VIDEO: AZ Daily Star and Three Sonorans agree on TUSD and Grijalva’s pro-free speech resolution

My video excerpt of the last board meeting dealing with the free-speech vote is above. Below is an excerpt from today’s Opinion from the Arizona Daily Star.

TUSD Governing Board member Michael Hicks did the district no favors when he argued against adding a call to the audience to the board’s second meeting of the month.

“This is a meeting of the board to do board business, not a meeting of the public,” he said.

Wrong. Every meeting of public officials – elected by the public, remember – should be considered a “meeting of the public.”

via Arizona Daily Star.

What does not get mentioned is Mark Stegeman’s question to legal after the vote passes (which he and Hicks voted against). You can see it starting at 7:10 in the video above.

Adelita’s request is simple; 20 minute call to the audience whenever a vote will take place at a meeting.

This is much too confusing for Mark Stegeman’s Beautiful Mind. “You didn’t offer exact language… maybe we should ask staff to generate language to incorporate into the policy to incorporate the clear meaning of what you just said.”

I don’t think it could be any clearer. Legal responds that the language is sufficient and it can go into effect immediately.

And this gives us more insight into the Beautiful Mind — the mind whose eyes look heavily medicated whenever giving an interview — and how they can play mathematical games with language.

Remember Bill Clinton’s “it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is?”

This is the game the privileged and powerful can play, and it is no accident that English is the perfect language for law to be written in.

Arizona is the state that in the same year it bans Mexican American Studies using HB2281 for “promoting ethnic solidarity” and “promoting resentment of other races” this is also the same state that passes a bill allowing Bible classes to be taught in Arizona, as if all that talk about the “chosen people” and a world of US vs Them — Jews vs Gentiles — where God Almighty gives the mandate to destroy all that stands, including women, children, and animals, from those Others is acceptable for schoolchildren.

Somehow the Bible doesn’t violate HB2281 in the eyes of Arizona legislators.

And this is the dangerous slope one traverses when dealing with censorship. How ironic that the MAS lawsuit on the (un)constitutionality of HB2281 may be the very lawsuit that saves the Bible Class bill, since at this moment these are conflicting state laws.

And it’s all based on white supremacy. One history is valid, one creation myth can be taught, but the true facts that your history offers, be it from Mexican American History of Evolution, is to be banned.

Back to this TUSD vote and request by Mark Stegeman. I claim it is his lack of mirror neurons in his Beautiful Mind that blinds his economic brilliance from seeing the “clear meaning” of Adelita Grijalva’s simple request.

(Article continued below)

So simple that the Beautiful Mind cannot understand it.

If there will be a vote taking place, then there will be a 20 minute call to the audience.

It is exactly this way of viewing the world through the Beautiful Mind that allows that narrow-vision, that super-attention to minute details, such as tearing apart the clear meaning and data regarding MAS and Grijalva’s resolution, when the rest of the nation sees how clear it is.

MAS worked.

TUSD spends millions of DESEGREGATION dollars forcibly segregating Latino students for 4 hours each and every day, and it is hurting Latino Students, and there are a whole bunch of ELL students in TUSD that are affected, yet never once I have heard Stegeman ever address this issue.

The numbers are there, but the Beautiful Mind loves the narrow-vision focus on one item. It can probably factor large prime numbers accurately, but that’s all it can do for that moment while empathy is cast aside.

Stegeman seems to always appear medicated, smirks when people are chastising the board and him.

The eyes are the entrance to what is within.

It is literally staring you right in the face.

The Beautiful Mind is bringing Great Destruction to TUSD. This is not an economics experiment. There are human lives at stake. There are children that go to school hungry or abused, perhaps their father was deported or in jail… but to understand this requires empathy, and Beautiful Minds lack mirror neurons.

These are facts from recent developments in science. Just consider the last paragraph from the article on this page:

Further research about mirror-touch synesthesia could lead to discoveries about other empathy-related conditions such as X. For example, one symptom of X is difficulty understanding the emotions of others. Learning why some people are highly sensitive to others’ emotions could teach us more about those who aren’t.

There is a reason John Nash, the main character of the Beautiful Mind, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in Game Theory, the same field Stegeman studied, makes a great Ivory Tower resident, safely guarded from the public to think abstract thoughts, would be a horrible person to put in charge of 30,000 Latino schoolchildren that he doesn’t understand.

The Beautiful Mind sees only the numbers, the 30,000, but not the lives, the poverty, the human dimension.

The “language” of the Beautiful Mind can be manipulated so that “book bans” are not bans because of the existence of one book in the library, overlooking that teachers cannot teach out of those books.

It is like banning evolution from being TAUGHT, but having a biology book in the library. Why not have the college-educated experts TEACH from that book?

Why even take Mark Stegeman’s classes at the UA? Just put the book in the library and problem solved!

Such is the twisted world the Beautiful Mind creates. And Tucson schoolchildren, and the unions, and the teachers, and the community are the ones that must suffer, just like Chile suffered when the Chicago Boys played their economics experiments using Latinos as lab rats.



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