TSON News | Huppenthal names man banned from public education in New Jersey to head Mexican American Studies audit in Tucson

Huppenthal names man banned from public education in New Jersey to head Mexican American Studies audit in Tucson

Huppenthal names man banned from public education in New Jersey to head Mexican American Studies audit in Tucson

Mexican American Studies litigants request emergency TUSD school board meeting

A former Plainfield, N.J. superintendent arrested in 2010 on charges of conspiring to commit theft of more than $10,000 of educational services will head the consultant team chosen by superintendent of public education John Huppenthal to audit Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American Studies (MAS) program, starting Monday.

Precious Knowledge, a PBS documentary on Ethnic Studies, will need a part two with the current attacks by John Huppenthal and John Pedicone.

In January, Steve Gallon III and two high-ranking Plainfield School District employees entered pretrial intervention program agreements to avoid jail time on 11 criminal charges, according to dailyrecord.com.

The agreement barred all three from ever working in New Jersey public school service in the future.

Gallon had been charged with providing false documents to show that the children of two women who worked for him actually lived with him so that those children could attend South Plainfield public schools.

In addition Gallon faced allegations that he had demoted district employees for opposing him, that he had violated board policy by failing to post employment opportunities and position vacancies, and that he breached union contracts without board authorization, among others.

Gallon resigned shortly before Christmas, 2010 after receiving a $100,000 settlement from the school board which said it did so because it would be too costly and time consuming to go to trial against Gallon.

Litigants in the Tucson ethnic studies case are calling upon the TUSD school board to call an emergency meeting Friday to evaluate the decision and provide public input, stating that Gallon likely couldn’t even obtain the fingerprint clearance teachers and volunteers must obtain to work in the classroom.

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Yet this is the man state superintendent Huppenthal wants to tell him if MAS is following the law.

Gallon’s company – Cambium Learning Group – won the contract from the Arizona Department of Education to conduct the 4-6 week curriculum audit of the MAS program to evaluate whether it complies with the law as defined in A.R.S 15-111. According to the bid request for the job, Cambium is charged with making unannounced classroom observations to observe teaching, conduct interviews with key stakeholders, and evaluate curricula and educational materials relative to state standards.

For further information contact Deyanira Nevarez at 520-975-1485 (email info@ethnicstudies.org) or go to http://www.saveethnicstudies.org/index.shtml

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10 comments on “Huppenthal names man banned from public education in New Jersey to head Mexican American Studies audit in Tucson
  1. Davi, say what como que does TUSD and state BD OF EDUCATION allow such a person with charges of embezzlement , controversy, become part of an Audit team to tusd. This is corruption that republicans have, recall the Harding Administration, how so much corruption  resulted in suicides, lives ruined ,LYNCHINGS, VIOLENENCE, since most republicans in several midwest states were under the Klan? Hmm, so John Huppenthal an All American Catholic as he claims will let a man w embezzlement  and other controversy to head an audit team. gREAT JUST gREAT!  John Huppenthal, a man who has  be recorded to tell Tom Horne, if your ogin to shoot you’d better not miss”, I CANT WAIT TO SEE PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE ON PBS AND in the theatre, it will need a part II let the shooting begin now!  for justice, against Racism, oppressive ways of AZ, DISCRMINATION! so this proves that Huppenthal doesnt know a thing he is doing, with all due respect and cutting funds, strangely is not the solution, either, thats Incidious outrageous !when az is 50th now in educational spending and curriculm really Huppenthal , to do such a thing is Ridiculous !  a man who defraded appliclants of jobs and union position for opposing him should not head the audit, the LAWSUIT WHEN DOES IT HIT COURT! TUSD Should demote DR Garcia, Miss SEI nutcase bilingual education works better than SEI, do the world a favor DrGarcia go back to texas and stay there. Dr Pedicone appoint someone such as  Dr. Basurto out of retirement as well as  Mrs. Grijalva.

  2. Good for you that you researched this man.  It was the lack of research in Plainfield that left us stuck with this dishonest man who lacks integrity.  Do whatever you have to do to make sure he doesn’t get anywhere near your schools!  We only got results here in Plainfield, New Jersey after much media attention and community involvement.  He lied on so many levels that it would be hard to put them all on here.

  3. I hope and pray that Tuscon will not be subjected to the poisonous effects Gallon has on all he touches. He was called a cancer in Miami and he destroyed Plainfield in very short order, and we are still recovering. He is a danger to be avoided at all cost. The poor superintendent has been dazzled by Gallon’s avatar – he is not what he seems.

  4. Regarding Dr.  Gallon, Arizona please get it right..follow the rabbit……. link: http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/shame/school-superintendent-hiring-practices-100210

  5. Wow! Zorro went all the way off!! I wish I knew what the heck he/she was talking about!
    Thank goodness Gallon is no longer affiliated with the Tuscon project. I wish you the best success in your endeavors and continued community involvement.

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