TSON News | Is Paul Gosar’s attack on Eric Holder part of a larger attack on minority rights?

Is Paul Gosar’s attack on Eric Holder part of a larger attack on minority rights?

Tucson and Arizona and our race problems, from immigration to racial profiling, continue to be supremely important issues defining the national discussion of leaders in Washington, D.C.

Attorney General Eric Holder knows this all too well.

How has Arizona been under GOP rule? Above: Jan Brewer, John McCain, Paul Gosar.

Paul Gosar, the current Congressman in Arizona’s CD-1 which will extend into northern Tucson after redistricting maps are approved, has been in the news a lot lately going after the nation’s first black Attorney General, Eric Holder, blaming him for the “Fast and the Furious” fiasco.

The “Fast and the Furious” program was run not out of Washington or the Justice Department but under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) under their Phoenix division. The plan was to give guns out to cartels and somehow track them and therefore able to map out drug cartel something or another… it is not exactly sure what or how anything would be accomplished.

Then Brian Terry was killed one year ago, December 14th, 2010, in the Tucson Border Patrol sector.

The Tucson Citizen was actually a huge source of information on this case. All of a sudden the news went silent on the death of the Border Patrol agent and at least two writers here wondered what was going on.

There were rumors surfacing that he may have been killed by friendly fire trying to protect immigrants from being shot at. Why were the feds being so quiet, and why was the media following along in being completely silent?

Then we find out two weapons found at the crime scene were part of the “Fast and Furious” program, and were knowingly sold to drug cartels.

Somehow the Second Amendment contradictions are ignored here. If people want to buy guns then they are allowed to, especially in Arizona which has the most lax guns laws in the nation. Does it matter if the ATF was tracking these guns or if they were just completely anonymous? The cartels would have just gotten guns from elsewhere, perhaps the huge Gun Shows at the TCC held multiple times a year.

So now a Phoenix ATF issue was now the fault of Eric Holder, and Paul Gosar has been leading the charge against him.

Then we find out about Sheriff Arpaio’s severe lapses of law enforcement locally, and the blame is more direct with his office involved in knowingly ignoring hundreds of child molestation and sexual abuse cases.

Sheriffs Babeu and Arpaio.

Why is Paul Gosar ignoring Arizona?

Then we recall that Gosar was endorsed by not only the strongly anti-immigrant Sheriff Arpaio, but white-supremacist radio guest Sheriff Paul Babeu, trying to hide his swinging both ways by appearing with Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick who supported him when she was in power, but then realized he did not have to support a right-wing Democrat, aka “Blue Dog” when he could support the TEA Party directly.

Paul Gosar was even able to pull Ann Kirkpatrick even more to the right on the immigration issue:

Dr. Paul Gosar, CD1 republican primary frontrunner, issued a challenge to President Obama and Representative Kirkpatrick to “Secure our border, don’t sue Arizona” and specifically to Kirkpatrick, “I call on you to stand with me and with Sheriff Babeu, Sheriff Arpaio, former Coconino County Sheriff Joe Richards and with the vast majority of Arizonans and denounce this administration’s challenge to SB 1070.

Just three days later, Kirkpatrick’s office issued the following statement in a June 21st, 2010 press release, “I am calling on the President and the Attorney General,” said Kirkpatrick, “to abandon preparations for a lawsuit against Arizona, and to recommit to finding a national solution to fixing this national problem.”

Ann Kirkpatrick followed the TEA Party’s lead and called for the nation’s first black President and first black Attorney General to back off of Arizona’s attack on Latinos. Racism exists in the Democratic Party too, which is why she is being shunned this time around.

Why is Paul Gosar leading the charge?

Congressman Gosar seems to have no problem ignoring local issues and local law enforcement leaders, but why is he so vocal against Eric Holder who was a few levels removed from the Phoenix field office issue?

Maybe it was because Holder’s lawsuit against Arizona is what stopped SB1070 from fully being implemented, but that didn’t seem like a good enough reason to me, but part of the reason nonetheless.

