BUSTED! More video evidence of Russell Pearce nasty tactics in recall election

[tnivideo caption=”” credit=”YouTube user – HumanLeague002″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrHDlUNomLY

Yesterday Stephen Lemons and Dennis Gilman attended the LD19 (neighboring Russell Pearce’s LD18) district meeting where a vote would take place to endorse Russell Pearce. Read this article to learn more of the details that took place there.

Pat Oldroyd. Image from Dennis Gilman via Feathered Bastard.

The person on the stage proposing this was Pat Oldroyd, the former LD19 chair.

There was one slight problem.

How can this very person, Pat Oldroyd, have been caught collecting signatures for Pearce’s opponent Olivia Cortes just the week before?

First they try to stop the recall by suing in court and the Arizona Supreme Court rules that this democratic action is indeed Constitutional (it’s right there).

Arizona Constitution, Article 8, Section 1. Officers subject to recall; petitioners

Section 1. Every public officer in the state of Arizona, holding an elective office, either by election or appointment, is subject to recall from such office by the qualified electors of the electoral district from which candidates are elected to such office.

Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce, the two top leaders in Arizona that are responsible for our economy. Photo: Deedee Blase

The Secretary of State, Republican Ken Bennett signed off on it, and so did the Republican Jan Brewer, and she is still very supportive of Russell Pearce.

The attempt to stop the recall, ironically calling the democratic action protected by Article 8 section 1 of the Arizona Constitution unconstitutional? FAIL.

Now why would these opponents of the recall election, who are strong supporters of Russell Pearce, then collect signatures for his opponent, Olivia Cortes?

Why would you work until the last day collecting signatures for an opponent of Russell Pearce, like Pat Oldroyd did, and then try to get your legislative district to endorse Russell Pearce, and denounce this whole recall election of such an honorable man?

Because Olivia Cortes is a fake candidate?

Is she in the race to split the vote in such a way that Russell Pearce comes out with the plurality?

Fox10 news in Phoenix caught up with Russell Pearce to ask him about this (video above) and he says that it is Jerry Lewis that is the plant.

We can use all kinds of words here, such as plant or fake candidate, so let me describe what the main difference is.

Jerry Lewis, candidate for LD18 senate.

The people that collected signatures for Jerry Lewis, and who are supporting him now, completely support him. They believe that Jerry Lewis is much better than Russell Pearce, and they can give you reasons why.

Jerry Lewis is not afraid to go on TV and tell the media why he is running, and why he is opposed to Russell Pearce.

The same is not true of Olivia Cortes. Her “supporters” are passing resolutions to endorse Russell Pearce. Her supporters cannot name reasons why Pearce should be voted out of office and why Cortes is better.

All they can say is that what they are doing is legal. It’s an attempt to confuse the voter. They don’t want Pearce to win on his merits, which is why he doesn’t mention immigration anymore, they want Jerry Lewis to lose by splitting the vote with Cortes.

It is a negatively-run campaign, and the only candidate that is not mired in secrecy and that does not hide from cameras is Jerry Lewis. Ask him what you want, ask him why he is running.

And he is not afraid to smile either, something Russell Pearce hasn’t done publicly since who knows when.

Hard to smile with an Oldroyd on the GOP elephant’s chair?