Arizona’s attack on nurses: the Amanda Trujillo case goes viral

From KPHO (Phoenix CBS), Nurse says she was fired for educating patient

PHOENIX (CBS5) – Inside Banner Del Webb Hospital in Sun City West, nurses are constantly tending to sick patients.

That’s what Amanda Trujillo said she was doing last April when she spoke with a patient on the eve of their surgery.

“I discovered that they had a very big misunderstanding about what they were about to participate in,” Trujillo told CBS 5 News.

Trujillo, a licensed nurse in Arizona since 2006, said she advised the patient of possible complications.

The patient decided to delay the surgery and reconsider his or her options.

Trujillo said she also ordered a case management consult for the patient to be educated about hospice care.

“The doctor, ultimately, is the focal point that directs care for patients,” said Banner spokesman Bill Byron, who said company policy prevents nurses from ordering a case management consult.

“This is what we go to school to do. We are licensed to teach our patients, we are licensed to advocate,” said Trujillo.

Right after that conversation, Trujillo said she was let go and a complaint was filed against her with the Arizona Board of Nursing.

Now, Trujillo said she is fighting to clear her name – not just for herself, but so other nurses aren’t afraid to do their jobs.

“What this hospital is doing is establishing a culture of fear, and what the board is doing by supporting that is they’re setting that example that the education of a nurse is not valued,” said Trujillo.

The Arizona Board of Nursing said they will discuss Trujillo’s case at their next meeting in March.

From In the Footsteps of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks made history when she refused to move to the back of the bus and she was persecuted for her actions. She wasn’t trying to start a movement when she refused to move. She said that she was tired and just trying to get home. Amanda Trujillo wasn’t trying to start a movement either.

Amanda Trujillo

Now Amanda is being persecuted for her actions. A lot of people have asked me why the Amanda Trujillo case resonates with nurses. It’s because nurses are tired of being treated like second class citizens.

Nurses have few rights and little protection in the workplace. We are abused and bullied by nurse executives who cherish corporate profits.

Frankly, we’re tired of being told to go to the back of the healthcare bus. And God help the nurse who says no, they aren’t moving. He or she is ridiculed, fired, dragged before the state board of nursing and threatened with the loss of their nursing license.

Now, with the support of others, Amanda is fighting back. She isn’t doing this for herself, she is fighting for our patients and the nursing profession. Great changes begin with one person.

Rosa Parks said that you must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right. Amanda is doing the right thing and she will win, and by doing so, we will all win in the end.

Please visit Nurse Up! to learn more about the Amanda Trujillo case.

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