Excuse me while I whip this out... it's called the US Constitution.

How was Eric Holder directly affecting Paul Gosar to the point that he would invest so much time and energy on him?

(Article continued below)

Then I found a connection.

Eric Holder has been a strong supporter of the historic Voting Rights Act and is threatening to stop any racist politician’s attempts to go against it. Arizona is filled with them, including our own Attorney General Tom Horne.

Why does this matter?

Arizona has 2 minority-majority districts (Grijalva and Pastor). The current CD-1 which is Gosar’s district:

According to a 2006-2008 American Community Survey (ACS), the 725,229 residents of Arizona’s 1st Congressional District fall into the following groups: 66.8 percent white, 1.6 percent black, 0.7 percent Asian, 20.4 percent American Indian or Alaska native, 0.1 percent native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander and 7.8 percent other.

The Cook Partisan Voting Index of registered voters gives AZ-1 an R+6 rating, indicating a relatively strong Republican lean in this district.

Under the current maps, the district is 67% white with a Republican lean. Under the new maps, the district will be only 50.7% white, with a 22% Native American and 20% Latino population, and this state’s a-changing. Just ask Russell Pearce.

The Congressional districts are still mostly Republican and they should still hold a majority in this state, but CD-1 is the most minority and Democrat of the non-minority-majority districts.

In other words, CD-1 is a-changing just as the demographics of this state are changing, and the Native Americans and Latinos and Progressives and Unions are all uniting behind Wenona Benally Baldenegro, Gosar’s formidable opponent in 2012.

But Tom Horne has tried to stop this. The Russell Pearce Senate tried to stop this, working with Jan Brewer to impeach the independent redistricting chair.

Eric Holder had to put the smack-down on Arizona, starting with SB1070, continuing with Arizona’s ban on teachers with accents, and now with a renewed promise today to defend the Voting Rights Act.

Attorney General Eric Holder vowed Tuesday to fully enforce civil rights protections in next year’s elections amid a flurry of activity by states to redraw political boundaries and impose requirements that could reduce voting by minorities who enthusiastically supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

Giving his most expansive speech on civil rights since taking office, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer declared that “we need election systems that are free from fraud, discrimination and partisan influence — and that are more, not less, accessible to the citizens of this country.”

He urged the country to “call on our political parties to resist the temptation to suppress certain votes in the hope of attaining electoral success.”

It is Paul Gosar’s seat that is most in danger of being lost to a new leader with fresh new ideas, Wenona Benally Baldenegro who is appealing to people all over the district as people grow disillusioned with Sarah Palin’s choice in Paul Gosar, who had to appoint her Wasilla friends to lead his staff.

So it makes sense that Gosar, who is in most danger, would be most in support of the attempts to violate the Voting Rights Act and suppress the minority vote.

This may be why he is ignoring the problems in Arizona, the racism and xenophobia being led by his endorsers Sheriff Arpaio and Babeu, and going after the number one top person who will defend minority rights, Eric Holder.

If Holder is struck down, then perhaps Arizona can get away with violating the Voting Rights Act, and maybe Paul Gosar’s district won’t run the danger of going from 67% white TEA Party down to 50.7%.

He might actually have to stop ignoring Native Americans and minorities, which will be tough since he has already thrown them under the bus with his support of dangerous mining projects, including uranium mining by the Grand Canyon.

Paul Gosar will be like his predecessor, a one-termer, and new leaders are emerging, including the first Native American woman who will ever be elected to the US Congress.

71 comments on “Is Paul Gosar’s attack on Eric Holder part of a larger attack on minority rights?
  1. So giving guns to drug cartels with no intent to track them, just to create a crisis in order to blame US gun stores for the Mexican gun problem, in order to infringe the constitutional rights of Americans, doesn’t bother you at all–just because Holder is black?

    • “So giving guns to drug cartels with no intent to track them…”

      I think it is every bit as reasonable to fantasize a conspiracy in which the right wing promoted the movement of guns into Mexico in order to provide an opportunity to attack Eric Holder and also create a crisis in which they can claim their “constitutional rights” are being infringed. 

