TSON News | After Sinema has 4 Latinos arrested, Russell Pearce bans Carlos Galindo from the senate building forever!

After Sinema has 4 Latinos arrested, Russell Pearce bans Carlos Galindo from the senate building forever!

Carlos Galindo fighting for justice at the State Capitol before being almost being arrested at Kyrsten Sinema's press conference. Photo: Haasch.

After Kyrsten Sinema called security, not at an official hearing, but at a press conference, and pointing at Carlos Galindo and having him taken away, along with 3 other Latinos who were arrested, Russell Pearce has now informed the Tucson Citizen’s Carlos Galindo that he is hereby banned from the senate building FOREVER!

How’s that for justice in Arizona?

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  1. The Dream Act or Comprehensive Immigration reform are more constructive means to deal with immigration issues of  today and not arbitrary state laws.  Ronald Reagen met the immigration issue of his time with a reasonable framework of inclusiveness and there is no reason we cannot do that again.   As Democrats and Republicans, we need to look to our history which provides clear evidence that inclusiveness and not divisiveness is the better approach.    Guadalupe Hidalgo is a treaty in perpetuity and pre-dates Arizona Statehood and cannot be ignored.  Our relationship with Mexico as a contiguous country cannot be ignored nor our common heritage to anyone of Mexican descent, past, present or future.  Our civil rights history cannot be ignored.  The future of Arizona and of the country is laid out from  its past which has a pre-existing history of tolerance  which cannot be ignored.  We need to remember our past which will set us forward to a brighter future, one Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

  2. “After Sinema has 4 Latinos arrested”
    Did she “have” arrested or were they arrested for certain behaviors they willingly engaged in?
    Are you capable of accepting that people have free will, and therefore do not need to be controlled/taken care of by a “wise” government, and certain of those actions that free will is wrong? Or do you think Hispanics are not capable of thinking for themselves?

    • What does the “free will” of the four arrested have anything to do with Kyrsten Sinema’s reaction?  Sinema also had the “free will” NOT to go to the extreme and call the cops.  Answer THAT question.
      Are you capable of accepting that the subject at hand is Sinema?  Why do you try to distract by asking “Or do you think Hispanics are not capable of thinking for themselves?”  Just who implied that?  Who implied that Hispanics may not be capable of thinking for themselves?  As “Latino4Ever” are YOU trying to think for all the Hispanics?
      This is Dee Dee Blase, isn’t it?  YOU are Dee Dee Blase . . . also known as “Devious Blazey” for establishing a psuedo organization called “Somos Republicans” by trying to speak for all Latinos.
      Dee Dee . . . we can see you a mile away.
      (And just in case anyone doesn’t know who I’m talking about, please look at this so you can learn more about Dee Dee Blase and her oxymoronic organization “Somos Republicans”:  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12354220/highlight/146054 )

  3. Real life karma is a definite harsh task master, Russell Pearce is slowly reaping what he has sown in Arizona hate, racism, his own son is now in jail a second time for domestic violence, guess the old saying the apple does not fall far from the tree is true, he too has such accusations/history in his marriages! Anyone who hob knobs with Neo-Nazi’s, belongs to a cult based on some mythical golden tablets found in 1800 in a north eastern USA forest by a Polygamist and then just as mysteriously they disappear is not in my view one who will go much further than where he has to date! 🙂

  4. This is a total and complete lie.  I did not call for security guards, a Senate staff member went and alerted security about the disturbance while I continued speaking at the podium.  I did not point out Carlos Galindo.  He was screaming loudly and security approached him.  I did not request that he or any one else be arrested, either during the event or afterwards.  There is plenty of video of the press conference to verify my statements here.  In fact, SOMOS REPUBLICANS have posted up video  on YouTube from the press conference, and that video shows clearly that I did not speak to security at all.  They entered the room opposite from me, spoke to several people, removed several people, and then we finished our press conference.  I did NOT instruct security to remove anyone or arrest anyone.  I wonder when David Morales will pay ANY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS.  These facts are recorded in video, so lies and distortions won’t work.

    • > I wonder when David Morales will pay ANY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS.
      Russel Pearce made the same claim. I hope you speak as clearly to him.

  5. @ Ms. Sinema….a YouTube video produced by Somos Republicans doesn’t really prove anything. In the past you are known to walk with security as a general rule. It is especially true when you encounter Mr. Galindo on the sidewalk of the state capitol where  first amendment rights are honored. He was there 52 days in a row and spoke with many representatives on a regular basis. Except you. The democrat who won’t give the people the time of day. My guess is you had security waiting in the wings like you always do and everyone was just waiting for the chance to silence and censor Mr. Galindo as he points out your weaknesses as our representative!  I understand Mr. Pearce has banned Mr. Galindo (again) and there are such glaring similarities between the way you and Mr. Pearce do business.

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