TSON News | Tom Horne to hold fundraiser for million dollar lawsuit TUSD-MAS teachers

Tom Horne to hold fundraiser for million dollar lawsuit TUSD-MAS teachers

While the top lawyer in the state finds himself under an FBI investigation, the Attorney General of Arizona, Tom Horne, is helping raise money to support a million dollar lawsuit against TUSD-MAS’s Sean Arce and Jose Gonzales.

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The John Ward million-dollar lawsuit against Sean Arce and Jose Gonzales also includes their wives’ assets, both of whom are also TUSD teachers, including Norma who is also an MAS teacher.

In addition to this million dollar lawsuit, all three of these MAS teachers may not even be working at TUSD next year as their contracts are not renewed by the top MAS-destroyer of them all, SALC’s John Pedicone.

7 comments on “Tom Horne to hold fundraiser for million dollar lawsuit TUSD-MAS teachers
  1. Get a group together, go, eat their hors-d’oeuvres and desserts and give nothing (it’s just a suggested donations after all).

  2. How can the district be retaliating against this guy if the district has fired all the MAS teachers? Who has the power here and who is it really being directed at? The MAS teachers and Director are the OBJECTS of the retaliation. They should be suing and I do hope they put together a counter-suit. This is just an example how institutional racism works. These people are not only concerned about stopping the MAS program- they are trying to make a personal example of the dedicated teachers who worked in the program. These are the teachers responsible for students succeeding and making a better life for themselves and this is how TUSD thanks them? Not only are they fired, but now this a$$ is suing the very people who’s careers have already been harmed? How is he being retaliated against? He still has a job? Right? These dirty tactics don’t stop people from thinking and trying to make a better life for themselves. They don’t stop people from seeking an education that is unbiased and that is not “white-washed” and incomplete. It only makes people more willing to fight for their rights. What a sham.

  3. They have no shame. These republicans would steal from the poor; they’ve already stolen the education from working class Raza youth. May a sea of Robin Hoods descend on them! A system so corrupt and racist is bound to CRACK!!! I want to be there with a sledge hammer…

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