  2. When are the so called minorities going to stop using the race card and feeling sorry for themselves.   They have been told by do gooders that they have been wronged so much that they think they are owed special priveliges and they take advantage of that every chance they get.   It is really getting old and they are going to have to take responsibitly for themselves  in the very near future!

    • We don’t have a race problem. We just have too many mexicans here. 400,000 illegals residing in the state. Sunnyside School district is building schools, TUSD is closing schools, 70% of TUSD students are on lunch aid etc. because their parents cant feed them. Our hispanic friends are also a cause of the vast majority of our crime. Don’t believe me…… Watch the news tonight. Or just follow the public records for arrests.

      • “…70% of TUSD students are on lunch aid etc.” 

        Sorry, fraser, but poverty is coming to everyone soon and even your preferred races will be needing more help.  Right now, about 149 million Americans are classified as “poor” or “low income”.  That number is sure to rise.  Now, I am waiting to hear how those wiley Latinos precipitated the ruin of the economy (along with the help of Obama and his communist minions). 

    • “When are the so called minorities going to stop using the race card and feeling sorry for themselves.”

      There will be two requirements before the “race card” is no longer in play.  First, racism would have to actually end in America.  Secondly, reactionaries will have to stop using the phrase “race card”.  My prediction is that the first requirement, unlikely as it seems, is more likely to be fulfilled than the second.   

    • Better yet, when are white conservatives going to stop feeling sorry for themselves and blaming everyone else for the nation’s problems? You have all the advantages when it comes to wealth, and yet you can’t stop whining that you never have enough!

  3. Here we go again.The race card.When you can’t explain away wrong doing,get them with being prejudice.How ridiculous and bias the media has become.Don’t dare say anything against the Obama administration.This administration has turned this nation upside down,all in the wrong direction.Open your eyes America.We are being led to destruction on every front.The Obama administration is being run by marxists,communists and Progressives posing as Democrats.The media should also wake up to the fact that if the present administration is voted in again there will be no free press or dissension allowed and probably no voting.
    Does this sound outrageous?Just look what’s happening across the country.Obama told the Unions to go into the streets.We are now seeing anarchy.Just what the President wanted.2012 will see a lot worse because the media is treating anarchists as heros.What happened to the democratic voting system.

    • Ah, wide receiver tracked the guns with the help of the Mexican government, but there was no attempt to track the fast and furious guns. Agents were told not to track the guns. The whole idea was to create a crisis to “react to” by restricting  American second amendment rights.

      • “The whole idea was to create a crisis to “react to” by restricting  American second amendment rights.”

        Riiight.  Indulging in paranoid fantasies are definitely the most enlighted way in which to go through life.

        • Definitely beats playing ostrich and accusing the rest of the world of paranoia when facts contrary to your world view are presented.  

          • “Definitely beats playing ostrich and accusing the rest of the world of paranoia when facts contrary to your world view are presented.”

            The gaping hole in your contention is the absence of those pesky “facts” that you allude to.  When you have actual, verifiable “facts” that somebody, anybody, has conspired to create a crisis in order to attack your precious 2nd Amendment rights, then I’ll listen more carefully.   

          • Oh, you mean facts such as ATF agents ordering firearms dealers who approached them with concerns about obviously criminal customers to sell to said customers in contravention of law and sanity?  Or the fact that said agents were then ordered not to track the illegally-sold weapons, resulting in the death of a border patrol agent.  How about the fact that the Attorney General is lying faster than a horse can trot about his involvement and the orders he gave?  A  game of CYA or something deeper involved-it’s up to the individual to decide their motives.  Simply because you lack the ability to add two and two correctly is not the rest of the world’s problem.

          • None of which says anything about a conspiracy to attack your 2nd amendment rights.  It’s when you add two and two and come up with whatever number you feel like that you have a problem.

          • If this was not done to undermine the 2nd Amendment, then to what do you ascribe Holder and the ATF’s actions?  Stupidity or cupidity? 

