TSON News | Members of Sheriff Arpaio’s inner circle gets disbarred

Members of Sheriff Arpaio’s inner circle gets disbarred

BREAKING news, from the Arizona Capitol Times:

Andrew Thomas with the man behind him, Sheriff Arpaio. Image: Associated Press.

A disciplinary panel disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and his former deputy Lisa Aubuchon Tuesday. A third former deputy, Rachel Alexander, was suspended for six months and one day.

Attorneys for all three disciplined attorneys said they will appeal the decision to the Arizona Supreme Court. None of the sanctioned attorneys were in court when Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O’Neil read the decision of the three-member panel.

The panel followed the recommendations of John Gleason, an independent discipline attorney hired by the State Bar of Arizona.

via Thomas disbarred by disciplinary panel Arizona Capitol Times.

You may remember Andrew Thomas as the Republican nominee for Attorney General in 2010. His opponent Tom Horne, who ended up winning, is also in legal trouble.

Horne was banned from the SEC before becoming Arizona’s top lawyer, and now, just within the last week, we learn of an FBI investigation into Horne.

Not that Republican will waver in their support with all these illegalities. He helped end Mexican American Studies, after all, and that whole “illegal is illegal” thing doesn’t apply to good noble law-abiding men such as Tom Horne.


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