TSON News | Sunnyside’s Isquierdo docked his performance pay (VIDEO)

Sunnyside’s Isquierdo docked his performance pay (VIDEO)

It looks as if the honeymoon for the Isquierdos is over in Tucson.

The first loss for the husband-wife team from Texas making money off Tucson’s minority schoolchildren came last year when Edith lost to John Pedicone for TUSD superintendent.

The plan to rule TUSD and SUSD together failed.

But she stayed on as assistant superintendent and while there is lots of juicy gossip about what happened, suffice it to say that she is no longer at TUSD.

This is not good for a husband-wife team trying to takeover.

Sunnyside supe Isquierdo. Image: AZPM.org

Now the cracks are beginning to show in the support for Sunnyside supe Manny Isquierdo.

He went from being the talk of the town, gracing magazine covers, and getting a raise to bring his annual salary to over $300,000 in the southside district… to now being docked his performance pay at Tuesday’s board meeting.

State senator and former Sunnyside board member Linda Lopez also spoke up at the meeting (video above).

Two other things happened at this meeting.

  1. Daniel Hernandez was supposed to be sworn in as the new board member but got denied and had to sit out in the audience. Next time…
  2. Malena Barajas has emerged as one of the most courageous and intelligent school board members in Tucson.

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Sunnyside and Tucson have their meetings at the same time, and with Ethnic Studies being a big issue lately I have been at “1010.”

Malena Barajas

But I have also been attending Sunnyside meetings lately and I am amazed by the courage and intelligence that Malena Barajas displays on the school board.

She says exactly what needs to be said, powerful and to the point, in a fraction of the time that other long-winded board members take and yet manage to say nothing in so many words.

Barajas also “gets it.”

For example, she gets that the community is upset about news reports regarding the last election. She gets that teachers are furious over getting a massive pay cut and shocked in disbelief upon finding that the superintendent was getting a $75,000 raise.

And rather than make excuses for the superintendent or for the election, she accepted that there was a problem and would work towards a remedy immediately with her vote.

At the last meeting I attended, you could hear her being yelled at by the board president in the back board room while in executive session. She still stands strong and speaks out.

Malena Barajas has a bright future ahead of her.

Meanwhile, the Isquierdos have overstayed their welcome in Tucson. Time for them to leave town. It’s not like they were loyal to Sunnyside anyways, threatening to leave already if a huge pay raise was not given.

It’s not about the students, but sadly it’s about money, and some board members are only too glad to hand over that money, making the superintendent and technology corporations rich in the name of the students while human teachers get financially assaulted.

3 comments on “Sunnyside’s Isquierdo docked his performance pay (VIDEO)
  1. I was pleased to see some of our board members stand up for our students and us as tax payers.  THANK YOU LINDA LOPEZ  FOR YOUR SUPPORT. IM SURE IF PARENTS WERE AWARE OF THE BOARD MEETING YOU WOULD OF HAD A BIG NUMBER OF SUPPORTERS  BEHIND YOU.  THANK YOU

  2. So I guess the Isquierdos aren’t the right kind of Hispanics, just like Juan from the Hispanic chamber wasn’t the right kind of Hispanic for Adalita Grijalva…

  3. Teachers, and classified all get pay cuts, “Some” administrators and Isquierdros getting raise.
    See which administrators changed jobs and got raises. 7 out of 11 plus Isquierdro got raises. 
    • Dr. Debra Bergman, director of professional development, $87,964    

    (Formerly principal of Gallego Basic Elementary School $83,384)
    • Dr. Sharon Hooker, director of gifted and talented services, $70,049  

    (Formerly coordinator of gifted and talented $59, 515)

    New in 2011-12 – Liberty Gifted and Talented Magnet School to provide self-contained gifted classes in a school-within-a-school model
    • Dr. Dawn Maddock, executive director of secondary curriculum, $90,680 

    (Formerly principal of Desert View High School $90,680)
    • Cristela Ahuero, principal of Gallego Basic Elementary School, $72,109   (new to SUSD)
    Dedee Krause, principal of Los Niños Elementary School, $72,109  

    (Formerly program facilitator for Elvira Elementary School $46,368)
    • Roxana Rico, principal of Challenger Middle School, $82,891 

    (Formerly director of middle schools $82,891)
    • Rosemary Rosas, principal of Apollo Middle School, $75,963 

    (Formerly assistant principal of Desert View High School $67,716)
    • José Gastelum, principal of Desert View High School, $87,159 

    (Formerly associate principal of Desert View High School $78,942)
    • Armando Valenzuela, associate principal of Desert View Freshman Academy, $78,942

    (Formerly assistant principal of Sunnyside High School $70,703)
    • Alissa Welch, associate principal of Sunnyside Freshman Academy, $78,942 

    (Formerly assistant principal of Sunnyside High School $70,703)
    • Wilfredo Arias, interim director of transportation, $74,576 

    (Formerly principal of Challenger Middle School $74,576)

     I have asked Isquierdro since June for a copy of his contract under the freedom of information act.  He promised me in-front of Richard Sanchez in July to give it to me in a few days, but he has not.

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