TSON News | Ruben Reyes, one of Grijalva's top staff, caught stealing McClung signs? (VIDEO)

Ruben Reyes, one of Grijalva's top staff, caught stealing McClung signs? (VIDEO)

If you guys don’t know who Ruben Reyes is, he’s Raul Grijalva’s top aide who does his dirty work for him.

Ruben Reyes does the dirty work for Grijalva

Over the summer you may recall some articles I wrote about harassment from the Grijalva camp because I was supporting Randy Parraz instead of Raul Grijalva’s favorite Fresno grape farmer Rodney Glassman.

I had to take those articles down because he got even madder. Who got madder?

Ruben Reyes.

I’ve seen Ruben over and over again at events, and his wife, councilwoman Regina Romero has been nice to me, but Ruben will never speak to me directly. Instead he has to threaten my friends using his power and influence to try to silence me.

I also know Ruben from when I used to help produce movies. Ruben Reyes has inspired the Chicano community with his “Pancho goes to college” which as one well-respected community member put it, is nothing but “chichis and nalgas.”

Why should this be the case? Why should people in Tucson be afraid to speak their mind or run for office without the godfather’s blessing? If the don gets mad, then expect Ruben Reyes to come after you in some way.

People have lost their jobs because of their tactics. People have had their reputation ruined because of them. It is a shame that they do this because this same community knows so much dirt on them, and we are trying to play nice.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Power corrupts.

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This doesn’t mean I’m a TEA Partier either. I just don’t understand why we must support Raul Grijalva every step of the way because the TEA Party is going to protest at his office or something, but he never supports us back.

Politics in Tucson has turned into cholo politics. Criticize the godfather and be crushed.

Here’s the problem. When you keep on crushing people, soon the number that you have upset will outnumber the friends you have left. Why do you think the race is so close?

It’s not just because of the TEA Party movement, but because many of your former supporters who used to walk for you no longer will. And you know why.

Now Ruben has been caught stealing McClung’s signs.

This cholo politics has got to stop. You make it harder and harder to defend you everyday. It’s not like you are one of a kind. There is a whole generation of progressive people ready to step up and bring new leadership to Congress, not old cholo style threatening and theft.

Please don’t throw a rock in my window, or slash my tires for writing this. And please leave my friends alone also. Talk to me directly Ruben Reyes, well that is if you keep your job after an investigation by Tucson Police (don’t worry, your job is safe). It’s a shame that I even have to worry about physical retaliation.

It’s sad that it’s not the right-wing that threatens me the most, but the liberal Chicano politicians. We are supposed to be on the same side, aren’t we?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to vote for Raul Grijalva! Seriously. Ruth McClung is not the right candidate to represents CD 7.

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16 comments on “Ruben Reyes, one of Grijalva's top staff, caught stealing McClung signs? (VIDEO)
  1. Sure, he was the “top” re-election offical when this was supposed to be another walk over- Featherbedding  at it’s best…This guy gets paid top dollar and then the polls started coming in… The Washington Democratic Congressional Big boys showed up to shore up the contest, and Raul is steaming mad because he actually has to campaign- meeting his constituents  and other “great unwashed” definitely NOT his style.  

    So they tell Reyes to go play in the street, or whatever the hell he does when not padding the payroll (Think of “Carlo” in the Godfather) so in his spare time he throws a few opponents signs in his vehicle and gets caught in red handed theft…..
    Is he suspended pending investigation? Is he even got his 3rd or 4th story straight?
    What would have happened if roles were reversed and this was McClung’s campaign manager? Whole thing makes me sick… Who does he think he is, exactly? Above every law?  Personally we know Raul has it sewn up between all the largeese and power mongering, and frankly the District deserves what they get….

    It’s just that between the candidates, I know who I would want to find my wallet with my last $20.00  and it ain’t the pixilated one.

  2. And you say vote for Grijalva? After this? HUH? Grijalva is a dirty politician. And I’m sure Grijalva didnt have anything to do with any of this? Dont vote for the dirty lying dirtbag! Cholo? more like mafioso!

  3. Did anyone notice that Ruben is starting resemble Raul, he just needs to put on a few pounds and grow that stash a little thicker.

  4. A few years ago I noticed that “Pancho Goes to College” was available to borrow in the Pima County public library, which surprised me due to its sexual nature.  But I just checked and thee are no copies now.

