TSON News | Some polls have Grijalva down by 2 points to McClung

Some polls have Grijalva down by 2 points to McClung

With the advent of cell phones, traditional polling accuracy has taken a nosedive.

Raul Grijalva will win by 10 points, but there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, results from polls can still be a bit informative. In the CD 7 race in Arizona, what the polls are suggesting is that reelection for 8 year incumbent Raul Grijalva is not guaranteed against 28 year old Ruth McClung, a self-described “rocket scientist” who works at Raytheon.

If a Bachelors degree in Physics makes one a rocket scientist, then does a Bachelors degree in physiology make one a brain surgeon?

Some polls even have Grijalva down by 2 points to McClung, who has the support of Sarah Palin and both McCain and Kyl and is the new champion of the TEA Party in Southern Arizona. She has no previous experience with politics unless you count captain of her high school swim team as relevant experience.

In my own opinion, I think Grijalva will win by at least 10 points.

Polls don’t take more liberal voters into account, younger people with cell phones only and no landlines, and there has been a massive voter registration effort to get out the Latino vote.

I think that while Raul should not take the election for granted, his own grassroots army will pull off another victory for the godfather of Southern Arizona politics.

That is, if all the thousands of new voters actually vote this time around…

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  1. With the advent of cell phones, traditional polling accuracy has taken a nosedive.”

    Why do you think that is?  Do many polling outfits only use LL numbers?

  2. Ruth is a rocket scientist, working on defense projects to keep you and the rest of us safe from terrorists. Does it take any degree to be a blogger and online columnist, advising people on who we should vote for in this very important election?

    • “Does it take any degree to be a blogger and online columnist, advising people on who we should vote for in this very important election?”

      The left will mock you if they feel you do not have a high enough education level,  they will mock you if you have an advanced degree.

      Thats is all they have……attacks without substance.

    • Ruth is a rocket scientist, working on defense projects to keep you and the rest of us safe from terrorists.

      And I know this because she told me so.

  3. The best thing that could happen to the Mexican and Chicano people of Southern Arizona would be for Raul Grijalva to lose, and for his reign of fear and intimidation to end.  He has never cared about actually empowering the Chicano community, he is only interested in maintaining his own power, and threatening and/or harming anyone who does not follow his marching orders.  He is a truly evil man, and he has hurt some of the Chicano community’s strongest and most positive members, simply for not following his orders as self-appointed mafia don of Tucson.  He doesn’t care one bit about the people of this town, he only cares about himself and his power.

    His Tucson chief of staff Ruben Reyes is as dirty and evil as they come, and he has been threatening people for years.  Just the other day, Reyes got busted for stealing Ruth McClung’s signs.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg of his corruption.  It is a testament to how evil they are that they have gotten people fired from their jobs, taking away the livelihood of good people and their families, all for not bowing down to Raul Grijalva as some sort of so-called leader.  He is as evil as they come, and it will be a great day for the people of Tucson when his reign of fear is over.

  4. Brave of you to report that he may loose by 2% an brave to suggest he may win by 10%. In any case its a heck of a race. Should be fun.

  5. Polls Smoles.

    Interesting how the same tripe keeps being spread around the news cycle.. The polls were conducted in September and another poll from the first week of October (4-5).

    The Independent Harley Meyer started campaigning  on 2 October.

    Neither party will publish results for another poll because they have already changed and it is no longer a close race between the two party candidates. The Independent candidate is gaining momentum.

  6. Lets see… McClung works on missiles- Raul works on (works over) his constituents.

    He doodles proudly while seated in Congressal session, shakes down RAYTHEON for large donations while in D.C. then howls about them (a major employer) when he is home.  His staff must work full time keeping his shake downs on just this side of legal- I would love to see their daily slapping of the wrist as it reaches out for more and more…
    Some day the District will rise up and fire the head of the mob, and the rest- Romero et. al. will tumble as well….Until they figure out who really serves who, I’m afraid they will continue to get this style political “leader”.     

  7. Let’s look at the voting record, wondering why Grijalva never answers his own faith’s Arizona Catholic Conference survey each election?…let’s see: Mr. G. votes 100% for Nat’l Abortion Rights in 2009, 2007-2003 and Planned Parenthood 100% of the time in 2008, the largest abortion provider in the US. Something is extremely fishy here. Without recognizing the unborn as being fully human, how can Rep. G. agree with the US Constitution? Looks like he’s a career politician who has helped Arizona lose jobs and revenue thanks to the Boycott. There’s blood on his  hands, blood money and AZ taxpayers do not work hard the live long day to pay for the tragedy of abortion which ends up costing everyone much more in a life long series of ongoing health related issues. We need representation, not taxation.    