          • It could well just be stupidity.  It may also be the law of unintended consequences coming into play.  Or, perhaps he was as ignorant of the program as he claims, something which will not likely fly as an excuse in the long run.  In any case, it is OK for me to wait and not know for now. 

            Obama and his bunch have made it clear (wisely, I think) that they have no intention of trying to take on the gun lobby.  It’s a complete non-starter right now.  IMO, the fabrication of an imaginary “attack on our 2nd amendment rights” is just a good way to motivate the faithful to action.  I would hope that someday we would look to peoples who have been around as a civilization much longer than the US and take their example to heed.  However, this is the US and we are young and dumb; too dumb even to know how stupid we are.

    Are we talking about my congressman who thinks the people in his district should not have first amendment rights? Anyone like me who disagrees with his views on FB gets blocked. The difficult thing is trying to figure out if these are his views or Sarah Palin’s because part of his staff hales from Wasilla, Alaska and they call all the shots.

  5. Fast and Idiotic was nothing more than a disgraceful attempt by Holder and Nobama to enable guns to be smuggled into Mexico and then soon after, to begin showing up at the scenes of vilent crimes on both sides of the border. When that happened, all of the administration’s Second Amendment haters, including Holder, Nobama, and Billary, could wring their hands in front of the cameras of the fawning media, and push their anti-gun agenda by insisting upon Draconian gun laws, that would only keep legal weapons out of the hands of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.
    Of course, Holder pleads ignorant. Like Sgt. Schultz, he claims to know NUTHINGGGGG. Perhaps the racist Holder was too busy protecting his Philadelphia Blank Panther buddies from being prosecuted for their involvement in voter fraud during the ’08 election.

  6. Here’s the ugly facts:  Holder is prosecuting the plan of this administration in pursuing smuggling and drug cartels in Mexico’s civil war; they are not going after the Sinaloa cartel and instead using them to defeat La Familia, the Zetas, the remnants of the Gulf cartel, Juarez and Arellano-Felix cartels.  Once the others have been subdued, the American administration hopes to the tackle Sinaloa cartel as the last renegade organization in Mexican organized crime.  It won’t work and it’s unconstitutional to do what he’s doing (sheltering drug shipments and supplying arms), but he’s simply prosecuting the plan.  Regardless of who or how many people get hurt.  It’s divide and conquer.  So everybody who was so incensed with Reagan’s backing of the Contras needs to take a good look at what Obama’s doing in Mexico.

    • “…they are not going after the Sinaloa cartel and instead using them to defeat La Familia, the Zetas…”

      For heaven’s sake, where do you people get this crazy crap from?  Is there some website you all go to where people get rewarded for posting the most insane and ridiculous conspiracy theories?  Birthers, Truthers, Trilateral Commissioners, Chemtrail fanatics – you all need to have your blood tested for serum porcelain content (i.e., you’re crackpots).

      • Learn to speak and read Spanish and then read the Mexican media.  El Universal and El Imparcial have been saying for years that if we wanted Chapo caught, he would be caught, and that the Sinaloa cartel has been protected.  The LA times ran a four part story on how they were allowed to make shipments so that our DEA could track their movements.  Their shipments make the same trek these days as those harmless dishwashers and lawn care specialists do.

        Former Mexican President Miguel de La Madrid (hope I spelled that right) said that PRI let Luis Colosio be assassinated in 1993 by the cartels because he really was going to clean out the cartels.  The Sinaloa cartel was protected then (it was their gunmen) to fight Arellano-Felix and the Chihuahua Cartel (remember Amado Carillo-Fuentes and his airplanes?), and they continue to be protected now.  If you read the news reports, marijuana seizures go up and down, but Meth and Cocaine prices on the street have not gone up enough to suggest that the recent seizures are effective.  Dealers don’t cook around here like they used to, it’s too dangerous.  But they unload Chinese and Indian ephedrine by the ton in Mazatlan.  Do the Mexicans have that bad of a cold and flu season?  Twice a week?

