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  • Chicano studies in Tucson gets some love from Ask a Mexican!

    Gustavo Arellano of the Ask a Mexican column that you can find locally in the Tucson Weekly, gives a shout-out to the MAS program in TUSD this week.

    GOOD MEXICAN OF THE WEEK! We’ve plugged the Mexican-American Studies program offered by the Tucson Unified School District before in this columna, but we can’t do it enough. And as the academic year begins anew, we commend this endeavor anew. You know why Know Nothings hate this program, banda, and want to eliminate it? Because it actually helps students do better in school and the last thing the old guard in this country needs is a bunch of educated cabrones ready to raise desmadre on America by keeping the good and dismantling the pendejo.

    Before the right-wing trolls on this site issue their own pendejadas such as “go back to Mexico!” keep in mind that Gustavo was born and raised in Anaheim, Califas.  Gustavo also teaches at Cal State Fullerton and his nationally syndicated column is going to be made into a play in New York.

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