  5. Alliance for Retired Americans
    National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
    Social Security Works
    Friday, October 29, 2010                                      Contact: Josh Rosenblum, (202) 587-1635; c720-220-7483
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            
    Groups Denounce McClung for Plan to Privatize Social Security and Cut Benefits for Arizona Seniors
    Say McClung Would Cut Benefits by Up to 50%
    Tucson, Ariz.–- Leaders of three prominent national organizations today condemned Ruth McClung, candidate for Arizona’s seventh congressional district, for her new campaign ad that claims Social Security has been raided and that Rep. Raul Grijalva is to blame for it. They demanded that McClung take down the false ad.
    “McClung’s ad is filled with misinformation, deception and lies,” said Nancy Altman, Co-chair of Social Security Works and a former advisor to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan when he chaired a commission to reform Social Security in 1983. “This ad appears to be a desperate attempt to hide the fact that McClung supports a radical plan to privatize Social Security and hand peoples’ hard-earned contributions over to Wall Street. On top of that, McClung’s plan would cut benefits by up to 50 percent.”
    On her campaign website McClung endorses a plan sponsored by Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-Wisc.) that would radically change Social Security by creating private retirement accounts. To fund these accounts more than a trillion dollars would be drained from Social Security’s guaranteed benefit program, and benefits would be cut by up to 50 percent once the program is fully phased in.   
    “Raul Grijalvja has stood firm for no cuts in Social Security, including no increase in the retirement age, and no privatization,” said Barbara Kennelly, President of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. “Unlike former President Bush and other opponents of Social Security, he never has and never would call U.S. Treasury bonds held in trust for American workers and their families, IOUs. He respects the nation’s commitment to Social Security, and understands it as a sacred trust. Any implication otherwise is an outrageous lie.”
    “Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva is a champion of seniors and of the Social Security program as a whole,” said Rich Fiesta, Director of Government and Political Affairs, at the Alliance for Retired Americans. “Rep. Grijalva has been central in the successful fight to ensure that Social Security pays all benefits in full and on time for every American who has earned them.”
    Grijalva has led an effort in the U.S. House of Representatives to get members of Congress to stand against any attempts to cut benefits, raise the retirement age, or privatize aspects of the program.  A letter he authored that was recently sent to President Obama opposing cuts to Social Security has 136 signatures.
    According to the latest Trustees Report, Social Security ran a surplus of over $120 billion last year. It has never borrowed a penny from anyone, including China. Social Security’s $2.6 trillion are safely invested in interest-bearing U.S. Treasuries, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Those who want to cut Social Security benefits rather than honor those bonds are the ones who would be raiding Social Security if they had the chance.
    #  #  #

    • Viva Ruth – This Hispanic along with many others well be voting for Ruth because Raul is a Fraud who is all about himself.  Viva Ruth

  6. Just what we need on public forum- Crap formula from a (202)  area code, and bizzare Democrat posting  trying to tell South Tucson to vote for a guy who would step on them like so many ants should they cross him.

    I did hear something tonight from Reagan’s former finance chief that was interesting- The  top 5% had 15 trillion in the bank in 80s…Now the top 5% have 40 trillion….A one- time 15% tax on those 5% would satisfy 1/2 the current national debt. Now I’m like ALL the other posters here- Were do I pick up the chair to throw thru their windows?

  7. Now THIS is excellent “fair & balanced” blogging, Three Sonorans. I have gained a skosh of respect for you, and I wish that all liberal bloggers would blog in the same way. Conservatives as well.

    I don’t know much about Ruben Reyes… but the guy’s married to Regina Romero, and is the “dirty tricks” guy for Grijalva, so (unfortunately) I know all I need. I believe we all may now have a better idea of who actually sent that swastika-ridden envelope to Grijalva. 

    However, having said all of that, as you know, I will continue to support Ruth McClung.

    Also, Three Sonorans, on your behalf, I will send one shotgun blast into the desert floor this evening…

    • Gain respect???? He gets physically threatened, they try to shut up his free speech, repeatedly threaten him and his friends.  Yet he still votes for them.  Apparently three sonorans has the lights on but nobody is home.

  8. Haha what a great story.  They quell your free speech.  They threaten you with physical violence.  They get caught stealing political signs.  They throw rocks through windows.  You have to worry about them slashing your tires or threatening your friends.  And what does it amount to…………….. vote for Grijalva.  Hope everyone doesn’t use the same stupid logic you’re using.

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