VIDEO: Mark Stegeman wants UNIDOS members prosecuted, ignores TUSD security harassment of Latino youth

In TUSD board president Mark Stegeman’s latest constituent letter, he says that he hopes these Latino students from UNIDOS in the video below are prosecuted.

My question is who will defend us from armed rent-a-cops who tackle and drag our youth onto the street from the TUSD board meeting space?

Who will defend US from TUSD? Got DOJ?

TUSD just couldn’t let these Latino youth leave the boardroom peacefully…

TUSD rent-a-cops get violent against students – YouTube.

5 comments on “VIDEO: Mark Stegeman wants UNIDOS members prosecuted, ignores TUSD security harassment of Latino youth
  1. That isn’t what I wrote; I spoke only of the person who ignited the smoke bomb.  I don’t know who that is, and his or her ethnicity is irrelevant.

    • Ethnicity is only relevant when it is convenient for you Stoogeman. You sure did not hesitate to insert race/ethnicity into your testimony for the ALJ hearings. You are simply a bigot and racist.

    • Stegman should rot in hell. YOU PRETEND to be all objective and “official” but your racist policy shines through: I still remember your RACIST interpretation of the UFW handclap as CULT. That testimony in front of State Judges was damning, and as an elected official, your OPINION/interpretation was RACIALLY MOTIVATED!!!! Face it, stand by what you said. The UFW, Chavez, Dolores Huerta have long stood for the most exploited laborers in the US, farmworkers. You probably agree with Huppenthal that Raza Studies is like the KKK. Why don’t you comment on that. Just remember that Raza studies doesnt lynch Blacks and doesnt burn crosses in front of people’s houses. Stegman, you’re a punk ass chump.  (cordiality in Tucson has rotted at the seams)

  2. School  board members SHOULD ROT IN HELL… what’s wrong with that assessment. I think racists should be thrown down the deepest pits of hell personally. Do you defend the rich racist Pedicone and the ignorant bigot Hicks??? (you’re probably one of the two sending in a message secretly)

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