        Eric Holder is only one player in all of this; but his hands are dirty and a few guys who want to stop our involvement in this bad plan want him bad because he’s the convenient target.  The big question here is; when does he become expendable to Obama?

        • El Imparcial and El Universal say that Eric Holder and President Obama, the DOJ, the DEA and your grandmother are all conspiring to support the Sinaloa cartel?   Wow!  Well, it must be true.   

          • leftfield defends the trustworthiness of American institutions and politicians over foreign media sources. These are some of the same people he would like to see overthrown. Something is strange today. And why is my dog walking on the ceiling?

          • I think you have missed my point.  It is not that American institutions have any corner on the truth (“truthiness”, more like), but rather that people like USMC trucker and reactionaries in general will take one or two facts, contentions, quotes; whatever, and spin an entire conspiracy theory out of it.  He starts with the fact that the drug cartels have been difficult to break up and that the DEA tracks drug shipments.  From there, he’s got Obama, the DOJ and Eric Holder in the drug business.  It’s stupid, irrational and insane at the same time. 

          • “reactionaries in general will take one or two facts, contentions, quotes; whatever, and spin an entire conspiracy theory out of it”

            Reactionaries hardly have a corner on that market. One man’s conspiracy is another man’s counter-narrative.

          • No, I said that drug cartels have been played off of each other.  You attempt to besmirch my assertions without doing any reading of the Mexican press.  They print things down there that our press won’t talk about; especially concerning this stuff.  You criticism is not even half-informed.  It is a useless collection of opinionated demagogery, insult and distortion.  If what these papers are printing is so false, then why are they being killed for it?  Mexico is more dangerous for members of the press than Iraq, and has been for a long time. 

            Face it.  You’re late to the game and don’t have any facts on this one.  Just sitting around and singing Kumbaya is a fine way to pass your time but in no way qualifies you as an informed person on this issue.  Here’s a news flash:  PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES DO NOT CONFORM TO YOUR WORLD VIEW BECAUSE YOU BOTH HATE THIS COUNTRY OR WHAT IT SOMETIMES DOES.

          • “No, I said that drug cartels have been played off of each other.”

            If that was all you said, that would be one thing, though even that is an interpretation and subject to debate.  But you are attempting to parlay “Fast and Furious” into some grand conspiracy.  It is a much simpler conclusion that it was simply misguided; stupid even, but not necessarily proof of anything. 

            I can see why believing in a conspiracy gives you yet another reason to dislike Obama and thus serves its purpose for you.  But I am still mystified as to why the right wing personality is so prone to conspiracy theory.  Perhaps because it is inherent that they are fearful and always feel under attack from evil forces.  In my conspiracy theory, which I believe is equally as well founded in fact as yours, I think it is all part of a grand plan to undermine “the moral fiber of America and attack our precious bodily fluids”.  If you understand the reference, you will know that even way back when, people like Gen. Jack Ripper were creating conspiracies out of thin air.   

  7. Sorry D.A.-you’re way off-base with this one.  Holder screwed the pooch by allowing this fraud to be perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public in a transparent effort to claim the need for new gun laws when all they had to do was enforce the ones already in place, then compounded his malfeasance by lying to Congress and the public about it.  You may well be right that Gosar is a racist POS, but unfortunately he happens to be right on the money in this case.  Even a stopped watch is correct twice a day.

  8. “If Holder is struck down, then perhaps Arizona can get away with violating the Voting Rights Act…”

    As it is, it looks like the Voting Rights Act and voting rights in general are under attack from the right wing not just here in Arizona, but elsewhere in those states in which the reactionaries hold sway in state legislatures.  The DOJ says they are looking into this and hopefully they will be able to put a stop to those who would violate the very prinicples of the nation in their ugly grab at power.  For example, in Texas (ever a bastion of forward-looking peoples and a stellar example of egalitarianism in action), you can vote with a concealed weapon permit, but not with a student ID.  Hmmm, wonder why?

      • “Just a guess, maybe it is more difficult to forge a gun permit.  Maybe a student ID card does not prove citizenship.”

