Sinema Split begins: 55% of Dems vote for SB1225, 45% do not vote yes

[tnivideo caption=”4 Latinos arrested at Sinema press conference” credit=”Deedee Blase”]

Some people wonder why Sinema’s immigration bill SB1225 has been getting so much attention.

The answer is simple. It is because is was written by a “liberal Democrat” in Arizona. Why is this so important?

We know Russell Pearce and Ron Gould will write and sponsor horrible xenophobic and anti-immigrant bills. That’s a given, and with a veto-proof majority in both houses, those bills will most likely pass.

So the truth is that there will be minimal “liberal” bills passed in Arizona for the next two years. It is mathematically impossible for bills to pass without Republican support since their votes will be needed.

Is it worth appeasing them just to get bills passed?

As Sheriff Dupnik said last week, we don’t need any new immigration bills and law enforcement already has all the tools necessary. This was his answer to a question that was asked about SB1225. So why is Sinema insisting on making Sheriffs more powerful even though Dupnik says it is not necessary, and then with Sheriffs like Arpaio and Babeu, actually dangerous especially for immigrants?

Either way, Kyrsten Sinema got 10 Republican co-sponsors of her anti-immigration bill SB1225, including Ron Gould of the 14th Amendment bills. No Democrat co-sponsors, no Latino support.

Some of my Democratic friends have said to focus on the real enemies like Russell Pearce and Ron Gould… well SB1225 IS one of Ron Gould’s bills! His name is on it, along with 9 other right-wingers!

Unfortunately in Tucson two of our own Democratic senators jumped on board the right-wing anti-immigrant bill.

Paula Aboud in LD28 (central Tucson) and Olivia Bedford in LD27 (Tucson’s westside, Barrio Hollywood, El Rio, etc).

You can send them an email at,

Ask them why they passed a bill that goes after immigrants who are just trying to rent an apartment, or the landlords that “profit” from immigrant renters, but under Sinema’s law now guilty of a class 3 felony for knowing and helping a “drop house” to exist.

Don’t buy the soundbites, the “this bill goes after the bad people” line.

Ask them to show you exactly how the Arizona law goes after only the bad people AND NO ONE ELSE. Ask them about Paton’s bill which Sinema’s bill uses which was misused, and how even Sinema filed a complaint about the misuse in 2006, and how the judge ruled that it was not the intent that matters, but the letter of the law.

The only arrests yesterday where of 4 Latino opponents of Kyrsten Sinema's SB1225, taken away in handcuffs after Sinema called security on them and pointed them out.

Ask them why every major Latino organization is against this bill, and why they are voting against Latinos. Ask them why they voted for a bill co-sponsored by 10 right-wingers such as Ron Gould.

Ask them if they even read the bill before voting yes, and quiz them on it.

The stakes are too high. Sure, they may be in unity with Russell Pearce’s bill, but now Russell Pearce and Ron Gould have found a way around this.

Just get a Democrat to sponsor a bill, someone like Sinema, and then the Democrats will somehow turn off their defenses, and wonder, well, Sinema is a liberal, so this right-wing bill must be good. I know Latinos are opposed to it, but I trust a good ol’ girl like Sinema more than I trust those troublemaking Latinos whose credibility is in question.

Some Democrats trusted Sinema over all the Latinos and the Native American attorneys opposed to this bill and never saw the white privilege involved in their decision. Luckily 45% of them didn’t vote yes on her anti-immigration bill, so there’s still hope, but the split has begun.

SB1225 was passed on Arizona’s horrific Day of Hate, and will forever be linked to that horrible day in state history, February 22nd, 2011. Sinema also had security called on 4 Latinos that were arrested as a symbol of that hateful day.

Information on 4 Latinos that were arrested after Kyrsten Sinema called security on them.

The old Sinema filed complaints about the misuse of Arizona's human smuggling and drop house laws. The new Sinema increases the penalty using these same laws.

Multiple arrests have been made and the Tucson Citizen’s Carlos Galindo has been detained for protesting the anti-immigrant bill SB1225 today in Phoenix.

There were several people that were detained. Three were arrested. All were Latinos opposed to her bill that, in her own words, gets “tough on immigration” by giving Sheriff Arpaio more power.

I heard that one of the persons that was taken away in handcuffs is leaving for the military last week, and was at the State Capitol protesting all the racist and xenophobic bills today.

