TSON News | Steve Gallardo helps stop white supremacist from addressing state senate today

Steve Gallardo helps stop white supremacist from addressing state senate today

Arizona state senator Steve Gallardo speaks to students at the capitol last week.

More reason why Steve Gallardo is my favorite state senator in Arizona. At least we got a few voices of reason up in Phoenix!

(Linda Lopez and Jack Jackson Jr. get thumbs up also; the other Democrats still have at least one vote for an anti-immigrant bill, some more than one. Luckily it is rare but even once is too much!)

Glenn Spencer is chairman of a known hate-group, and senator Sylvia Allen invited him to speak. He has now been uninvited.

via Man tracked by hate group uninvited to Arizona panel.

Man tracked by hate group uninvited to Arizona panel

The chairman of a civilian border watch group described by a watchdog organization as a “vitriolic Mexican-basher” who courts white supremacists said Thursday that he was uninvited to speak to an Arizona Senate committee on border security.

Republican Sen. Sylvia Allen had asked Glenn Spencer, the chairman of the American Border Patrol, to give an assessment of the U.S.-Mexico border to the Senate’s border security committee on Thursday. Allen leads the committee.

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But after several media outlets reported the allegations of racism against Spencer, he said one of Allen’s representatives called him Wednesday and asked him not to come.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, has a three-page online profile of Spencer, in which it says he “may have done more than anyone to spread the myth of a secret Mexican conspiracy to reconquer the Southwest.” The center has been listing Spencer’s organization as a hate group since 2001.

Spencer said he’s not racist and has never courted white supremacists to join his group. He said he does believe Mexicans are trying to reconquer the U.S. and that a “bloodbath” between the two countries is inevitable.

Democratic Sen. Steve Gallardo, who also is on the committee and asked that Spencer not come, said it would be unfortunate if Spencer ever does address the committee.

“Glenn Spencer’s message is very divisive and full of hate,” he said Thursday. “We should be basing our decisions on factual information, scientific information.”

Spencer was in the oil industry before he retired in 1992 to focus on border issues, moving from California to southern Arizona and forming the American Border Patrol. According to its website, the non-profit American Border Patrol serves as a government watchdog and regularly monitors the border, mostly by air.

9 comments on “Steve Gallardo helps stop white supremacist from addressing state senate today
  1. ”  People are not illegal ” until they break into your legal residence and steal your things!  You will then have an awakening!

    • Dear Sir or Madam:  Are  you in this country without going through the legal process described in the laws of the United States?  Whether you are or aren’t isn’t even the point I want to make. Why all the disgusting language and hostile attitudes from everyone?  The United States is a country that is ran by the Constitution  and following laws and amendments.  The Supreme Court is the highest court in this country and makes the final interpretation of the law.  If you are born here, you are a citizen and if you are born in a different country you are a citizen of that country.  Of course you know that and you know what is meant by illegal immigrant.  I don’t care for the term alien because I relate that to a being from space and that you are not.  While it is true that you are human beings like all of us and we are all God’s children, God has said that we are to follow man’s laws also. Why don’t all of you put pressure on our Federal Govt to do something about the existing laws so that people can come here to work and do not have to wait forever to become a citizen?  Amnesty is not an answer and neither are protests.  It makes me very sad to see so much hostility between everyone.  Just as you have the right to speak your feelings so does everyone else and that is the way it is, don’t be angry because someone did utilize their rights.  These rights are specified in the U.S. Constitution and are written for the legal citizens of this country.  Law is law I don’t understand why there is so much controversy.  It is illegal to kill someone, to sell narcotics, and many countries, including Mexico, have harsher laws for illegal immigrants.

  2. coming in to az from mexican is an adminsitrative thing
    once you go back or leave the borders of america and come back  YOUR ARE A FELON!! THATS THE LAW . a friend of mine voicet the opinion of mining the border
    it would be highly efficient and save a lot of money in building fences  i can imagine after about a week or month peoples attitudes towards migrating to arizona would change. people like steve gallardo are always taking the side of the illegals so hes the glenn spencer of the illegals
    i dont know what makes you think spencer is a racist. all him and his crew do is come up with newer technologies to montor the border and then call stuff  into the border patrol.

  3. as an aside on this thing with gleen spencer  sylvia allen actually went down to border with glenn spencer  they showed her all the different stuff they do and she said she had a good trip

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