  8. Grijalva is the typical corrupt democrat that we have been trying to rid our party of for years. If it takes electing a republican to do that, then so be it.

  9. Grijalva was endorsed by the Arizona Republic??? So that is supposed to be good? I received a free subscription to that rag from airline points. When the three months ran out the Arizona Repugnant started sending threatening letters to my house that if I did not pay for a continued subscription they would ruin my credit. As I said, corrupt democrats.

  10. Yeah, that took some REAL insight to pick the County Kingfish and his crew to win- especially astute was Nintzel, who has always been Raul’s fluffer.

    It doesn’t seen to upset any of these “journalists” just what measures Raul’s mob will take to keep power.
    Do his “constituents’ even understand his stances, his enemies lists, his petty tirades, and his known but unspoken laundry list of dirty tricks, his real motives?

    I don’t think they do, so 10 points it is- And Romero stepping in when he finally kicks the bucket. 

  11. A degree in Physics trumps one in Journalism anytime.   McClung works in a factory that assembles rocket parts, and other bits of military technology.  I visited several of their facilities during my trips to Tuscon on unrelated business.  My uncle designed the fuel system for the early 60’s Titan Missile program before he moved on to Boeing.  Engineering requires a fact based mind with crystal clarity of recall. It runs in the veins of this beast.   Something nearly all journalism students can only dream about.  Hence obvious jealousy behind the second paragraph of this article.  A hint that the “journolist” who concocted this screed feels intellectually superior, despite observation while I attended university,  journalism students felt most intellectually comfortable with janitorial staff, their equals in brain power.
    Grijalva is more than a simple thug.  He represents everything wrong with US race relations.  A Hispanic Jessie Jackson shakedown artist.  A career built on victim mongering, not asking his followers to stay in school, work hard, and realize in this country one can live almost any dream that comes to mind. This piece of anti American filth through his political and community acts has probably done more to keep his followers poor and addled than anything this country has done in recent memory.   As an immigrant from Canada who has travelled widely, it is clear to this new US citizen, American leftist politician play on ignorance and fear is still their most effective political tool.  To quote Harry Reid, sort of , one can smell the stench of these kind of “democrat racist hacks” far away.  Fact that all the newspapers support this “thing” is telling, perhaps why all their circulation numbers are dropping, and more than on could be out of business before the next election.  Americans are beginning to wake up and smell the stench of the status quo thanks to Obama, your Trudeau.  It is time to bell this cat and put him out of business in 2012.

  12. Raul Grijalva is a true progressive, with character and heart. He stands up for what is right, every time. Ruth McClung is a joke and the results today will prove it. I very proudly voted for Grijalva, and so did my family. Oh, and if you want to categorize me for your attacks…..I’m 30, white, female, educated, and a union member.

    • The only joke I saw in this article was Grijalva winning by 10 points.  HA!  Go Ruth and yay CD7 voters for showing that it is time for a change and that the status quo isn’t cutting it anymore.  I only hope Grijalva has the foresight to take note.

  13. Get rid of the foreign-born, illegal-alien-invasion-crime-fraud-menace, promoter-supporter-advocate, LaRaza racist. Give a pro-American citizen the job of representing pro-American citizens !!!

  14. In Mexico you cannot serve in Congress, be a Federal Judge, have anything to do with politics, or engage in any kind of political protests if you were not born in Mexico.
    We are the biggest losers, letting their citizens to come over here and use our political-government system to facilitate-enable-enhance-coerce their; anti-American, pro-foreign-national-illegal-alien-invasion-crime-fraud-menace, pro-social-services-document-fraud, pro-amnesty-sanctuaty-cities, LaRaza-maldef-mecha-racist, policies, US-bancruptcy-destruction, promotion-support-advocacy !!!
    No more scheme-scam-fraud anchor baby promotion-support-enabling !!!
    It’s time to put a stop to it, reverse the anti-American trend of moronic-stupidity !!!
    Vote for any decent candidate who supports the pro-American  AZ SB 1070 and vote out all anti-American traitors who are against it !!!

