Raul Grijalva’s worst nightmare this election year coming true

Congressmember Raul Grijalva’s worst nightmare is coming true as the many Democratic primary opponents become fewer and unite behind Aguirre, the opponent who has the greatest chance of defeating the incumbent in the primary.

Democrat David Crowe is dropping out of the race for Congress in the new District 3, covering southwest Arizona.

Crowe grew up in Yuma and said he will support the Democratic candidate from Yuma, former state Sen. Amanda Aguirre.

via Crowe drops out of CD3 race, will support Aguirre.

6 comments on “Raul Grijalva’s worst nightmare this election year coming true
  1. Yep. Agreed. While Crowe had some issues, namely the fact that he gave a thumbs up for Rocket Ruth, I’m glad he understood it was time to get out and that the candidate to support is Aguirre. Should be interesting.

  2. Raul Grijalva has stood for us for years and we need to stand behind him once again.  Progressives like Raul have been correct again and again but you’d never know it listening to the main stream media. Where is the money coming from to unseat Grijalva and who would be served by splitting up voters? That is the question to ask.

  3. Fuck Raul Grijalva! Have you seen his campaign message this election? Its some bullshit! Is he a Democrat or a tea bagger? Trying to increase the militarization of the border and attack undocumented immigrants. I think its time to try something else rather than rely on this vendido! 

  4. Running to the right???

    He’s a vendido to the people of AZ because he called for a boycott of his own state that horse’s Arce!

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