Open Letter from Sean Arce

Mi Familia, Friends y Comunidad I write to address the charges against me of Domestic Violence.  While this is in part a legal matter that will be resolved in City court, you should know that I take full responsibility for my conduct. Unfortunately, at times one needs a serious wake up call to recognize the immediate need for the assistance of others, including professionals, to help one cope, accept, grow and ultimately evolve into the person one hopes to be. I am a father who loves his children, my family and recognize that no one has the right to engage […]

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New rules for radicals: A discussion on how to live together


Organizing different organizations is sometimes an impossible task. In times of growth we can all grow in our desired direction, with plenty of room for yourself, but in times of decline when budgets are tight, the competition increases for a decreasing amount of resources. Then the conflicts begin. I am not a community organizer although I once tried and failed miserably. That is fine, we all have our roles in the movement, and perhaps mine is to see some of the patterns that are keeping us down. I will start with one suggestion using my own hometown of Tucson as […]

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Drug dealers appear on nearly every corner in Tucson after medicinal marijuana store opens


The first medicinal marijuana dispensary opened in Tucson earlier this month: TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) A day for the history books as Tucson’s first medical marijuana dispensary now is open. The opening comes two years after Arizona voters legalized medical marijuana. The dispensary is located on the southwest corner of Broadway and Kolb on Tucson’s east side. Our cameras captured patients and caregivers going inside to pre-register. It was indeed a day for history books since those books will probably be banned by John Pedicone soon, which is doubly unfortunate because of the short-term memory loss. I drove around […]

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2012: Time to end the western world’s condescending approach towards the original Americans


Today, Dec. 21, we’re all standing under those Corbel arches, celebrating one of civilization’s more sublime accomplishments, the Maya calendar. The 2012 winter solstice marks the end of a 5,125-year creation cycle and the hopeful start of another—and not the apocalyptic end that so many wing nuts rave about. (That comes next month, when our wing nuts in Washington send us over the fiscal cliff.) Understandably, this Maya milestone is a source of Latin American and especially Mexican and Mesoamerican pride. As teacher Jaime Escalante tells the Mexican-American kids he turns into calculus wizards in the 1988 film Stand and […]

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Tom Horne’s “Golden Mean”: Arming School Principals?

Horne’s proposal would see one volunteer faculty member, likely the principal, at each school trained in handling a firearm and emergency situation response. Once they complete the course, that faculty member would be permitted to keep a firearm in a secure location on school property. Their name would not be released. “I see my proposal as a golden mean between two extremes,” said Horne. “One extreme, as people have proposed, would let any teacher who wants to to bring guns to school. I think that would create more danger than it would solve.” Horne said the other extreme is not […]

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