        Or, could it be that gun nuts are likely to vote Republican and students (being educated) are more likely to vote Democratic?  Ya think? 

        • A very convincing deflection!  Your contention does nothing to advance my point.  To reduce the argument down to the left/right paradigm speaks volumes to your abilities of critical thinking.  Brainwashing complete.

  9. Are people who cry ‘felony’ forgetting that this shipping guns to Mexico program began under one of President Bush’s Attorneys General?  Mr. Holder just inherited it.  

  10. Perhaps the title of this article should be “Is Paul Gosar’s attack on Eric Holder part of a larger defense of States’ sovereignty rights?”
    Instead, Mr. Morales authors an article that highlights his perception that this is a racial problem.  Truly visionary!
    If the Federal Government is unable pass laws to resolve issues regarding illegal immigration, any state that attempts to solve this particular problem (that has been IGNORED by federal government) should be applauded.  As far as Mr. Morales argument purporting that Fast and Furious was run out of an office far afield of the AG’s office, is a very thin arguement.  To believe that the DOJ allows it’s subordinate agencies to run on their own agenda without oversight is naive, especially when dealing with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS and their purported destination.  There must be more to this story, but playing the race card trumps all other considerations, right?   It is much easier to claim racist intentions of a elected official than to use the faculties of critical thinking and tools of investigative journalism to address the much bigger problems (state sovereignty & foreign policy implications of F&F) that Arizona faces today.  Furthermore,  Mr. Morales avoids to address the fact that in addition to Rep. Gesar, there are scores of elected officials that have expressed the desire to have AG Holder resign his post.  Surley all of these officials cannot be motivated by the same reasons as Mr. Morales posits regarding Rep. Gosar.  I believe that Rep. Gosar and his fellow representatives are much more well informed than Mr. Morales on these matters.  After all, it has been more than a year since Fast and Furious has become newsworthy yet no one has been held accountable.  Why? 

    • “States’ sovereignty rights…”

      You could save time and effort by just referring to “State’s Rights”.  This would also put you more in line with your philosophical forebears like George Wallace, James Earl Ray and Bull Connor.  They were big on “State’s Rights”.  

      • None of the above have anything to do with my opinions on the subject.  My comments here have not demonstrated any racial overtones, period. 

        • We need to have an over reaching federal government because people like yourself will elect someone like Joe Arpaio that breaks the law.  If you would stop violating the constitution, the law, and people’s civil rights, then maybe Arizona, Alabama and Mississippi wouldn’t constantly need adult supervison from the feds. 

          • Actually, we need an electorate with enough guts to remove nutbags like Arpaio themselves, serving as de facto instruments of the govt. supposedly of, by and for the people.  As long as we keep begging big daddy government to do everything we’re too afraid to do ourselves, we deserve the Arpaios we get.

          • “Actually, we need an electorate with enough guts to remove nutbags like Arpaio themselves…”

            That would serve the same desired end.  However, until we actually have an educated and enlightened electorate, we can’t allow people like him a free hand to express the intolerance, ignorance and hatred of the people who elected him.     

  11. Oh Jeezuz Kee-rist. Put away the friggin’ race card already! 
    Holder and Co. are criminals, the evidence is out there, and more of it comes down the pipe every day.
    Accept it.

    • “Put away the friggin’ race card already!”

      Stop saying “race card” already, and stop pretending racism doesn’t exist already.  

  12. Didn’t read this article, no point the title says it all. Eric Holder has an agenda and it’s not equal justice under the law. He really makes me ill. Hope he goes away fast and furiously.

  13. I swear, throwing Race into this argument about fast and furious simply deminishes any credibility you think you have.  What a freakin Joke! If a white man in Holders position had done the same thing; we’d be after him too.  Race doesn’t even play into this so stop trying to make it so! What a laugh!

  14. Mr. Holder says that he didn’t know about the “Fast and the Furious” even though memos were delivered to his office. If the movement of guns authorized to be sold illegally and being moved across international borders  is not a priority to the Attorney General then He and his staff are incompetent and they need to be removed. If he did know and ignored it, and lied about it, then he is a criminal and needs to be in jail. I applauded Mr. Gosar and the others for holding them accountable and I don’t care what race, creed or color any of them are. If people looked at actions and not race, creed or color we would not have most of these issues.

