Latino Democrat Steve Gallardo stands up against Kyrsten Sinema's SB1225, her get "tough on immigration" bill

Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times picks up the SB1225 saga and includes some more insight into growing Latino opposition to it.

Steve Gallardo stands up against Kysten Sinema's 'tough on immigration' SB1225.

The right-wing loves Kyrsten Sinema’s “tough on immigration” bill SB1225, and indeed she has 10 Republican co-sponsors, but Democrats are not on board yet, and especially not the Latino Democrats such as Steve Gallardo.

Below is an excerpt from The Bird’s article that shows this cultural conflict, and it will only escalate in my opinion.

“I and many other members at the legislature have taken the stance that immigration bills really need to be put on hold for now,” Gallardo said. “Our focus should be the budget. Let’s focus on the economy, let’s focus on jobs, let’s focus on the deficit. That should be our focus.”

I have to interject and add that I strongly agree with Gallardo. We do not need any more immigration bills, and we don’t need to give Sheriff Arpaio more power to get “tough on immigration.” Focus on the economy!

Chairwoman Allen jumped to Sinema’s defense, saying that work on the budget and a jobs bill was going on, and that her committee’s work didn’t interfere with that.

Sinema chimed in that we should all be able to agree — regardless of party — that “violent criminal cartels are bad for our society.”

Senator Al Melvin, a notorious nativist and lick-spittle lackey to state Senate President Russell Pearce, similarly defended Sinema and thanked her for bringing the bill before the committee. Then he spouted the bogus stat that Arizona’s “porous border” with Mexico is costing the state $2 billion to $3 billion a year in costs related to “illegal aliens.”

Gallardo asked Melvin for the source for this fantastic statistic. Not surprisingly, Melvin cited the hate group FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

via Kyrsten Sinema’s Drop House Bill, and Steve Gallardo’s Rebuttal – Phoenix News – Feathered Bastard.

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