TUSD’s Lupita Garcia vs the Special Master on racism in today’s schools

I’m an exact example of the FACT that racyism [sic], as much as you want to say is about your color, it is not now. It’s about the level of your education.

– Dr. Lupita Garcia, who John Pedicone chose to supervise the Mexican American Studies program against the Latino community’s objection to putting an anti-MAS person in charge of MAS.

Dr. Lupita Garcia, it is under her supervision that MAS classes have ended.

Dr. Lupita Garcia subscribes to the same school of thought that Tom Horne does, that racism doesn’t exist, that we live in some magically color-blind world, and as long as you study and get educated, discrimination is a thing of the past for you.

Racism is not about color, it’s about how many college degrees you have?

Contrast this pendejada to what the Special Master that has been appointed to fix TUSD’s racism problem has to say:

School leaders must be aware of what McKenzi and Scheurich (2003) call “equity traps.” Equity traps include the desire among educators to believe that discrimination is a thing of the past and the related belief that interactions with and among students should be color-blind. Such beliefs undermine educators’ abilities to diagnose existing and potential sources of student misbehavior, disengagement, and underperformance.

Professor Willis Hawley aka “Special Master” for TUSD.

8 comments on “TUSD’s Lupita Garcia vs the Special Master on racism in today’s schools
    • Thanks for tying the obvious to the obtuse. I am guessing there isn’t alot of jobs for your “major” right now- Since it obviously was not in the field of proven science like biology.
      I hope you have better luck trying to sell this type of observation in the public market place…After all, if you spent good money learning it there must be a pony in there somewhere.    

  1. “racyism”?  You have to wonder how someone who can’t even spell the word becomes such an ‘expert’ on the matter.  She also misses the point that chronic, entrenched, societal racism can determine what level of education a person has the abilities and means to achieve. 

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