  15. Pretty funny, how dizzying the logic of this post is. How is demanding proof of citizenship racist? What am I missing (he asked knowing he’s just dropping a gallon of blood into the left-wing-shark-infested water…)?

    • “How is demanding proof of citizenship racist?”  Ask Joe Arpaio; he would know.  The DOJ has decided that Little Joe has been stopping cars based on racial profiling and punishing inmates for speaking Spanish.   

      • Pretty Funny, leftfield, that you answer the question by not answering the question. But, I’ll bite. I wouldn’t dare speak for Sheriff Joe, but I believe he would agree that providing photographic proof (in the form of a government issued identification document–as required by most civilized/advanced societies) that you are who you say you are is not racial profiling. It is in the best interest of the voting populace as a whole, to ensure that those who belong to the voting population have a say, while those who do not…do not.

  16. If you don’t mind, I wil use some military vernacular.

    You said:  ” Somehow the Second Amendment contradictions are ignored here. If people want to buy guns then they are allowed to, especially in Arizona which has the most lax guns laws in the nation. Does it matter if the ATF was tracking these guns or if they were just completely anonymous? The cartels would have just gotten guns from elsewhere, perhaps the huge Gun Shows at the TCC held multiple times a year. ”

    (Here comes the vernacular) 

    You dumbass!  The fact remains, SEcond Amendment issues or not, that CURRENT law makes what the DOJ and its’ bureau did a violation of law.  

    But you, in your efforts to obfuscate, hide, cover up, and provide support for past and future criminal activity, want to twist words a la Clinton to misdirect people and allow those who directed, committed, and hid these crimes to go unpunished.

    If you take time to read some of the existing comments, though, it’s obvious that you failed.  And now we know what you are.    

  17. I would love to tell my Congressman Paul Gosar what I think of this, but unfortunately when I posted links to government reports about the dangers of uranium mining he blocked me. Needless to say I will not be voting for him again.

    • Anyone believing a word that this DAMorales writes is  is blind.  Do you really take this guys view or are you able to surf the web a bit and see the real truth? It amazes me how gullible people can be.

  18. It amazes me how bias this site is. First off the story should read more like this: Gaffe-prone Attorney General Eric Holder came under new Republican fire on Wednesday after calling for an end to state laws requiring voters to show identification at polling stations. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas immediately slammed Holder, saying: “Voter identification laws are constitutional and necessary to prevent fraud at the ballot box. “Facing an election challenge next year, this administration has chosen to target efforts by the states to protect the democratic process,” Cornyn said. The increased pressure on Holder came on the same day that 22 House Republicans proposed a vote of no confidence in him for his handling of the Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme. The move was headed by Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, who told Newsmax that Holder’s speech was further proof that “he is completely out of his depth as attorney general.” “In the game of baseball it’s three strikes and you’re out,” Gosar said. “First, with the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation, then with the laundering of U.S taxpayers’ money to Mexican cartels, and finally now an attempt to circumvent the states’ rights to promote secure elections, Attorney General Holder has shown that he is completely out of touch with the American people. “If we are to maintain the integrity of the democratic process, it is not unreasonable that voters should show appropriate identification when they turn up at polling stations and for him to suggest otherwise flies in the face of common sense,” Gosar added. “I have already called on Mr. Holder to resign over Fast and Furious. This latest speech should serve as his final strike.”
    Further more after your last article http://threesonorans.com/2011/12/17/paul-gosar-wants-americans-to-eat-crap-sandwich-in-exchange-for-border-security/ I don’t feel you should be continuing to write your racial views. 
    And for you and your buddies you will be glad to know Obama will give all of them cell phones in exchange for their votes. http://patriotupdate.com/16014/obama-gives-illegal-aliens-phones-for-votes 
    Arpiaro and Babeu Rock!!!!!

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