TSON News | VIDEO: Tom Horne press release on Three Sonorans video proves Horne’s hatred of Latinos

VIDEO: Tom Horne press release on Three Sonorans video proves Horne’s hatred of Latinos

Attorney General Tom Horne issued a press release based on my video at the State Capitol.

My response is after his words below.

Attorney General press release


PHOENIX (Thursday March 17, 2011) — Attorney General Tom Horne today released a video of a screaming mob of Raza Studies supporters who interfered with the Attorney General’s efforts to accommodate a request to be interviewed by a television news crew.

In the video below, viewers can see a thuggish mob of Raza Studies supporters trying to shout down Horne, to attempt to prevent an interview with Univision Television.

Horne was in the process of leaving the Capitol after a meeting, when a reporter from Univision Televsion asked him to return to where his cameraman was, so he could do an interview in Spanish, as frequently does for Spanish-language media. A thuggish mob of Raza Studies reporters surrounded them and tried to prevent the interview, screaming at the top of their lungs. When the interview was over, Horne walked to his car, still surrounded by the mob, screaming vulgar epithets.

Horne said, “The Raza Studies program teaches irrational mob behavior as a matter of habit. For example, they did a street play called ‘the killing of Tom Horne’ which was filmed by channels 4 and 9 in Tucson, and broadcast.”

For a YouTube video (not produced by this office) of Attorney General’s Horne encounter this week go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu3UW_Cw1-8.

Now you understand how much Tom Horne, a Republican, hates Latinos.

Tom Horne TV ads against Ethnic Studies.

Three Sonorans has been following the Ethnic Studies issue in TUSD very closely, and the actions of Tom Horne was the seed that was planted to allow other powerful non-minority men such as John Pedicone and Mark Stegeman to justify their attack on Mexican-Americans in Tucson.

First of all, no laws were broken at the State Capitol this week. There are plenty of cops, and indeed we have made friends with some of them.

No civil disobedience, just a whole lot of First Amendment!

(Article continued below)

Yet Tom Horne defines us as a “thuggish mob.”


  • a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
  • a tough and violent man, esp a criminal
  • ( sometimes capital ) (formerly) a member of an organization of robbers and assassins in India who typically strangled their victims

-n noun

  • a crowd bent on or engaged in lawless violence.

Tom Horne contradicts his own description. The top law man in Arizona wouldn’t walk into a “thuggish mob,” which would include murderers, criminals, and people who “typically strangled their victims” without backup.

He also would not allow the peaceful protesters to continue, since they would be a “crowd engaged in lawless violence” filled with murderers and stranglers. As Attorney General he would have sent in the troops to stop this lawlessness.

The truth is that what occurred on Monday and was captured in the video was the beauty of democracy.

Tom Horne came out and heard the voices of the people. First of all a big thank you to Tom Horne for coming out. That’s democracy.

He was also able to be safe, without any cops surrounding him. There was cops by the senate building for sure, but they know this crowd, they are non-violent but very vocal.

So there was a whole lot of First Amendment going on Monday, and whereas in other countries the police would beat down protesters for shouting at one of their leaders, Tom Horne let them continue.

Like I said, this is the beauty of democracy.

But this was in no way a “thuggish mob.” The students live in Phoenix and are not enrolled in TUSD Ethnic Studies. Tom Horne focuses on the “raza studies supporters” since he is trying to slant this, but these people are mad at his stance on SB1070 also.

Horne also said on Monday that this is why Ethnic Studies should not be taught. Tom Horne, you are so caught up in the little world your mind has constructed. You are obsessed with Raza studies even when it is not around you. Mexican-American studies are to blame for everything in your mind, and that is unfortunate.

But once again, thank you for coming out to the State Capitol. You heard the voice of the people, and as the Attorney General you did not crush them in return.

There is still some hope left in Arizona…

7 comments on “VIDEO: Tom Horne press release on Three Sonorans video proves Horne’s hatred of Latinos
  1. Davie, man i love the article very true thuggy was a word from british India describing  groups of violentmen who wer fighting against oppresion of the British Rule w guerilla tactics and other underhanded means of violence. Tom Horne is obcessed w Raza Studies destruction just as was a certain mad man in Germany was about a certain ethnic religious group, of people that his family escaped from Polska to Canada to escape the violence, hatred culture of evil, and death, racism many Jews. catholics, lgbT, christians  suffered under the Nazis.  Tom Horne ,  with all due respect needs Pray for guidance from Yaweh, andthen he’ll see RAZA ETHNIC STUDIES, should not be destroyed, let go of his anger  resulting in his want, desire of REVENGE. instead pray for peace let this ridculous attack end,  he’s acting like Captain Ahab of Moby Dick,  a man obcessed w revenge on a whale he sacrficed vainly, his life crew for a pursuit of REVENGE. Tom Horne was worng to call the students of Phx raza studies, but hey maybe they want these classes in PHX, Its needed. La Lucha sigue, yes ther is hope we must be diligent while we continue using our first amendment rights. QUE VIVA LA JUSTICIA, RAZA STUDIES , LA CAUSA, EL PUEBLO, AZ

  2. Yes Indeed.
    Horne is guilty of racial profiling. Apparently, if brown people anywhere shout and voice their opposition to Horne — peacefully and while exercising their Constitutional rights —  they must be enrolled in MAS-TUSD… and therefore, it follows that that’s why Ethnic Studies must be eliminated?
    If ever WTF should be employed in civil discourse… this is it!
    Just so Horne knows… he and the state via hb 2281 are guilty of violating virtually all international human rights treaties, declarations and covenants, etc. as they protect history, culture, language, education and identity. His actions are nothing at attempt at cultural genocide. As such, we shall remain silent. Thanks to all who showed him that he can’t walk around claiming to be doing MLK Jr’s work. So yes, that’s why “Liar!” is appropriate. Or is he being given a pass by the media on that one too? Someone should have also screamed: Sinverguenza! Dr. Cintli…

    • Correction: His actions are nothing but an attempt at cultural genocide. As such, we shall NOT remain silent.

  3. It’s amazing how only the Tea Party have First Amendment rights in Arizona.  I strongly object to the term “thuggish mob”.  In no way would I have labeled the protesters as a “thuggish mob”!!!   I have attended protest meetings when Tea Party members are also present.  They arrive heavily armed .  They interrupt and hurl abusive comments.  They however get gloried by Fox News and the like.  Nevertheless the true colors of Mr Tom Horne are out on display again!!!  He messed up public education in AZ.  Let’s see what he does to the Attorney General’s office??????

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