  15. Grijava was born in Tucson but he acts more like he was born in, is a citizen of, and advocate for Mexico, and Mexican citizens.
    He might be a decent person but his politics are not good for our country !!!
    He does not represent the best interests of the USA or its patriotic pro-American citizens !!!

  16. Leftist-liberal-Progressive Raul Grijalva attended the University of Arizona and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. While at the University, he was a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA).

    Political positions

    Grijalva co-chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus and is widely considered one of the most liberal members of Congress—in 2008, he was among 12 members rated by National Journal as tied for most liberal overall.

    Leftist, liberal, and Progressive activist groups routinely give him high marks for his voting record. For the first session of the 111th Congress, Grijalva received a 100 percent score from Americans for Democratic Action, Peace Action, the League of Conservation Voters, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and several other notable left-wing-liberal-Progressive groups.

    He has been a vocal opponent of the recently enacted Arizona law that mandates police checks of citizenship documentation for anyone subjected to a legitimate law enforcement stop, detention or arrest as long as the officer does not consider race, color or national origin during the stop, detention or arrest.

    Shortly after the measure was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Grijalva called on legal, political, activist and business groups not to hold their conventions or conferences in the state, a position he says has been misconstrued as a call for a general boycott of the state economy.

    He has criticized the recently announced deployment of 1,200 National Guard units to the U.S.-Mexico border as “political symbolism” that he believes will not adequately address the issues of immigration and border security.

    Boycotting Arizona

    Grijalva suggested that civic, religious, labor, Latino, organizations of color refrain from using Arizona as a convention site, to refrain from spending their dollars in the state of Arizona until Arizona repeals its anti-illegal-alien immigration law.

    Grijalva has a pro-choice voting record and voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. He was strongly critical of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which sought to place limits on taxpayer-funded abortions in the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

    Gun control

    Grijalva supports increasing restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns and increasing enforcement of existing restrictions on gun purchase and possession. He was one of the 67 co-sponsors of the 2007 Assault Weapons Ban, HR 1022. Grijalva has an F rating from the NRA.

    Health care

    Grijalva supported and voted for Obamacare !!!

    As co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, Grijalva was a prominent supporter of a public option throughout the debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The House-approved Affordable Health Care for America Act included a public option—however, the Senate version did not include a similar provision, and it was ultimately not a part of the final reform package.

    Grijalva has a long history in community health activism as an early supporter of Tucson’s El Rio Community Health Center. He supports single-payer health care, but voted in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act because he felt it was a major improvement over the status quo.

    Grijalva supports the DREAM Act and the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act (CIR ASAP) and has recently come to greater prominence because of his role in promoting immigration reform,

    aka, “Amnesty”

    He has opposed the expansion of a border fence, citing cost effectiveness concerns and potential damage to sensitive wildlife habitats. The CIR ASAP bill includes his Border Security and Responsibility Act of 2009, which prioritizes remote cameras and other border monitoring techniques with a relatively slight environmental impact.

    The pro-illegal-alien-invasion-crime-fraud-menace-amnesty group, Immigrant Justice Advocacy Campaign gave him a 100 percent score for the first session of the 111th Congress. In previous years he voted against H.R. 4437 and the the Secure Fence Act, and opposed Arizona Proposition 200 in 2004.
    Supposed 2004 Voting Irregularities:
    Grijalva Calls for the United Nations to Monitor US Elections !!!

    Concerned about allegations of voting irregularities purportedly leading to disenfranchisement, in 2004 Grijalva joined Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and several other House Democrats in requesting that the United Nations observe and certify elections in the United States.

    After the General Election, Grijalva was one of 31 Representatives who voted in the House not to count the electoral votes  from Ohio on grounds of unacceptable irregularities.

    • He may make it yet – 47k ballots yet to be counted in Pima County, and he leads by almost 9 points in the votes from Pima County counted already, 56.3%/37.9%.

    • Why do people keep electing this moron?
      Because he doesn’t want to discriminate against me, unlike McClung.
      Why would any minority NOT support him ?

  17. Grijalva’s staff have always been friendly and helpful when I lived in his district. My neighbors have a business in his district have not reported any shake-downs. Maybe this is a scene from an old movie some of you saw on the late, late on KZAZ a long time ago? AP gives him the win.

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