SB1225 is sponsored by 10 Republicans, including Ron Gould who is the author of the 14th Amendment bills. This anti-immigrant bill has been opposed by Latino organizations, but yet Kyrsten Sinema refused to budge, simply dismissing in a condescending way all the attorneys and activists opposed to it… oh yeah, but they were Native American and Latino, so what do they know about the dangers of giving Sheriff Arpaio more power to crack down on immigration?

Right-wingers such as Frank Antenori have praised this bill, and while dismissing minorities, she goes on TV saying I actually love Russell Pearce and that they get along well.

That’s just great that you both love each other, because he HATES IMMIGRANT and minorities!

Kyrsten Sinema has also turned into a liar lately, from saying she didn’t vote to kill Medicaid when she did… by accident. She said all the Democrats support her bill SB1225 even though Steve Gallardo already voted against it in committee and remains opposed to it.

She also lied by going on the John C. Scott show on Monday and when I called in she said that I called her a “racist Mormon” on this blog.

Three Sonorans was a big fan of Kyrsten Sinema until she wrote an anti-immigrant bill with Ron Gould, author of the 14th amendment.

If you look at the history of this blog, up until last month I was one of her biggest fans.

As recent as January, in preparation for her talk here in Tucson, I was cutting video from her old debates with Tom Horne on Ethnic Studies to boost her name in Tucson.

When she wrote a bill to limit the First Amendment I was respectfully in disagreement.

When she voted to kill Medicaid my title was We still love you but… and I was politefully critical.

She then wrote me an angry email saying that I am spreading lies about her vote, but she voted the wrong way nonetheless, even if by “accident.” This was not limited to me, she went after James King from the Phoenix New Times also if you need more proof I’m not just making this stuff up!

Kyrsten Sinema’s pissed when she calls us back last night.

“I didn’t mistakenly vote for shit!” she fumes. “They explained what we were voting on wrong.”

The Democratic state senator’s ire isn’t directed at us, but rather at her Republican colleagues at the state Capitol — and also at Arizona Daily Star reporter Andrea Kelly, who wrote a blog post yesterday accusing Sinema and another Dem, Olivia Cajero Beford, of voting to ask the federal government for a waiver that would removed 280,000 people from Medicaid.

She was especially ticked at how Kelly mentioned high in her article that Sinema has been a lawmaker since 2005, and that Cajero Bedford has been one since 2003.

“The way they wrote it, it’s as if we’re too stupid to vote on bills,” she says.

Not that Kelly got her facts wrong, mind you.

So she has been making mistakes, but then gets all angry at US for HER MISTAKES.

Kyrsten Sinema Traitor, reference to her anti-immigrant SB1225 co-sponsored by Ron Gould. Photo: Haasch.

She is also a sponsor of a bill to place a 300% tax on marijuana. She thanked us (Tucson Progressive) for letting her know about this, but said it was not fair for us to criticize her since she didn’t know about it and now she is against it, even though she still remains a sponsor of the bill.

She has been making mistake after mistake, and getting way to cozy with Russell Pearce. Yes, I know you NEED Republican support to get bills passed this session, but the bills Republicans will support will more than likely be bad and racist in some way.

At least stand strong with your Democrats even if the bills don’t pass. Don’t sponsor bills with 10 right-wingers that gets “tough on immigration.”

And yet, to this day, she can do no wrong to her supporters. She even goes on TV and says she loves the most evil man in Arizona, and they will still defend her.

I am sure she has Congress or Senatorial ambitions, but at this point, with so many mistakes, and now by working against Latinos and having them arrested, enough is enough.

She is wrong and opposition to her will grow. Some white liberals will defend her to the end, but she will lose more votes from the Democratic Party, and Republicans will never vote for her. So why is she doing this.

One of the biggest reasons SB1225 was a focus is because it is the only anti-immigrant bill that was written by a “liberal” and a Democrat. This xenophobic disease cannot spread to the Democratic party, but it has, and must now be quarantined.

Carlos Galindo fighting for justice at the State Capitol before being almost being arrested at Kyrsten Sinema's press conference. Photo: Haasch.

Once Latinos lose all hope in the Democratic Party, Arizona is in for a revolution, and maybe it is too late to stop it. The line has already been crossed.

On Arizona’s Day of Hate, with the Russell Pearce, Ron Gould, and Kyrsten Sinema anti-immigrant and xenophobic bills up in the senate, and with Sinema facilitating the arrest of Latinos protesters to this anti-immigrant legislation, there is no going back.

More info and video of the arrests of Latinos at Kyrsten Sinema’s press conference is coming. Stay tuned!