already voted for him with my early ballot (and I would do it again!).

But look at the pattern that emerged during his last days. He started missing televised debates and scheduled events. It was known that he had a history of heart problems, and then before you knew it, a warrior for justice is no longer with us.

Jan Brewer has refused to have more than one debate, and since then she has missed over 20 scheduled appearances!

When running for public office, when deciding on who is fit, physically and mentally, to be our leader in the most turbulent times Arizona has ever known, we need to have as much information as possible about the candidate’s fitness to lead for the next 4 years.

The press needs to find out and can by asking Jan Brewer’s doctor about her biopsy.

— Why did she have a biopsy?

— Was it to find out what is causing her failing heart condition?

— Does the governor have hyperthyroidism which may be hurting her heart?

— Does the governor have thyroid cancer?

The public has a right to know about serious heart problems that our leaders may have. Especially when they are candidates for office, and as mentioned above we have already lost one candidate because of their heart issues.

Arizona is about to enter one of the most stressful times in the next 4 years. The economy is horrible, schools are in trouble, classes are under attack, parks are closing, jobs are being lost, immigration issues are dividing the citizens and neo-Nazi rallies are making a strong comeback.

Stress will be at an all-time high, and we need a candidate that doesn’t need a chill pill to handle it (another possible cause for her dismal debate debacle).

We need a candidate with a strong heart, con corazon, and all evidence is pointing to Jan Brewer, or her doctor, needing to answer some more direct questions about her heart condition.

We already know Jan Brewer’s heart has failed in the past, and it is fragile now.

How fragile is it?

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